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    are there any missions like this...

    I have played it single player for hours on end, without problems. The way the mission runs, it will automatically fill any slots not taken by human players with AI...so if you are playing SP you get lots and lots of AI players in a very dynamic world. Great fun! :bounce3:
  2. Catahoula_Leopard

    Armory feedback

    Thank you Bohemia Interactive for both producing such an awesome game as well as continuing to support it with community feedback requests such as this one!! I have to disagree with some of the above posters on here who say that the Armory is not in the "spirit of the game". What does that mean anyway? Arma is a sandbox simulator, and offers many different ways to enjoy it...and the Armory is just as enjoyable to some as the Editor is to others. I have been enjoying this series since the day the first OFP came out, and one of it's attractions is the wealth of playing options that we as players get to experience. That said, I do play the Armory frequently...sometimes to learn things, and sometimes just to have a short break from a big mission or online play. What I would like to see changed/added in a future product are as follows: 1) An "Armory options panel" (or similar) where we can check off missions that appeal to us and disable ones that are not of interest. This way I do not have to be bothered with obstacle course missions when what I really want to practice is shooting or interacting with the enemy. Similarly, as said previously, I could disable "steal the weapon" challenges when I am flying...and yet still have other missions appear that do pertain to what I want to practice. 2)The ability to either disable "unlocking" entirely, or at least make the unlocks relevant to what I am practicing. The entire idea of "unlocking" screams "console", and although I do understand the challenge in doing so adds to the need to continue practicing, it also can be frustrating when trying to hone my flying skills hoping to be introduced to a new helicopter/airplane...and then something completely irrelevant gets unlocked. I cannot express how frustrating it is to work hours to earn points just to get "access" to practice something totally useless in-game. If I am flying a helicopter, please unlock helicopters...if I am driving a tank, please unlock armor. There is nothing quite so absurd in this game as working to unlock the next great prize only to get something as useless as mammary glands are on a boar pig: "Woo-Hoo! After flying around in my helicopter for an hour, I just unlocked a........Peasant Woman? WTF???" :mad: While cute, the ability to unlock rabbits, sheep, peasants, call girls, and farmers should be optional at best. (what exactly ARE the challenges offered if you choose "call girl" anyway? Never tried any of those...) :eek: 3) As stated before, the ability to "re-try" a failed challenge without having to wait for it to be randomly offered again. 4) I disagree with some of the above posts regarding the "scene" option. I sometimes just click on that to sit back and watch the AI at work, and hope to see that in any future version of the Armory as well. (maybe I misunderstood the posters, though) 5) Somehow integrate the Armory with the editor, so that I could add targets of my choosing to practice on, while still earning points. If flying an attack helicopter or playing infantry, it would be nice to be able to place a dozen random targets around the island which if destroyed could earn me points towards the next unlock. 6) Allow me to choose the time of day of my Armory missions. I enjoy both night and day missions, but night missions are rare...and if I die while playing one, the chances are strong that the next respawn will be a day mission. (this could be solved by the above suggestion to allow replaying of failed challenges) I am sure there is more I could add, but that is all I can think of for now that has not already been mentioned. Regardless of all the above, I LOVE THE ARMORY! Unlike one of the previous posters, I do use the armory quite frequently as a "low-impact excercise"...and just for plain fun. I bought ARMA II the day it came out, and do not agree that the Armory is just for "newbies". It is a quick way to play without having to enter the editor, and although I also love the ability of the editor to create any mission I want...the Armory can give me a "quick fix" when I have limited time or just want to mess around. THANK YOU again Bohemia Interactive for offering your customers the very best of experiences in both gaming and customer support!!! We love you! :bounce3: :bounce3: