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  1. clausewitz

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    Hi, after a few hours playing around and frequently supporting the guerillas I got this hint: This wasn't since the beginning. There was a clear amount of money and a specific number of won fights. That changed sometimes later and I have no idea when and why. Just unclear if I will be able to enhance my relationship to the guerrillas due to the lack of a proper counting. Any ideas? Btw: something would be nice to know because its very useful in the "Old Man" role. I found no hint in the game's Field Manual:
  2. clausewitz

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    found out something useful:
  3. clausewitz

    [SP] In Our Time (Campaign) v1.05

    Just copying my Steam comment: Short, but excellent! Athmospheric Mini-Campaign, with very detailed plot, characters and felling. Cutscenes included, conversations included and a lot of action. For those of you who remember Operation Flashpoint: do you know the "After Montignac" mission? The last mission of this campaign is an outstanding successor of that "lone wolf escaping a bunch of enemies in hostile surrounding" with definately no chance to blow them all away. I was hitting the "reload" button a few times before I managed to make some progress. So the campaign really meets what ArmA Series stands for! Thank you for that and keep up your work!
  4. Hi, had a lot of fun so far with your mission. But I had the same problem (rearming does not work) in all the four bases. Indication is that the markers (rest, jail, rearming etc) disappeared. I can see the items from the weapon pool, but cannot drag them into the inventory slots of my teammates or myself. I restarted the mission, problem occurs after a few "fictional days". Unfortunately I am unable to equip my squad for further missions, so I am unable to get AT Launchers and so far. Seems the whole rearming systems breaks after a while, it is functional at the beginning, but then crahed.
  5. clausewitz

    Official launcher isn't working

    Same here. When starting Arma3 from Steam the launcher crashes. I cannot start ArmA3. This is since the today's update. Could you please fix thet asap?
  6. Reinforcements in this mission will join your group when approaching their marked positions. Have a look on your map, you'll find two weapon caches and two positions of waiting teams marked on the map. Just go nearby the teams and they will join you. If needed, equip them with some stuff from the weapon caches. Following this you will get a powerful team to defeat the enemy.
  7. Attaching optics and other stuff t oa weapon is fine. For human players the effect is obvious. But in which way optics (scopes, binoculars, thermal sights and NV scopes) influence the ability of AI characters? E.g. adding a scope to AI's rifle, does the AI character shoot more accurate, does he detect enemies from a longer range and so far? I didn't find a description of this, unfortunately. Thanks for information :-)
  8. clausewitz

    Saving Equipment in Campaign

    hm, curious... I do not use any addons. Just the pure Steam-delivered ArmA3 game. Any idea what to check now?
  9. clausewitz

    Saving Equipment in Campaign

    Ok, I reverted to "Survive" and started a patrol from Camp Maxwell. I got the "lucky Shot" Mission (the downed helo) and collected as much stuff from the fallen as possible into my quad/ATV. I also stored looted equipment into my backpack and vest. Then I returned to Camp Maxwell with the quad/ATV. I entered the camp, seeing myself sitting on the quad/ATV, then beeing ejected from that vehicle. First I went to the Armory to check if any equipment has been stored. But, as expected, no item from the quad/ATV was saved to the weapon pool. So I started the next main mission, maybe the gear will be available after starting a new mission. But all the items from the quad/ATV remain disappeared. So my conclusion is: the saving of looted equipment from vehicles (quad/ATV or later in "Adapt" Offroad) does not work properly. In no single case I could save my collected equipment. I hope this is helpful to check this. If you need additional info, please let me know. Thanx!
  10. clausewitz

    Saving Equipment in Campaign

    These scouting missions are really useless without saving the stuff from the vehicles. Why I should go out, risking my character's life and time to return home with nothing? Only equipment in players`s Uniform /vest/backpack is saved. Please fix this asap!
  11. Ok, I created an second profile to replay the "Survive" campaign. So I finished the "Situation normal" episode and expected so start in Camp Maxwell. But my character "Kerry" is placed outside the camp in an immediate "Patrol" mission without beeing in the camp before. When I move towards the camp the hint "leaving mission zone" (or like that...) appears, the "patrol" episode ends, but restarts up again. There is no chance to reach Camp Maxwell to continue the regular campaign. Before "Adapt" was integrated I played whole "Survive" campaign with another profile and it works quite well. What's going wrong with the campaign parameters? Does anyone else have this problem?
  12. Well, I think the gear management is really a problem. Such kind of campaign (Guerilla style) when your first task is to collect equipment -and maybe personnel needs a better management of the weapon pool. I agree to the following: - no storage of NVGs, First Aid Kits, Backpacks, Vests, headgear and special equipment (e.g. medic pack or engineer pack) is supported. - no hint to the player how the loss of personnel in a mission will be handled. (will you get new comrades or do you have to trust in your own?) - if you restart a campaign mission via "restart" your character and your teammates won't be equipped with your customized gear as you chose in Briefing, instead of this they got there odd standard equipment. - no backpacks or vests in weapon pool to equip teammates by default (I got one soldier only with his uniform...) Further things I would like to see implemented ore modified: - increase the cargo space of Trucks please. A truck (civilian) has less cargo capacity than a ATV Quad. If I decide to loot the battlefield I will get a big truck and bring my stuff home. Big cars are for bif cargo loadouts I think. - in comparison to this decrease the cargo space of small vehicles. - Weapon boxes should hold more cargo space. Try to put your gear into one of the campaign ammo boxes, it's impossible because they are overloaded (except the "optics and silencers box") So I would like to see the possibility to collect all the stuff I gathered from the battlefield in my weapon pool. Why you implemented a thousands of headgear and I am unable to change my Cap because you dont't allow to store a helmet oder beret in my virtual wardrobe cabinet? But nevermind: the Islands, especially Altis, are an impressive virtual world to play. And it runs smooth on my machine, I am well satisfied with the ArmA3 thing. :-)
  13. hm, I think the storyline could be pointed out more detailed. The upcoming conflict is much bigger than the local incident in Chernarus and Takistan was. There is the chance to build an upgrowing storyline so that the player will start at the end of the prologue into the campaign. This prologue could introduce in a lot of details, e.g. military development, personal situation of Cpt. Miller and his comrades, the people on that greek island and so far. Means first part of the story will be told until release, second part is "action during the campaign" and third part is fantasy of the fans and maybe addon- and missionmakers to continue the story after the ending of the official campaign. BIS guys created some huge expectations especially to the storyline. Please hold it up!
  14. hehe... how many weapons and troops do you expect if you like to see a presentation every week? 52 weeks until release means... according to the ArmA2 revealing strategy... 52 factions in Arma3? Currently NATO has 28 members, we can reveal every two weeks a NATO country and another week an OPFOR faction? :eek: But, really, a growing storyline until the scheduled release would be fine. Tell us something about the political situation, the protagonists of the campaign, the military aspects, maybe about agriculture on mediterranean island (military use of greek sheeps in history...) an military technology. But don't tell us the whole story of the campaign, let us discover the details while playing. Otherwise I would like to emphasize to the game until its announcement. btw: screens look very amazing!