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  1. well i guess i'll try to reinstall ACE from the start. and no i didnt get any error msgs in-game, i got them during the install of the hotfix.
  2. ok, when installing the hotfix, i got 6-7 error msgs. it said it could not open some pbo file and could not copy them. it asked if i either wanted to retry or ignore.. im guessing it's not what it should be doing.
  3. all you have to do is pause the video randomly and you will see just how much the tracers light up the ground.
  4. Dynamax

    bug with silenced weapons

    could it be that the AI commander checks the status of his men every few min to see if everything is fine? he checks everyone status and one guy doesnt respond, so he takes it as thoe the man is either missing or dead, and theres a breach of security some where. at least thats how i see it. i have noticed that killing one soldier over another could mean the difference between the alarm going off, and you moving on to the next target undetected. an example of this would be - i kill a soldier in a two man team who is not the commander, then i kill the commander befor he checks the status of his comrade. i get no alarm and move on with my mission. it's like when im playing an airsoft night game in the forest. everyone in my group has a radio and every few min we sound off to the commander. when someone is killed the commander will know on the next sound off. and depending on who it was that didnt call in on the sound off we know more or less what area an attack on an intruder is coming from. maybe BIS should increase the time spacing on when the commanders check their group status.
  5. im having network issues with this beta. for some reason when connect to a server and start to load the mission, my router dies and stops communicating with my modem. during this Arma hangs and wont exit, so i end up doing a reset on my PC. after restarting my PC i no longer have internet and i need to reboot my router befor i get it back. i have tried five times now to load a mission from an online server, and it keeps doing the same thing. i can load into 1.14 servers without any issues. i can browse the server list and join a server with out any problem, i just cant load the mission file or my router dies.
  6. i found a small problem with the no-auto-center steering thing. once you use it and unbind those key back to the old binds, the game changes the auto-center position to the angle it was left at befor you unbind the keys. so now the vehicles pull to one side as thats ne new center for the auto center. its 7am, so i'll test it more later.
  7. Dynamax

    bug with silenced weapons

    A "scilenced" is far from that. Just because you slap on a scilencer and use sub-sonic ammo doesnt mean you'r weapon scilent at all. SD weapons are still loud, and you can clearly hear the action(the moving parts like the bolt assembly) cycling from quite a distance. The notion that a scilencer makes a weapon scilent is compleat Hollywood garbage. Scilencers are used to lower the report of a weapon when used either in a confined space (so the operator wont loose his/her hearing)where sub-sonic ammo does the job(ie: close quarters battles), or on a sniper/marksmen platform where normal ammo is used but a scilencer is used to muffle the shot from a good distance (200 meters+). differnt weapons
  8. Dynamax

    ArmA 2 Press Coverage

    odd, it says DirectX10.. didnt BIS state that they didnt like DX10 and was going to stick with DX9?
  9. Dynamax

    Captured Depos and Structures.

    Leopard2- thanks for the reply. using something that comes with the game unchanged by any addons is compleatly different then using 3rd party addons. sorry for boxing you in, but i had to see how much i could do. i compleatly agree that what i did was cheap, hardly an exploit. now i would love to know if BIS has any plans on maybe changing the way the building of structures are handled. why not set a limit as to the number of walls one can build around a camp?.. as it is right now i could build a huge mass of walls within the view area in the build menue, since i have more income coming in then what im using on walls. i'd say limit the walls to maybe 10-20 max/camp. better yet, why not have the walls grow lilke the structures at the base?, that way you cant box anyone in
  10. Dynamax

    Captured Depos and Structures.

    thank you for understanding my point. so by your reasoning, if i were to get in a tank and sit on a mountain top firing HEAT rounds into the enemy base, i would be considered an idiot for using the features supplied to me by the game/mission designer?.. wow thats so smart that it went right over my head. it's the same if i run into an enemy in the open, but i have a rock i can hide behind and use for cover, but since my enemy doesnt have one, its considered cheap and im an idiot for using it for my advantage.. like an exploit.. wow.
  11. Dynamax

    Captured Depos and Structures.

    small update. you can also kill players with the walls. trap them in a boxed wall structure, then build walls on them. they will get hurt then die. BIS needs to look into this and find a fix.
  12. Dynamax

    Captured Depos and Structures.

    well i wasnt told to stop, i was just accused of hacking if i was told to stop, i would have.
  13. hey whats up. i'd like to discuss the way we can build structures around captured depos in WARFARE. today i was playing some warfare on a public server (i wont say which out of respect), the map was warfare 1.1. so im on the bluefor side and we are located on the north part of the island. i make my way down to Corozal and find that its been captured by the opfor, so i go ahead an take the north most depo. i now go into the build menue and start to build a sandbag wall across the main road as far as the screen allows me to, so thats like 100 so meters to either side. i finish closing off the depo so no one can get in or out of it, when i hear some enemy vehicles approch. i move the screen over untill im right over the enemy tank and start to build a wall around it and trap it. soon i have a few players tring to make their way around the wall so i trap them also... now im being called a hacker for doing what the game lets me do.. it wasnt long befor i was kick out of the server and had it locked behind me. now what i'd like to know is what everyone else thinks about this. should i have been kicked for doing nothing wrong, just being an ass and exploiting a feature of warfare that everyone can do?
  14. Dynamax

    Red's Fix v1.2

    nice work. too bad you didnt fix the scale on the MP5, its 15-20% too small. i would download this fix just for that.
  15. Dynamax

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.12

    there's an idea. why not make it so that even if a tree is knocked over, it still not only blocks the AI sight, but also continues to act as a solid object. think about it, the trees can be used for road blocks. have tanks roll over knocked over trees the same way they go over rocks. it really takes away from the game when you have a fallen tree infront of you that has 0 fire geometry and there for cant be used as cover from incoming fire. i wonder who came up with the idea of making the trees non-solid after they get knocked over.