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  1. i had that problem the first time i played.. i simply restarted the mission and was able to complete with the stryker intact another way to do it is dont get in the stryker at the beginning and wait for the other team to destroy the near by enemy so your stryker is safe
  2. Dark Knight

    Dkm ukpack beta 0.9

    Got the new RSC? i have the latest RSC and i get this bug too also on the jeeps with teh mounted machineguns.. the gun itself is not there, also on some of the APCS (cant remember which) the driver view in firstperson u cant see out the window enless you turn out.. apart from that im having great fun with theses ty
  3. Dark Knight


    we didnt have a lot of people working on the starwars mod and since there was mroe work on the warhammer mod being dont we decided to postpone the starwars mod. but a new sort of freelance group is working on a version of the starwars mod so look towards them
  4. Dark Knight

    Red Hammer Studios

    im sure the loader would secure them somewhere so there not out the way and maybe disposse of the shells when out of the danger zone
  5. Dark Knight

    Red Hammer Studios

    ill see if  ican find one but i saw a clip of it happening on tv but it wasnt a T-55 Edit: sorry couldnt find one
  6. Dark Knight

    Red Hammer Studios

    i think it comes out where u load it
  7. Dark Knight

    Csla 2

    well wat ever uve done guys the sound works again.. thanks
  8. Dark Knight

    Csla 2

    i have that file in the folder CSLA_RIP and i dont run Csla_rip with CSLA could u tell me wat ive done wrong?
  9. Dark Knight

    Csla 2

    i love the hind u have in this absolutly perfect including the other vehicles and soldiers.. although i came across a bug with the weapons the soldiers use when u fire them u get no sound this seems to mainly happen to the rifles.. but i can live with this bug as i use the hinds mostly
  10. Dark Knight

    Challenger 2 beta released

    good job on this tank guys i love it to bits as i no this is a beta u may already no about this little bug.. but incase u dont ill point it out when iwas testing the AI to see how good they are against 4 black eagals the out come was impressive 4-0 when iwas testing this i was riding in the back and found the view was above the tank and that u can also see the person in cargo when in commander veiw here is a pic of the shell i was talking about any way as u can see there is a shell but like i said this is only a minor thing which i can live with since ill be commanding these keep up the good work guys
  11. Dark Knight

    Ofp combat photography 2. no pics over 100kb

    first time posting in here so hope u like the pic http://dark-knight.the-spectrum.org/uploads/OFP.JPG
  12. Dark Knight

    Ofp combat photography 2. no pics over 100kb

    wat is she holding onto?... i think there smiles says it all.. lol
  13. Dark Knight

    Mapfact discussion thread

    i can get the tornado out of the hanger ok with AI all i do is have its nose poking out just enough for the plane to move..u have to place it in  a special place coz if u do to close to the taxi way he tries to turn whil inside the shelter.. just play around till its right failing that .. shoot the pilot and fly it for him there was one thing i miss on the G8's Hanger.. and thats Animated Doors.. i would love to have the front doors to open and close and the rear Exit door to open..
  14. Dark Knight

    New c-130 by hawk

    Actually it deployed air brakes and opened ramp but none of the groups inside left the plane. They were assignAsCargoed and moveInCargoed. Anyway, the thing is perfect for HALO drops using Toadlife´s real_halo. its quite simple all you have to do is make 2 triggers 1st <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">[nameofplane] exec "\HWK_c130\script\parasoldiers.sqs" this preps for the jump (ramp opens, slows down) 2nd <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">nameofplane animate ["jump",1] this makes the contents of the plane jump hope this helps
  15. Dark Knight

    Time for a little fun

    great stlye.. and good to see another Ayu Fan!