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  1. Could you try describe the problem again?

    Or do i understand correctly, that it is about how long it takes to load some unmentioned island in the editor?

    That for some it takes 20 seconds, and for others it takes 40? How is that a problem?

    Sorry man my english is pretty f'n bad but yes you did understand it correctly.

    I think the "Several people say it takes them 30 mins plus to load the map in editor." is the main problem here. Half an hour plus loading time is not real good. :(

    Anything under a minute is not too bad, over a minute is not too good.

  2. Standard user map using standard cfg the works.

    Several people say it takes them 30 mins plus to load the map in editor.

    PCs vary quick slow etc.

    Others can load the map under 20 seconds

    Some can load the map fast in OA but they say in A2 it takes minutes plus.

    For me it loads the same OA or A2, 44 seconds roughly.

    All people say they have the same files.

    Does anybody have an inkling why and how it can be rectified? :confused:

  3. Hi geloxo,

    the way my new map is setup is that any veg you can not hide behind is placed using clutter. Low grass, rice, small bushes that kind of thing.

    All larger plants are hand placed. So the tall grass you can hide in, larger bushes etc.

    The mem err I get is only that my pc is old and does not handle the volume I would like it to. In V3 if I view the whole map on screen then V3 will lock up.

    The map in game plays the same as 'lowlands' or 'chernarus'. I actually get better fps with the new map then I do on lowlands.

  4. Thankyou to W0lle for unlocking the thread.

    In a nutshell,

    any group or persons that wish to continue developing the mod for ArmA 2 & OA, I over the use of the models as seen in the RopeWalk video.


    Not a lot in number but a few hours work in development.

    Ships - FourthRate, Small Merchant and yawl.

    Guns - swivelGun, 32 pounder and 24 pounder.

    Scripts for rigging and guns etc.

    Basic crew.

    Still a lot to be done of course and please note:

    For the same reason that I can not continue working on the mod myself.

    I will not be able to assist anyone else in its development, either now or the foreseeable future.

    PM if Interested

    If no takers then I may finish it one day.