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    I'm unsure if this has been mentioned yet but thought it worthy of posting. I saw this on ArmedAssault.eu USTP - United System of Technical Parameters Think JAM and CAVS (from OFP) rolled into one with some extras aswell. Since ArmA is so young I think it is a great idea and should be supported by/contributed to/implemented by all addon mod developers. Standardization was a bitch (read non-existant) in OFP other than within each given mod team.
  2. C4P741N

    Female looking faces

    And not quick enough as far as I'm concerned. What did your post have to do with anything? It's infantile smacktards like yourself that this community can really do without. I hope you have a long and prosperous life somewhere other than this community/forum. Have a nice day edit: <on-topic> I really hope BI do implement civilian and military female models. Keep up the good work DieAngel.
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    O2 and myself shall never see eye to eye so I can't tell you exactly what needs to happen to the marine model. However based on theory alone I'd say you'd need to load the file marine.p3d into O2, give the proper named selections for the body parts and modify or replace the head entirely (proxies for weapon placements aswell?). And then you'll be somewhere close to seeing them in-game.
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    Halo Models - This link should work. I got the MA5B-ICWS Assault Rifle in-game with a G36a config however it suffers from the muzzleflash bug which I haven't investigated/remembered how to fix. It also sits too far forward in the soldiers hands. I also put a HMMWV config to the warthog model but it(the model) has got no wheels/turret or driver/gunner/cargo proxies defined(I think) thus making it a boardable static object with an invisible driver.
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    In about 2 minutes I 'borrowed' a config for the plasma grenade and have it working in game as an AT grenade. That's probably as far as my modding abilities will go but I'll have a look at some other things too, like the small arms.
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    I'm d/loading your file so I guess I'll know in a few minutes but I assume the models will need other things added to them too, like cockpits and the like. I really do hope someone does take up the mantle on this. C'mon people all we need is 1 marine, 1 pilot, a pelican and a warthog. I wish I could do it but alas O2 and I will never produce anything.
  7. You'd be surprised. In OFP I was never given a solution (or one that I could get working) on how to do this. I could use this in sooo many missions. I would have most of my missions using 1hr RT=24hr game time. It gives the impression of being in a prolonged conflict zone.
  8. C4P741N

    OFPN Tutorials

    In every (worthwhile) mission there is a description.ext. This contains the briefing, respawn, scenario conditions and many other much needed things (dialogues 'n' shit)... http://www.ofpec.com/ed_depot/tutes.php This link has a tutorial on the said Description.ext file.
  9. C4P741N

    help, i just got ARMA

    To my knowledge, you have got a program like Alcohol 120% or Daemon Tools or some other virtual drive software installed. Remove it and the problem should be resolved.
  10. C4P741N

    Tonal Redux

    Is this problem specific to Tonal Redux or does it also occur using a BI shilka? If so I think it's a sound card/driver issue, do you use a SB Live card?
  11. C4P741N

    CoIn2 by DMA

    I've also been wondering if the DMA will make a return in ArmA? I would understand if no further updates were made for OFP but hope you guys continue your work.
  12. C4P741N

    Hyk modern u.s. infantry pack released

    Champion! Thanks Big-Rooney I knew it was because I was was drunk . I was clicking on the top link (ala v1.99), problem solved.
  13. C4P741N

    Hyk modern u.s. infantry pack released

    Not sure if I'm doing anything wrong as it's 12am here but I'm drunk, but anywho the first link times out all the time and the mirror only gives me a 20ish mb file which it says is v1.99. Having said that, is this going to be the last incremental update? because (not that I care) this is the 4th time I've had to d/load a 45mb file.
  14. C4P741N

    SJB Weapons Pack

    I was thinking the same thing. I guess it's needed given the expansion of the forums but what number are we at now? on topic: Living in a 505 country sucks. But once ArmA is released down under I look forward to the release of this pack. Loved it in OFP, will love it again in ArmA.
  15. I'm making a MP mission that uses a time skip script to make 24hrs pass in 60 minutes but the client times aren't synchronized, so one player is fighting during the day and the other at night. I don't know alot about scripts (bar how to use them), I was hoping someone could tell me of a way to make the below script (or one that does the same job) synced on all machine on a non dedicated server. <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">; [60] exec "time.sqs" ; ***************************************************** private ["_DLapse", "_IncTime"]; ; Time in minutes a day in-game will take _DLapse = _this select 0 _IncTime = ((24/_DLapse)/60) ; Time acceleration loop #loop ~.04 skipTime (_incTime *.04) goto "loop" edit: The script is exec'd from the init.sqs (if that matters).
  16. C4P741N

    Synchronizing Time...

