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  1. Unfortunatley I can't help you in the areas you need but if you do find help please don't try to make a full mod before you release anything. All I was waiting on in the last Halo mod was the Pelican, warthog and MC. Here's hoping you get the help you require.

    Oh yeah, and make frequent backups of your work (edit: oh, you already said that.). icon_rolleyes.gif

  2. Yep, my appologies, I have had zero experience with any 3d modelling apps and when I said the I pieced together a model then that is litterally what I did, ripped a model from 'another game', pieced it together, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best, in other words I have no idea what I'm doing. My intention was not to blame BIS as OFP has been like a 5 year coke addiction for me (only cheaper). I'm usually really good at picking up new PC based skills but O2 has always been a bit of a mystery to me (read bitch), I've never even successfuly completed the 'how to make a crate tutorials'. This thread was created in the heat of blind... blind fury and can be locked/deleted or left here for people to flame me if so wished.

    Alternatively if someone could attempt to load this file into a correctly installed and functional version of O2 and tell me where I went wrong and why I suck ass then that would help. it's not a model I think many OFP purist would be interested in though

    Hunter Gear.rar

    edit: sorry about the crap host, though it's only like 10kb

  3. I am just curious if there are any plans for a new and hopefully full english translation of O2 after the release of ArmA. If this has already been stated for or against then I've missed it. O2 for me has always been an absolute bitch of a program, not installing, CTDs, czech selection names, etc. I am stunned the BIS was actually able to finish OFP with such a finicky bitch. I am well aware of the fact and can't believe there are hundreds of people happily modding away with it but I spent all day piecing together a model in milkshape, outputting it in 3ds format, go to load it in O2 and I get the usual result of a CTD with nothing but a 'this program encountered an error and must close' mad_o.gif . These are not the only circumstances under which I've had trouble but it's the one that's pissed me off most recently. I have attempted working with O2 on no less than 20 seperate occasions all ending very rapidly with the same result. Sorry now that I've had my rant you can go back to your lives, if your one of the few people who wasted thier time by reading all of this. banghead.gif


    I didn't swear NEARLY enough in this post.

  4. I hope ArmA is a little more... something (not sure what) crazy_o.gif . I have a fairly average system, 2.8 P4/512mb/9600XT, and my OFP generally runs like shit. On any given mission with DXDLL (no FX just FPS counter) I never get more than 18fps-ish, apparently regardless of drivers or OFP settings. shits me to tears really. mad_o.gif

    edit: No AA/AF, 1000m VD, 1024x768.

  5. Whilst wandering through the OFP CP thread I saw a few pics from people with the RHS MI-24. Now if I'm not mistaken this hind was originally made by Scars and is of uber fantastic quality. Now my question is did I miss a huge release by RHS or was this released early only through FFUR 2006? Just wondering if I have to download this whole mod or is there a single d/load for this addon so I can rip it out and put in my own WGL config.

  6. I've just had to re-install OFP and now I can't load the WGL mod. Here is what I've done.

    1. Clean install of OFP v1,96

    2. Installed contents of wgl5_2006-06-18.rar

    3. Installed contents of wgl_islandpack.rar

    4. Installed both Samak Hills & Gaia

    5. changed models_base.hpp to use DMA units & added needed .pbos

    6. Hid BIS vehicles in config_base.hpp

    7. Enabled Grey GUI

    That's it... It results in 2 errors, 1 when I first click on the wgl icon that says no entry 'config.bin.CfgAddons' and 1 at the default v1.96 main menu that says... nah bugger typing that, here's an image...


    I have played WGL many times but have no idea what I've done wrong. mad_o.gif

  7. This is the first I've read of this and it sounds kickass. Downloading torrent now but thats about 2 hours away. My first and only question for the moment is... Will it be possible via the web interface to change your groups formation? Like Infantry groups could be set to line formation while they're cresting a ridge and be issued another formation when they reach the top.

  8. Fantastic work gentlemen. I've only just gotten into WGL when it was still v5 beta, a few days before the final release in this thread.

    So far I've only encountered one pop-up error as shown below. And wondered if any cause or fix was available. Sorry, I can't remember which mission this occured in. If I come across it again I'll post about where/when it happened.


    Also one of the things I noticed about choosing the grey GUI scheme is that text shown on your radio is almost invisible unless the mouse is hovered over it (however this could be my crap monitor).

    One of the most admirable things about this mod is the mission packs, containing hundreds of missions, even if alot are just conversions from one island to another.*

    I like that vehicles no longer crumple like paper but is it possible to increase the chances of smoking wreckage? I really like to wipe out an entire tank platoon and have charred smoking armour strewn over the battle field, without it the battle seems to give less of a recent conflict feeling.

    Is it possible to hide the default blufor 'groups' aswell as individual units?

    I've installed 232 coop missions contained in the pack (excluding DM/TDM/C&H/CTF) and was wondering why some use default (BIS?) blufor not WGL blufor units?

    Is there a way to covert every reference of REDFOR in the editor and in-game to OPFOR? I just prefer the term weather accurate or not.

    I was wonder if it was possible and or acceptable to turn off the 'Enlist at squadengine' and 'System Verified' sidechat messages at the beginning of missions? I guess I could live with the system verified message. I'm all for a bit of shameless self promotion like the letters WGL on the compass and what not but don't need a clan invite at the beginning of every mission I play.


