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  1. Can you fly anywhere else with the vd set at 5000 ? without lag? When your higher up your PC is trying to render more on the screen so you will experience slowdowns. If its just in the NW sector then we can have a look at it. If its all over then I doubt there's much more we can do.

    Probably the beach animated texture. I always get a massive drop when it first comes into view.

    @PROTOTYPE 001

    the C123 is already in Arma 2, works fine afaik

  2. Para;1763900']Gentlemen' date=' congrats on release. Well done.

    [b']Now, as no FNG, I'm gonna be as blunt as a drill sergeant:[/b]

    In 3 seperate playtests on 3 seperate areas of flat ground in the jungle, I have AI's opening up at medium range. I can't see 10m ahead of me in the same areas. This renders the mod close to unplayable in its current format.

    Back in the day, Ebud had a solution with his Grassfield2 from IloIlo (really going back, I trust thats the right one but Im sure as heck not opening an old island with wrptool to find out...). It wasnt the prettiest solution around, but you could have an AI walk right up to you without seeing you at all. This is where it needs to be at.

    Hey Para, long time, how the f' are you ?

    Any maps we release after this point will be true to sight. What you see is very much what the AI sees. No invisible view blockers used.

  3. Im writing down some bugs I found, please tell me if Im the only one:

    - UNSUNG listed two times in the editor list

    - Error message "UNSUNG Air.sqs not found", so one editor entry appears blank

    - Minigun in the Cobra Gunship doesnt work

    - You cant enter as a pilot in the Cobra from the outside

    - Error message "CSJ_M134" not found when inserting a Huey with miniguns

    :confused: This sounds like the old Hunter-killer file has been left in the release.

    Sorry, the proper pbo will be in the first update/patch.

  4. However, this generally only happens when the music is still available to be sold in record stores, music from the 60's (except for the Beatles or the Stones) can be hard to find and I imagine many of the song writers are just happy people are still listening to the music.

    Best laugh I have had in a while (no offence but thankyou)...

    but seriously did they write music after the 70's? :headscratch: :D

  5. This feature is great for coastal areas but it does not suit rivers lakes etc.

    Yes I can use the pond texture for creeks and rivers which I have done but there are problems with that.

    AI do not recognise it as water.

    AI will not navigate a watercraft on the pond texture.

    AI will go prone under the water for any length of time with no ill effects.

    So if someone from BIS can explain how to disable this feature on a map I would be appreciate it.