    @InqWiper, thanks for the input, I'll be testing this tomorrow. @feersum, unfortunately I live in a 505 country so ArmA seems like an age away still. @CSL, I've tried but my mind won't grasp it.
  17. C4P741N

    Hyk modern u.s. infantry pack released

    Wow... I never expected an update to these, good work HYK.
  18. C4P741N

    CoIn2 by DMA

    I've started converting Coin2 to use all the Tonal Redux gear but I'm looking at changing a few things. I haven't changed much yet just merged it to Tonal, changed the editor placed units, changed the DAC zones to spawn Tonal government troops/vehicles, uses a different time.sqs, changed the respawning from 'base' to next soldier in line, etc. The thing I need some input on is how I go about implementing the squad rearm feature from CCE into Coin2? I just want upto 3 player controlled sqauds able to return to base and all be able to rearm in one action each. On that note a squad heal feature (also in CCE I believe) would be useful too. edit: Also, how does one use the artillery? I have the upgrades but no radio option to call it.
  19. C4P741N

    Facestex2.pbo update

    I think there is a solution to this somewhere (and probably a better place to post this) but does anyone know how to prevent the face textures screwing up when you respawn down the line in MP? It really does ruin the fantastic units using this head when your first man looks perfect but the rest are screwed.
  20. C4P741N

    Invasion 1944 Alpha Relased

    Well isn't this the mother f**ker of all anticlimaxes, Two years (or more) of hype. I knew this would be the end that would befall I44. However, you have done some fantastic work over the years, I played many hours with the original demo and hope the team continues on and expands into ArmA. I have yet to download this alpha release but either way, well done chaps.
  21. C4P741N

    New Version of O2

    I am just curious if there are any plans for a new and hopefully full english translation of O2 after the release of ArmA. If this has already been stated for or against then I've missed it. O2 for me has always been an absolute bitch of a program, not installing, CTDs, czech selection names, etc. I am stunned the BIS was actually able to finish OFP with such a finicky bitch. I am well aware of the fact and can't believe there are hundreds of people happily modding away with it but I spent all day piecing together a model in milkshape, outputting it in 3ds format, go to load it in O2 and I get the usual result of a CTD with nothing but a 'this program encountered an error and must close' . These are not the only circumstances under which I've had trouble but it's the one that's pissed me off most recently. I have attempted working with O2 on no less than 20 seperate occasions all ending very rapidly with the same result. Sorry now that I've had my rant you can go back to your lives, if your one of the few people who wasted thier time by reading all of this. Cap. I didn't swear NEARLY enough in this post.
  22. C4P741N

    505's ArmA Special Edition - What ya want?

    I don't have any new ideas just agreeing/disagreeing with some. Agree - (in no particular order) 1. Metal Case (what about a replica of the default ammo crate in ArmA) 2. Dogtags x 2 (one ArmA stamped, the other blank) 3. HUGE map of Sahrani (to be framed above/behind my monitor) 4. Inert 50cal (ArmA stamped) 5. HUGE and meticulous editing manual (printed) 6. Military Guide for Sahrani (Covering all Blufor/Opfor/Resistance troops/vehicles/weapons) 7. No Starforce Disagree 1. No Caps, T-Shirts*, Glasses, Socks, Boxers, etc (No clothing! One size fits all my ass, I'm 27 and f@#king tiny) 2. No Compass, Binoculars, Watch, Knife, etc (Any items of this type would be of extremely low quality) 3. No headset/mic (for the same reason as above) Despite the fact I said no clothing I have long planned to get a t-shirt custom made with this exact quote.
  23. C4P741N

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    I agree. I assume the Armed Assault Forum here will be expanded to more resemble the OFP one in terms of it's sub-forums and will probably handle most of the traffic. As for the 1Q 07 release, this doesn't worry me as I don't currently have a PC that meets all the minimum requirements of ArmA
  24. C4P741N

    Winter islands

    I dunno Winter Nogova by CJE
  25. C4P741N

    Winter islands

    It's the text/internet equivalent of shrugging ones shoulders, as if to say 'whatever'. As for winter Islands, I second the votes for the Kodiak and FDF Islands.