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    Why does CTF feel different...?

    Arma 2 is a much slower-paced game than OFP because they've had to slow animations down to make them look more realistic. The fact is movements now look more realistic but feel less realistic. Like someone said, the gun wobbling and lack of a clear single-kill gun is leaving people in the middle of the map legless and struggling to aim which is in turn forcing them to hold ground and slowing the pace of play down to literally... a crawl. We've tried to tackle this by making players essentially medics which solves the injured leg issue and this has produced good results on our CQB maps. In CTF people should be able to put their effort into fighting against each other not against the game, and as Anth said I think this could only be fully resolved by some kind of addon that reverts Arma 2 anims to how they were in OFP. As for CTFs themselves feeling like TDMs... I think that's always been the case to a certain degree and it's totally dependent on how many are on the server, the respawn time, teamwork and size of the map as to whether flags get capped. For me, OFP only failed in its grenade throwing animations, once you'd become committed to the animation there was no way to break the throw. Unfortunately Bohemia have added more unbreakable anims such as fence hopping and much slower transition between stances. Grenades now sometimes go off, sometimes don't go off, sometimes move your player, sometimes dont, and are perfect only in their complete failure. I think it's a culmination of these things which are making the maps feel less successful, not the maps themselves or the lack of smoke and cover. We've done everything we can to re-create the feel of Flashpoint with our maps and we'll continue to do so. Some other people have mentioned the addition of smoke but as I understand we've not included it because it tugs on an already struggling framerate. Stryk

    Structure angles

    Brilliant, thanks guys :D
  3. Hey all, I've spent the past week or so putting together some close quarter CTF maps for the community and I'm having a problem with the placing of buildings and structures. For some reason the game is placing all buildings at an angle 90 degrees to the ground on which it's placed. Essentially this means if you place any house on any kind of hill the structure will lean down the hill. I never edited missions in ArmA 1 but I know for sure mission editing in OFP allowed your buildings to retain their vertical stature. :confused: Does anybody know of a way I can keep the buildings straight because trying to place building in hilly areas turns every house into The Leaning Tower of Piza :mad: Cheers :)
  4. The first time I heard of Flashpoint was Issue 95 of PC Gamer UK written by Kieron Gillen and hailed as "the ultimate soldier sim". I've still got the magazine right here under my desk actually, it's a nice 4 page feature and mentions how Ondrej Spanel (Marek's brother), went to Switzerland in 1985 for 5 digital watches, but instead gave in to temptation and came back with their first PC instead! Great story :) I didn't realise it but this game predominantly has led me into my career. I dedicated years to playing OFP, running a community league, building a clan, designing our first (terrible) website, building maps, hosting servers, meeting our members even going to their weddings and meeting their families! Now I work in the same office as PC Gamer UK, and I'm a qualified magazine designer and a web designer. Would it all have been different if he had bought those watches?

    Info on upcoming 1.08 patch

    Why dont you save alot of time and stick a new game onto the patch? Sorry guys but the years of waiting wern't worth it from my point of view.. it took 5 years for OFP to fade away, its taken 5 months for Arma.

    to who this may concern!!!

    Scotters cant handle his tizer and rhohipnol If you're serious enough about the game then you'll invest a descent amount of cash in a new PC. If you don't have the motivation to do that then you don't deserve to beat the guy... sorry. Beefing up his PC is what he enjoys doing, and fair play to him. Rock on Highlander Enjoy it until I start playing lol

    CTF and Armed Assault horrible

    First I agree with alot of the comments here. The way I see it is, us CTF players have a hell of a challenge on our hands. Theres no doubt the camping CTF players are lapping this game up, it's been handed to them on a plate with chips and theyre all taking a bite... Right now for me as the leader of a clan who run from cover to cover on full auto like red indians dodging bullets and howling it puts a hell of an obstacle in our way. ArmA anims are such alot slower than OFP, and theres 2 ways around that for us. The easy but impractical way is to develop or adopt some kind of smoother/faster anim mod for league games, which would make public games tough. The second option is to adapt ourselves and not the game, and get stuck into learning a more patient way of playing for CTF. I sure know alot of the old and some of the best players from OFP have come into ArmA, played it, and won't come back... and that includes a few guys from my own team. But to be honest I dont think any other game out to date comes close to the OFP/ArmA style, so ultimately this is the game we should be investing our time in. ArmA has alot of potential Stryker

    Found a Bug

    [im]http://img166.imageshack.us/img166/8656/bug1oy1.jpg[/img]>100kb sorry... couldnt resist

    should you be able to move and shoot in ARMA?

    Arma just seems to be more like a coop game in MP, especially with all the work thats been done on the AI. Fast shooting CTF'ers have been dumped on with the grandpa anims, but I guess at least we're all in the same boat. For sure going rambo isn't realistic, but why should we all be forced to learn how to "camp" after we waited so long for this game? We loved ofp, thats why we play arma and not CSS Argh I guess it was never gonna be the same... Lets all play like we're over 60