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  1. Hi, im tryng to configure a range exploding fuse for a shell. I need a script for a variable time explosion, time would be relative to target range, so shell will explode in proximity of target. Im very newbie in scripting, someone can help me?
  2. Centerbe

    Exhausts effect on Ship

    yes exhaust smoke appear if i change the vehicles class from ship to tank. Ummm this is a old destroyer ship, i think smoke is important... thanks very much
  3. Centerbe

    Exhausts effect on Ship

    i had just take a look on all naval addon i know... but there arent with exhausts effect, also on armaholic. No exhaust also into arma default boats... I had try to define it like a custom Cloudlets (cfgCloudlets) but its dosent work too... i dont know nothing about scripting
  4. Centerbe

    Exhausts effect on Ship

    in the config reference i see exhaust effect is just declared; http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma:_cfgvehicles_Config where i can find Maddmatt or Gnat? I havent find they in the member list. thanks very much.
  5. Hi, i had add an exhausts effect on a ship class but smoke dosent appear, someone can help me? my code is: class CfgVehicles { class AllVehicles; class Ship: AllVehicles { class Exhausts; }; class myShipCalss: Ship { class Exhausts { class Exhaust1 { position = "vyfuk start"; direction = "vyfuk konec"; effect = "ExhaustsEffectBig"; }; }; }; }; all memory points are checked into p3d model.