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  1. Solid copy. Good guide, Friz. I'd be interested to know on an average operation for an Arma unit just how much time is taken up on the net by unneeded filler.
  2. dr_chris

    stamina bar indicator

    I find it pretty simple as it is, when you start slowing down and heavy breathing/screen blurring you know you're out of stamina. You also get a feel for it pretty easily after a while by just using some loadouts a few times and learning from that.
  3. We had issues with this since last Arma update for some reason. Fix for us was to rename the AiATP folder to something much shorter, booted the server up and it worked. Just in case this helps anyone!
  4. I think all the Chris' are still around - I think you're probably meaning Pathy Chris. I do remember you being around 4 or 5 years ago though, so hi from me also. Steve is off being northern somewhere, sadly.
  5. dr_chris

    U.S. States and countries with similar GDPs

    ...Lord of the Rings isn't real? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  6. Very much looking forward to the ACE/ACRE compatible version!
  7. dr_chris

    Very Unprofessional Assassins

    @pviera11 You make me lol. I didn't realise we had a resident professional assassin here. It's either that or you're a clueless idiot who has a very false sense of expertise in subjects of which you haven't the faintest of clues.
  8. dr_chris

    Beating of a criminal

    Especially if you are trying to land a giant turd or a used condom.
  9. dr_chris

    ive started my own hand to hand combat style based off....

    And armchair generals recycle insightful quotes :D
  10. dr_chris

    ive started my own hand to hand combat style based off....

    I love how everyone on the Internet is an expert fighter with a 10 inch dick. Get a fucking grip and talk about martial arts, not how many 6'7" cage fighters you beat up every weekend whilst out with your supermodel girlfriends. Martial arts don't have to be used for fighting these days, it's a great form of fitness above anything else.
  11. dr_chris

    Wrong CD key

    A nice photo of the CD would even be SOMETHING.
  12. That looks pretty good actually, more interesting and varied than domination. Looking forward to seeing the finished deal.
  13. dr_chris

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    I can't believe they would even consider building a mosque near Ground Zero! It's not like any muslims have lost their lives over the consequences of what happened there, or that any muslims died when the buildings were hit... and there CERTAINLY aren't any muslim soldiers in the US/British armed forces fighting for their countries! And there certainly aren't thousands of muslims fighting in the guise of the ANA against people who are a threat to the USA/UK. Just in case my message wasn't clear enough, the OP of the Mosque story is a fucking retard.
  14. dr_chris

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    Let us know when you've finished it then. :)