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  1. Evishion

    Respawn with Custom loadout

    Hi I have a simular question about this, however, instead of a "fixed" loadout, i would like to have my friends respawn (after they die) with the same weapon / "gear" loadout. example: if they die with a pistol and only a vest, i would like them to respawn with that as well. Could anyone help me with such a script? :) Cheers
  2. Evishion

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Got it working. if i use v1.4 it works flawless. but if i patch it to 1.4.3 it wont work for some reason :S
  3. Evishion

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Hmm. Then i get a error while ingame (and still no sound) ERROR: You seem to be an Operation Arrowhead user, but have loaded the @CBA_A2 mod folder! Please restart the game without that mod folder. without it, no sound, with it, error and no sound. hmm. wounder what i do wrong :P should i put the CBA folders in both arma 2 and OA folders? at least thats what i did.
  4. Evishion

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    I got a problem after i launched arma 2 after installing the mod. (launching arma 2 combined operations with right click on OA) I cant hear any gunshots, at all. I can hear the "splash" sounds, when bullets hits, but not a single sound from actually firering. What am i doing wrong? i use -mod=@CBA;@CBA_OA;@JSRS1.4 with all the mod folders installed correctly (i think) -Thanks
  5. i gave up the installation, i watched the vids over and over, and read the install instructions, wont even install the mod. Il wait for a full installation file, like it was at arma 1. this clearly requires more iQ than i got.
  6. Evishion

    New with a few questions

    Its very easy, but at the same time advanced. u can make basic missions VERY easy with the editor only, very userfriendly editor. tho, if you are gonna make advanced missions, you will need to script a bit, i personally use ArmA edit (a program that helps me with commands etc) so yea. Very easy, but at the same time can be advanced. very userfriendly
  7. Evishion

    using an xbox 360 controller in the PC version

    thats odd. ALL the buttons on my controller works. LT = zoom, (hold right button zoom), RT = fire, (both infantry, planes, vehicles) sure ur controller is proper installed ? somethings wrong at least, since mine works 100%
  8. Evishion

    using an xbox 360 controller in the PC version

    what you mean? you cant fire weapons with the RT button?
  9. can u make a example where to put that? should that line be in the init line for the units that is gonna "talk" ?
  10. was JUST about to make a topic about the same question. making a mission atm, in the init.sqs file, sidechat and groupchat works fine, but if i fire up a script from this exec "filename.sqs" , with a sidechat / groupchat, nothing happends :S
  11. maybe a bit OT. (bette than starting a own thread for it) has anyone got the AA to work? i mean, i have set FSAA to 4 in the config, but it looks exacly the same as it do as if it was on 0 :S anyone got the same prob? (yes, i know Fsaa aint fully supported yet, but according the screenshots i have seen, it looks like someone had a success with it) EDIT: turning OFF AA in catalyst center fixed this problem, tho- suddently got 2 fps in the "intro" when u start up the game..
  12. Evishion

    I have a question about piloting

    without having one, id say joystick is superiour to keyboard. do you by any chance have a X360 controller? that is not bad at all for flying. using it myself, alot better than the keyboard.
  13. Evishion

    using an xbox 360 controller in the PC version

    Ye, trackir + controller is so sweet, especially if you are playing infantry with controller, since (i dont think) u can lean with the controller, then just lean with trackir. awesome combo