    Is Phaedens work on VBS1 + 2 official or more free addon work? I would assume it is official given the VBS2 is still in development.**


    *Some of the other things worthy of mention are Tracer effects, Ruck system, lingering particles, secondary explosions, Infantry damage system, (dis)mountable mortars/HMGs, proper groupings based on actual TO&E, R-Rated stringtable.csv and a great deal more.

    **Feel free to PM the answer to this if it's deemed a restricted question for these boards... or ignore it alltogether.

    Thankyou for the effort to all who have contributed to this most excellent mod. And a big thankyou to...

    . Phaeden

    . Killswitch

    . Q

    edit @Seminara:

  9. Although it´s weird to congratulate a software product, I will do it biggrin_o.gif

    OFP, you´ve been my timekiller number 1 over the last 5 years and my girlfriend hates you smile_o.gif


    Happy B'Day OFP. Does this mean once Armed Assault is released we'll also have to celebrate fathers day for OFP? huh.giftounge2.gif

  10. Looks very professional. However I will wait for the english version before I test it. Any ideas on an ETA for that?

    edit: @Shashman - If it allows an in game replay with user controlled cameras then I see it being very useful for OFP movie makers.

  11. I've only recently d/loaded WGL 5.0 Beta and was wondering where i would find missions to showcase the features of WGL? I hardly think 'Steal the Car' or a blank editor map is the most ideal test scenario. I've probably missed like an entire WGL mission website, anyway, just thought I'd ask.

  12. The good news is that it doesn't seem to affect anything. So if you can live with it at the beginning of your mission, then you are good to go.

    Unfortunately it does seem to affect something, see the last line of my previous post...

    Quote[/b] ]No vehicles are spawned, only the crew members moving as they should between generated waypoints only on foot rather than riding in some OFPs finest hardware.

    An armour battle with no armour makes for a sucky mission.

    Thankyou for pointing out the error with bn880s tracers, they will now be removed from my custom ECP as I've refined my addons and config to run completely error free. None of this cannot load mission missing some shit errors or the like for me.

    edit: I've left the tracers in for the moment because I changed the DAC initialization to spawn default east BIS units and I get no error and the vehicles spawn correctly.

    edit2: I have to assume it's a conflict between the tracers and RHS tanks because when I add the classnames of the T55s to the BIS east section of DAC_Config_Units.sqs the error re-occurs and only the BIS vehicles are generated again. confused_o.gif

  13. I just tried to throw together a quick armour battle using RHS tanks/crew using this config_unit section...

    <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">;\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\




    ;EDITOR RHS Desert Armour



    _Unit_Pool_S = ["RHS_Cr1","RHS_Cr1","RHS_Cr1"]

    _Unit_Pool_V = []

    _Unit_Pool_T = ["SIG_T54d","SIG_T55dBC","SIG_T55d","SIG_Ty69IId","SIG_T55dBCR","SIG_T55dR","SIG_Ty69IIdR","SIG_T54dR","SIG_Ty69IIR"]

    _Unit_Pool_A = []

    _Unit_Pool_C = []

    goto "SetPool"

    And this for trigger On Activation...

    <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">[z1,[1,0,0],[],[],[10,4,20,5],[],[0,14,2]]exec "DAC\Scripts\DAC_Init_Zone.sqs"

    which produces the following error...


    No vehicles are spawned, only the crew members moving as they should between generated waypoints only on foot rather than riding in some OFPs finest hardware. confused_o.gif

  14. I am attempting to modify the 5t ammo trucks released by [iEF] Mp to carry JAM magazines but it seems the only ammo it will give me access to is the primary ammo like "JAM_W556_30mag" or "JAM_W556M_200mag". But not others like "JAM_M433Vest" or "JAM_AT4Rocket". I am having the same problem with the JAM ammo trucks released with JAM itself, which is where I copied/modified the transportmagazines class from. Below is what I have...

    <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> class TransportMagazines


    class _xx_JAM_W556_30mag {magazine="JAM_W556_30mag"; count=30;};

    class _xx_JAM_W556_30Bmag {magazine="JAM_W556_30Bmag"; count=30;};

    class _xx_JAM_W556_G36_30mag {magazine="JAM_W556_G36_30mag"; count=30;};

    class _xx_JAM_W556_AUG_30mag {magazine="JAM_W556_AUG_30mag"; count=30;};

    class _xx_JAM_W556M_200mag {magazine="JAM_W556M_200mag"; count=15;};

    class _xx_JAM_W762_20mag {magazine="JAM_W762_20mag"; count=30;};

    class _xx_HandGrenade {magazine="HandGrenade"; count=10;};

    class _xx_JAM_W762M_200mag {magazine="JAM_W762M_200mag"; count=5;};

    class _xx_JAM_W762M_200FSmag {magazine="JAM_W762M_200FSmag"; count=5;};

    class _xx_JAM_W762_5mag {magazine="JAM_W762_5mag"; count=10;};

    class _xx_JAM_W762Sniper_20mag {magazine="JAM_W762Sniper_20mag"; count=10;};

    class _xx_JAM_M433Vest {magazine="JAM_M433Vest"; count=5;};

    class _xx_JAM_AT4Rocket {magazine="JAM_AT4Rocket"; count=6;};

    class _xx_JAM_CAVS_AT4Rocket {magazine="JAM_CAVS_AT4Rocket"; count=6;};


    ...and I can't see a problem with it. Any help would be appreciated.