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  1. Please Delete me im sorey for the Dobble post.
  2. 1436

    gamespot.com reviews?

    I went to gamespot.com cant find a Offical Review from them on Combat Opertions and on uk.gamespot.com no offical review for Armed them ether som eone needs to get a Review from them so we can sell more haha lol and kill all thoes noobs. Jokeing but gamespot does sell alot of games becuse of thare reviews not just comunity
  3. BI intends to start a collaborative effort to bring Cold War Crisis Campaign as well as related single missions into Armed Assault as a free addon. The project should be followed by Resistance Rearmed. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Cold_War_Rearmed Good Luck!!! Sorey if i posted this in the wrong area if so move to right Area and make sticky thank you
  4. I have talked to BBQ BOB and Binkster Both [RN] Members http://www.roughnecks.org this is the open Beta to help find and fix bugs. Not to Change loadouts, prices, add wepons and vic. Main Problum right now is JIP thare are alot of bugs with JIP. so please lock server if playing or the server will probily crash. This mission needs the SaraLite Map to play it or edit it. Download Saralite= http://www.armed-assault-zone.com/downloads/details.php?file=138 Missions and Addon = http://rapidshare.com/files/20068168/MFCTI_BETA.rar.html Roughnecks.org fourm for mfcti bbq and Binkster mission http://roughnecks.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3597 please e-mail makers modified scrips or me at sieish@yahoo.com or Binkster1982@hotmail.com This map is on the BDA Dedicated server!
  5. 1436

    MFCTI Beta 2.7

    I have talked to Binkster KaOs Member = http://www.kaos-squad.org/ this is the open Beta to help find and fix bugs. Not to Change loadouts, prices, add wepons and vic. Main Problum right now is JIP thare are alot of bugs with JIP. so please lock server if playing or the server will probily crash. This mission needs the SaraLite Map to play it or edit it. Download Saralite= http://www.armed-assault-zone.com/downloads/details.php?file=138 Missions and Addon = http://rapidshare.com/files/20068168/MFCTI_BETA.rar.html Kaos bug fourm = http://www.kaos-squad.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=133 Roughnecks.org fourm for mfcti bbq and Binkster mission http://roughnecks.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3597 please e-mail makers modified scrips or me at sieish@yahoo.com or Binkster1982@hotmail.com This map is on the BDA Dedicated server!
  6. 1436

    Geforce4 too old?

    add the command -dxlevel 7 after youre shortcut
  7. 1436

    Older video card fix

    if you use a older video card you can make Arma use Direct x ver 8, arma uses direct x level 9 by defult to use direct x level 8 use this command after the shortcut -dxlevel 8
  8. 1436

    Unofficl Bug Thred

    Please any bugs you find or things not working right post in this Thred 1.when exiting swiming mode you drop youre ammo 2.when up on a high tower then switching to a nother charactor youre other guy will jump off the ledge 3.downloading missions from the server seems to not work corectly
  9. Any Ideas how to Improve 1st Person view i would like to see a Imporovment to 1st person. i think 3rd person looks Alot beter for reson texters are Farther away so  please think about  "Detail Maps" for good looking close up texters. and maby Decals for craters and blood maby Difrent Size/shape of decals varating. and instance Rendering and dont forget beter sway in arms and Breath Matching gun movment also a Scope whare you can see Throw to the other side would be cool
  10. 1436

    How to set up A server

    Skywolf/WizzWig/bis OFP Server Guide V1.96 We will be Setinng up a 10-100mbps OFP server useing the best Tweeks and Tricks out thare so let me explne Install for a OFP 1.96 server you need evrything on youre HD except the Addons folder. the Addons folder in the Main Dir is onley used for ofp 1.46 the Reisstance addons are in res/addons this will save you 600mb or so of Transfer time the entire base server shood be 450MB other Folders that are not needed are MPMissionsCache, SPTemplates Bat file open with notepad and view commands below "OFPR_Server.exe -config=server.cfg -netlog  -nomap -port=2302 -mod=hisky" OFPR_Server.exe -config=server.cfg <---runs server with config -mod= <----extra command to run folder mods -nomap <--command to run defult addons and onley run extra addons when mission is Exe -netlog  <---command to Record Ip address to find id changers and cheaters -restart <----restars the server if it is crashed/shutdown -port= <---tells what port you want it to use Config 3 files are need to config youre server Corectly Flashpoint.cfg  server.cfg and userinfo.cfg theys 3 files contain hardware and other Critical info to run the server first we will start with the flashpoint.cfg becuse you coped over the file from youre system to the server the hardware is diffrent the easyist way to fix this is to run the FlashpointPreferences.exe thare are two prefrance.exe so make sure to use the one i typed above the other one will not detect any ram over 256MB you can also change this manualy buy opeing Flshpoint.cfg in notepad and looking for the line Total_Memory="1280 MB"; Cadet/vet Settings to change the Values of cadet/vet ie you want 3rd but you dont want extended armor on go to whare you installed the server open user folder open the user folder then user name find the userinfo.cfg and down at the botem you will find diffArmor[]={0,0}; first 0 is Cadet next one over is VET 0=off 1=on SERVER Config.cfg not not explneing this becuse it is posted elsware But one line is Important to add reportingIP="master.gamespy.com"; <-----------THIS this will report the server to Gamespy so people can see the server also open ports 2300-23010udp Change Rwin Recive value to 256986 go to http://www.dslrepots.com/tweek to test this ----------------------------------------------------------- Installation You need a Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP computer to run an OFP dedicated server. We recommend using at least PIII 800Mhz machine, with 256Mb RAM and a 256kbps upload network bandwidth. There are two possible ways to install the dedicated server. When you have installed the Operation Flashpoint game, you can use the main executable (FlashpointResistance.exe) with the command line argument –server to start a dedicated server. While this is easy, it requires the Operation Flashpoint: Resistance CD to be present in the drive during server operation. If you want to run a server without the CD, you have to use the standalone dedicated server executable. The latest version of this executable is always available from the official web site http://www.flashpoint1985.com, or as part of the most recent Upgrade also available from http://www.codemasters.com. To install the standalone server, you have to install the corresponding version of the game on any machine (you will need an Operation Flashpoint and Operation Flashpoint: Resistance CD for this), run it at least once (to create a Flashpoint.cfg file) and add the FlashpointServer.exe file to the same directory as FlashpointResistance.exe. You can then copy the Operation Flashpoint directory on to the server. This document describes dedicated server version 1.96. What is new Following changes were made in this document to reflect changes in 1.96 release: · New admin command  #debug for remote server monitoring · New value kickduplicate in server config · New array checkfiles[] in server config · New value  equalModRequired in server config · New value  proxy in Flashpoint.cfg · New value MinErrorToSend in Flashpoint.cfg Following changes were made in this document to reflect changes in 1.75 release: · New -dplay command line argument.  · Default port changed from 2234 to 2302 · New Firewall section describing which ports need to be open Following changes were made in this document to reflect changes in 1.40 release: · New #init command. · Changed default values for MaxMsgSend and MinBandwidth values. Running the server You can provide additional command line arguments when running a dedicated server: -config=<config_file> Select server configuration file (see below). Default: No configuration file; all parameters have default values.  -port=<port_number> Select port at which session should operate. Default: 2302 Check Firewall issues section below for more information.  -dplay Select DirectPlay implementation. Sockets implementation is used when this argument is not provided. In the event of a server crash, please help us to fix the problem by sending the Flashpoint.rpt and context.bin files that will be created in Operation Flashpoint directory on each crash. Please send those files to e-mail address support@bistudio.com; we will investigate them and if possible we will fix the bug that led to crash; or we will suggest you a workaround. You may also consider running the OFP server as a service, and enabling automatic restart in case of crash. In this case, you may want to disable DrWatson crash monitoring utility on your computer, as it often prevents OFP server to shutdown properly (by displaying a message box that requires an operator to confirm application termination). Server configuration When running a dedicated server, you will usually want to create a Server.cfg file. In this file you can adjust many server parameters, and you can provide a mission list for automatic mission selection. An example can be found in Appendix B. The following entries are recognized in the configuration file: password = <session_password>; Password required to connect to server. Default: No password required.  passwordAdmin = <admin_password>; Password required to administrate the server. Default: No password required.  hostname = "<user friendly host name>"; Server name displayed in session overview.  motd[]= { "<1st MOTD line>", "<2nd MOTD line>", …. "<Last MOTD line>" }; Message of the day (MOTD). This message may consist of several lines. Each player is shown this text when  connected to the server. Default: No MOTD.  motdInterval=<interval_in_sec>; Interval in which subsequent lines of MOTD appear. Default: 5 seconds.  voteThreshold=<threshold>; More than voteThreshold playes must agree when voting for some action. Default: 0.5 (more than half required).  reportingIP="<id_address>"; IP address of the master server to which this server is reporting its state. Use "" to disable reporting. Default: "master.gamespy.com".  voteMissionPlayers=<number>; How many players must connect to the server for mission selection voting to start automatically. Default: 1  class Missions { class Mission01 { template = <mission_name>; cadetMode = <cadet_mode>; param1 = <value>; param2 = <value>; }; class Mission02 { … see above … }; …. class Mission<N> { … see above … }; }; Mission list First mission name Cadet mode (1) or Veteran (0) Values of mission-specific parameters. You will find more information about their meaning in the description.ext of the corresponding mission. When the end of the list is reached, the first mission is used again.  checkfiles[]= { "<1st file>", "<2nd file>", …. "<Last file>" }; Files which are checked for changes when any client connects. When any of those files is different, a message is shown both on the chat and and on the server console.  kickduplicate When set a second user with the same ID attemps to connect, he is kicked immediatelly (same ID means one or both users do not have a valid license for the game).  equalModRequired When set, all connecting users need to use the same -mod command line option as used on the server and visible in the ingame browser. Note: The configuration file uses C++ like syntax. Each entry must be terminated with semicolon. You can also use C++ comments (starting with a double slash: //). Performance tuning There are also some parameters that can be used to fine-tune network performance. You can add following entries to Flashpoint.cfg (the main Flashpoint configuration file): MaxMsgSend=<limit>; Maximum number of messages that can be sent in one simulation cycle. Increasing this value can decrease lag on high upload bandwidth servers. Default: 128  MaxSizeGuaranteed=<limit>; Maximum size of guaranteed packet in bytes (without headers). Small messages are packed to larger frames. Guaranteed messages are used for non-repetitive events like shooting. Default: 512  MaxSizeNonguaranteed =<limit>; Maximum size of non-guaranteed packet in bytes (without headers). Non-guaranteed messages are used for repetitive updates like soldier or vehicle position. Increasing this value may improve bandwidth requirement, but it may increase lag. Default: 256  MinBandwidth =<bottom_limit>; Bandwidth the server is guaranteed to have (in bps). This value helps server to estimate bandwidth available. Increasing it to too optimistic values can increase lag and CPU load, as too many messages will be sent but discarded. Default: 131072  MaxBandwidth=<top_limit> Bandwidth the server is guaranteed to never have. This value helps server to estimate bandwidth available.  MinErrorToSend=<limit> Minimal error to send updates across network. Default value is 0.01. Using smaller value can make units observed by binoculars or sniper rifle to move smoother.  MaxCustomFileSize=<size_in_bytes> Users with custom face or custom sound larger than this size are kicked when trying to connect. The greatest level of optimization can be achieved by setting the MaxMsgSend and MinBandwidth parameters. For a server with 1024kbps we recommend the following values: MaxMsgSend = 256; MinBandwidth = 768000; You can use the admin command #monitor to monitor server resource usage. The server never runs at more than 50 fps. When running slower, it always uses all available CPU processing power to maintain the smoothest possible gameplay. When running at less than 15 fps, you can consider the server overloaded – the mission currently played is probably too complex for given server. If you see the server is not using bandwidth that it could use, you can try increasing values MaxMsgSend and MinBandwidth. For more detailed monitoring you can use the #debug command (see below). Banning To ban a user you have to know their unique online ID (called Player  ID). This can be checked in the players overview screen ('P' key) during the game, or with the #userlist command. To ban a user you have to add their Player ID to file ban.txt residing in the main OFP directory. If there is no such file there, create a new one. The format of ban.txt is a plain ASCII text list of decimal Player IDs delimited with space, tabulator or end-of-line characters. Firewall issues If you want to run your server behind firewall you need to open and/or forward following incoming ports: port  UDP (used for game) port+1 UDP (used for server reporting) Following outgoing ports need to be open as well: port UDP (used for game) port+1 UDP (used for server reporting) Default value of port is 2302, but you may change it by -port command line argument. Proxy issues You may enforce proxy server used to download xml squad page etc. using value "proxy" in Flashpoint.cfg. Appendix A: List of administrator commands The following commands have special meaning when issued on global chat channel: #login <password> Login as server administrator  #logout Logout, but stay connected as a normal user  #init Reload server config file loaded by –config option.  #kick <player_name> Kick given player  #kick <player_number> Kick player with given number  #restart Restart mission  #reassign Go back to side selection screen  #mission <mission_name> Select mission with known name  #missions Select mission  #shutdown Shutdown server  #userlist Display list of all users  #monitor <interval_in_sec> Start server monitoring. Server CPU load and bandwidth usage is displayed in the global chat channel. The default interval is 10 seconds. To stop monitoring type monitor 0.  #debug  <command> checkfile - check if any file used by clients matches server version (output done both via chat and console) console - watch server console log remotely * totalsent - watch outgoing network traffic stats (total) * usersent - watch outgoing network traffic stats (per-user) * userinfo - watch bandwidth estimations (per-user) * userqueue - report outgoing queue statsu (per-user) * <interval> - set debug stats monitoring interval * off - stop all debug monitoring. You can also use off  to cancel single stats, e.g.  #debug userinfo off * * - output is done using OutputDebugString from the admins client. You can use any debugger to watch this output, or there are utilities for this as well (on very good is  DebugView from SysInternals avaialable at http://www.sysinternals.com/ntw2k/freeware/debugview.shtml) Appendix B: Example of server.cfg file. passwordAdmin = "xyzxyz"; // password to protect admin access change to whatever hostname="OFP Server # 1"; motd[]= { "Welcome to OFP server.", "Hosted by Flashpoint Webworlds.", }; // Welcome message motdInterval=1; voteThreshold=0.33; // when one third agrees, this is enough to confirm a vote reportingIP=""; // private server - no reporting voteMissionPlayers=3; // start voting when 3 players connect checkfiles[]={"HWTL\dta\data3d.pbo","dta\data3d.pbo"}; //list of files to check for identity kickduplicate=1; // do not allow duplicate id equalModRequired=1; // require equal mod e-mail/msn me codeskywolf@hotmail.com STICKY PLZ Â
  11. 1436

    Cheat and cheat prevention discussion

    ok mr admin this webpage is in the country of CZ usa laws dont apply to CZ internet policy i dont know if posting ip's or ISP is iligle in Cz maby you know you live thare? my point is someone find out so we can post thare Ip and ban all of em!
  12. 1436

    OFP Addon Mania

    addons folder is for ver 1.46 and ver 1.91-1.96 are in res/addons folder i run 1.96 and i delete my addons folder in main dir
  13. 1436

    Has anyobody tried 3d Glasses?

    ow and i have tryed 3d glases and ofp it looks good but like i said 3d glases Dobble teh image and whare youre mouse is and what you see is Diffrent thare may be a 1-5cm diffrance depending on what res you have it on
  14. 1436

    Has anyobody tried 3d Glasses?

    umm first off ofp windows servers have a bug whare thay dont go over 36fps and most 3d glases need you to have a Monitor supporting 72hz or higher also 3d glases and 3d games thare is one down side thay look good and thay make youre game look good but becuse thay Dubble the image to create Depth in games whare you shoot might not be whare you shoot on game it may be 3cm this is true with all 3d glases but you can go into options and Config how much Depth you want i would onley get 3d glases if you have a nvidia video card as far as i know ati does not have drivers for 3d glases
  15. 1436

    Flashpoint 1.96b Server

    HAHA someone was on our server i wont say what one becuse i want to catch more cheaters but the serve keep saying *name* Uses modedified config file *name* Uses modedified config file i guess the guy was trying to .exe some script now the punk wilb e ip baned Woot!
  16. 1436

    1.96 Ded Server . Anyone help??

    dude you have to start ofp_server.exe with bat file right click on bat file make sure the exe it says in the bat file is the same in youre folder ie bat may say ofpr_server196.exe and youre server.exe may be ofpr_server.exe get me? if both files are the same re-download new ofp_server form website replace all but server.cfg and flashpoint.cfg
  17. 1436

    1.96 Ded Server . Anyone help??

    umm maby a stuid question but you are starting the server with the bat file and not in game right
  18. 1436

    How to set up A server

    Thare was a Check file listed but i Removed it Mal orders sry
  19. 1436

    1.96 Ded Server . Anyone help??

    ok in the server.cfg file add this line reportingIP="master.gamespy.com"; for youre tweek open flashpint.cfg delete all and replace with this MaxMsgSend=512; MaxSizeGuaranteed=1024; MaxSizeNonguaranteed=512; MinBandwidth=8000000; MaxBandwidth=10000000; Product="DedicatedServer"; Language="English"; HW_Type="Direct3D HW T&L"; Adapter=0; 3D_Performance="6000"; CPU_Benchmark=6000; Resolution_W="1024"; Resolution_H="768"; Resolution_Bpp="32"; LOD=7.500000; Limit_LOD=0.005000; Shadows_LOD=1.000000; MaxObjects=256; Cockpit_Textures=4096; Landscape_Textures=4096; Object_Textures=4096; Animated_Textures=64; Textures_Drop_Down=4; Texture_Heap="16"; File_Heap="16"; Total_Memory="1024 MB"; MaxLights=32; Light_Explo=1; Light_Missile=1; Light_Static=1; Frame_Rate_Pref=500; Quality_Pref=500; note in the line total_memory change to what youre system has msn me at codeskywolf@hotmail.com this config is for a 10-100mbps line just change MinBandwidth=8000000; MaxBandwidth=10000000; to what youre line speed is it is in bps so convert from kb ie 3000000=3mbps this is based on upload speed so if you upload onley at 1.5mps do 15000000 also open ports 2300-2310 udp
  20. 1436

    Buy or Dl?

    i know some of us dl games to see what the game will be like then go and Get the full thing in store later but will you Buy it off the bat so. many companys are loseing profit from dl games and pc mag giveing crapy games good reviews. so when this game come out buy it plz play a demo first i dont care but you know you have waited for a good game to come along. i think most of the true fans will but it but noob kids may dl just save up i think the max it will cost is 50 usa and bis i dont care if you use Starforge and fade well thats up to the Devs to put what proteection on it but make it hard and not laggy i dont care about a cd in my drive just dont want it scrached up Â