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  1. Denz

    Visitors for Arma2

    Nice work lads! Anyone else thinking X-Com missions?
  2. No campaigns will be accepted but you may enter as many single player missions as you like
  3. @PvPscene There is nothing stopping you entering an MP mission but it must be fully playable in SP. @Cobra500 Music from the other games is fine to use. The winner's location is not an issue and will AFAIK be sent to you
  4. Denz

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    well no point really just saying that sometimes we read too much into stuff. It's not a bis thing because they would never hack community sites which are owned by other people. Good PR stunt yes but it could easily end in legal action. My theory would be that it's just more of the iranian cyber war stuff that they have been conducting for several months now. It gets people talking does it not?
  5. Denz

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    re: the reference to china and iran, does anyone remember a few months ago when iranian hackers targeted chinese sites and there was that online hacking war between hackers from both countries. And they both seem to have been carrying on their vendetta ever since. As to the iranians, well they have hacked countless sites lately both as a weapon against internal strife and international troubles - one site I saw that they had hacked was a warning to saudi arabia. As to why ArmAII, well (pure speculation here) I remember watching a documentary shown here in the UK several years ago which was showing islamic terrorists in training and the kids in the background were playing good old OFP to learn small unit tactics.
  6. I haven't had chance to look at this yet but is there/could there be an action to drop the air tanks? Also the exploding backpack script by (I think) Johhnyboy would go great with this while you had the air tanks attached. I'm thinking of making a mission with these and that oilrig addon
  7. oh I like the idea of the RT-20 or even the NTW-20. @Avimimus You can make those rebel troops easily by writing a config patch Anyway, is anyone working on North Korean units/vehicles or at the very least an asian face pack? edit: Lets make this a proper request and I'll say an asian face pack
  8. Denz

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    The thing with consoles is that they are standardised. Developers making pc games have to take in a huge variety of hardware. If you could look at the systems of the last three people who posted in this thread you would be lucky to find one matching component. Essentially that is why developers prefer consoles, likewise the majority of people just want to slap a disk in and play without having to fiddle with settings, drivers, patching etc. Yes, thats what I want! An easy straightforward way for the two to communicate. I would be happy to make a mission on the pc and use the full editor and then be able to play it on the X360. Due to the limitations of a console controller I think that is the best that can be hoped for - unless allowances were made for USB keyboards. PC missions ported to Elite could utilise scripts no problem at all. It did struggle abit with Intros and cutscenes though. Likewise with addons, we could get alot of vehicles and objects ported across but could never get the animation working properly. So BIS, how about it? Think about the fact that it will be two game sales edit: Nice to see you are still around Andreas
  9. Denz

    Liberation 1941-45 Mod patch 1.09

    Well you could open the mission editor and in the units init field put <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">hint format["Weapons: %1\nMagz: %2",weapons this, magazines this] and that will give you the weapon classname and magazine name for that particular unit. Otherwise you'll have to open the pbo(s) and study the config. Also, take a look at this unit list which should have most of what you are looking for. I just recently reinstalled the mod and patched it to 1.09 but when I start it I get a config error about BB001.simulation. Anyone know what that is? I confess I haven't de-pbo'd it to look closely but thought I'd take this handy opportunity to ask Â
  10. Nope, can't do that. While it's easy enough to port pc missions across to Elite there is no way to do the opposite. Yep, they are different. As to whether they are better I guess that is a matter of opinion. I can easily send you the Elite stuff but need clarification from BIS as to whether that would be acceptable
  11. Denz

    Increasing Editor Limit

    Open up your mission.sqm and remove the word "groups" from the addon and autoaddon sections that should fix the problem. Are you using any older addons in the mission? Some of the, have broken configs that can cause a group error.
  12. Denz

    Repair buildings

    Yep, goes something like this <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">unitname action ["repair",repairvehiclename] The setpos method is for us lazy folk  Fritz, sorry I didn't think to mention that action yesterday - I am quite a lazy person after all edit: Thought I ought to add that the unit referred to with "repairvehiclename" can be any distance away from the vehicle in need of repair.
  13. Denz

    My Missions

    oh he means the mission wizard thingy under Play/Single Missions/My missions. Mate, forget about that and just use the proper editor. The wizard is quite good for learning the basics I suppose. But there are loads more options to utilise in the main editor. No wonder what we were saying wasn't working for you. AFAIK you can't synchronize the waypoints or name units in it. It's basically the same as the xbox OFP Elite mission editor - only harder to use ironic really.
  14. Denz

    Repair buildings

    lol, it's just personal preference I'd rather not use an addon unless I have to and/or they add something special to the mission. Missions with a massive list of required addons put me off big time. The setpos method works just fine though You can still create repair or healing stations anywhere with it.