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    TrackIR 5 ArmA2 Thread!

    Hey guys, loving my TIR in the game but I thought since this thread was up on the front page, I'd post something that I've been wondering for some time. Every now and then I get a sort of "twitch" where my view snaps back to what appears to be center for just a split second and then it resumes normally. It's almost not worth mentioning but I was just wondering whether anyone else experiences this. It's similar to the effect when you interfere with your tracking light source with an alternate light source in the BG and your tracking goes haywire momentarily. All my deadzones etc. are set up properly. Was just curious to know if it was possibly an Arma 2 thing or some weird glitch in the matrix. TIR4 pro + track clip pro & A2 1.05 vanilla
  2. Col.Flanders

    Warfare in SP

    I've been playing "War Welcome" in SP & MP. Nice idea but I'm getting confused - sometimes I can't buy units. I have enough money and I have the relevant building intact (eg. heavy vehicles factory) but it when I double click the unit I want, nothing happens and it doesn't queue. Is this for a reason or is it a bug? v1.05 vanilla. Also, in MP, can other players join a player's squad or must each human player be a squad leader?
  3. Col.Flanders

    Amazingly stupid question, however...

    That worked perfectly. Cheers! As a matter of interest, the option above 'back' is 'select'. What does 'select' do?
  4. Col.Flanders

    Amazingly stupid question, however...

    Aha! Thanks, I'll check that out. I've looked at the 'communicate' option but most of the time it's blank. So that in conjunction with right-click? Thanks again.
  5. Col.Flanders

    Amazingly stupid question, however...

    Sheesh, I guessed it probably was a stupid question but 36 views and no response. Obviously more stupid than I imagined! :p
  6. Col.Flanders

    Why is this game not more popular?

    The funniest thing I've found is that when you read these other game forums for far more arcadey run-'n'-gun type FPS's, the issues that those guys bitch and moan about are never a problem in Arma2 yet hardly any of those gamers would consider A2 as an option. For example: To all the noobz who nade-spam, blah blah blah... "Nade-spam"? Okay. Is that like "bullet-spam"? Run along now. Noob-tOObers - you guys suck because... Receiving an M203 over range from a fellow human player in A2 would most likely elicit a "very nice shot, sir" response. I'm going to have a little cry now because my weapon of choice requires 10 rounds to kill a man at point blank... Again, not a problem in A2. And the list goes on. I would like nothing more than to round up a shitload of players for some CtI or whatever but in my part of the world, people seem to be more preoccupied with others "raping the uncapped" and other such BS. The epicness that is Arma seems to go amiss on most of the gaming community.
  7. Col.Flanders

    sometimes i can't scroll around map with mouse

    I had a similar issue in the earlier patches where my map would sometimes continuously scroll down on its own. I had to quit the game to rectify this but later I discovered that for some unknown reason, by clicking 'shift', the problem went away. My "shift" issue is not unique to map scrolling either, nor is it limited to earlier patches (still crops up in 1.05 but doesn't happen on the map anymore). Sometimes, for example, when I'm in optics I can't zoom out. By clicking 'shift', the problem goes away. It's almost as though the game somehow gets it in its "head" that 'shift' is toggled when clearly it isn't because I don't have a toggle keybind for that key. Strange one and I can't find anyone who has the same problem. It's a long shot but try hitting the shift key when you encounter this problem and see if it helps.
  8. ...I need to ask it! :D I've been playing the game for quite some time now so I really don't know how I haven't sorted this out yet but here it is: When I'm team leader and want each team member to target a specific target in the 'hold fire' mode for example, how do I do it without using the drop-down menu (flawed because it often contains duplicates which makes selecting the correct target a bit of a gamble). In OFP and A1 it was a simple matter of selecting your man, then right-clicking on the target with the cursor to get a "two, target that machine gunner" type scenario. The system seems to work differently now. Either that or I must be missing something.
  9. Col.Flanders

    Jelliz's missions (SP)

    No probs. :) I didn't actually update the mission (as in I never had the 1.0 version). I installed it only a few hours ago from the 1.3 link. Also, I didn't save at any point. Played straight through to the problem area and that was that (twice). My game also has no addons at all - plain vanilla 1.05.
  10. Col.Flanders

    Jelliz's missions (SP)

    Hi Jelliz, great mission so far but I'm also having the and I'm using the filefront 1.3 download.
  11. Col.Flanders

    1-6 Behind Enemy Lines

    Hi laggy. Last night I played this with one other player and all I can say was it was bloody epic! I ordered my game from the UK 6 or so days after the German release and received it about 2 weeks ago (big screw up in the post) so I have very few hours in A2 but for me, I can confidently say that it was one of my best co-op experiences since OFP. Great stuff!
  12. Col.Flanders

    TrackIR 5 ArmA2 Thread!

    And enable/disable one or more axes on the fly! (yes, I'm the guy who keeps nagging about that!):p
  13. Thanks, Nate. With this you answered a question I posted earlier. On this point, when switching back to your original position of being team leader, I take it you are once again in control of the team? Also, take this scenario for example - if you're playing a mission where you need your sniper to be in a very specific position, watching a very precise direction, by switching to the sniper and getting into position and then switching back to team leader, does he (the sniper) behave himself and stay exactly where you left him? (even perhaps by ordering a 'halt' command before switching to him?) Lastly, does this principle apply throughout the game or is it only with Razor team? Thanks.
  14. Col.Flanders

    Team member switch

    Tried to ask this in the impressions thread but seems it was overlooked during another big squabble. I think I remember seeing a new feature where as squad leader you could switch to 1st person control between the various AI members of your team. Is this fact? If so, is it all squads or only Razor team in the campaign?
  15. I've been wondering about something and haven't seen anything in the vids and other coverage. I think I remember seeing a new feature where as squad leader you could switch to 1st person control between the various AI members of your team. Is this fact? If so, is it all squads or only Razor team in the campaign?