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    RCIR - CDF Special Forces

    I like the idea of a CDF uniform or something similar so its more uniform with the other troops myself. i like the addon but it ends up feeling like your playing with russians. Great work though...I like the extra units and the UN stuff as well.
  2. CanadianTerror

    Project RACS

    FN MAG It's less Viet Nam'y
  3. CanadianTerror

    Project RACS

    @wld427 Excellent work! A few bugs here and there...who cares. I enjoy the RACS stuff big time. :)
  4. CanadianTerror

    Arma Mercenaries

    So, it's a fictional mod based on the fictional island of Columbia. where fictional = doesnt/wont exist Got it.
  5. CanadianTerror

    Project RACS

    This sounds very similar the old OFP Nogovan Armed Forces thread. Just dont give 'em an aircraft carrier and a boatload of F35 Strike Fighters and I know I wouldnt complain.
  6. CanadianTerror

    Central Germany

    That looks like a map made for OFP. Im just judging by the pic but I dont think youve spent enough time to release this IMO.
  7. CanadianTerror

    CMF_Units = Canadian units

    @DK I can help you with info if you want. PM me. EDIT: Blood texes? Where does "CMF" come from? This?
  8. CanadianTerror

    CMF_Units = Canadian units

    "green m16" They dont do Iraq scenarios...no, you're correct. Afghanistan.
  9. CanadianTerror

    SLA Redux Packs

    Sweet job Rellikki! Always good stuff from you.
  10. CanadianTerror

    Vilas' addons

    If you got shiny weapons, people would complain that they weren't dirty enough and scratched.
  11. CanadianTerror


    I'd like to see some mid 80's British troops as well but I sure wouldnt start bitching at these guys about it. What tawdry behaviour.
  12. CanadianTerror

    Vilas' addons

    Maybe describe the tank. Does it have a name?
  13. CanadianTerror

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.14

    Well they match a bunch of addons in Queens Gambit that also dont have them. Is this a new fad or something?
  14. CanadianTerror

    HKpack, and....M1A2 SEP Pack

    You mean the one by Vipersheart?
  15. CanadianTerror

    sg-1 colonel

    They used P90's
  16. CanadianTerror

    WIP: stuff you are working on!

    Knights and swords n stuff?
  17. CanadianTerror

    Republic Of Leskap Armed Forces

    Well just for laughs I did a 3 minute retex to show what i was yappin about. -no flashy cap -uniform matches regular troops (not too dark though on the camo) -webbing matches vest -not PMC looking Again, its your addon...im just adding comments. Addon texes from Relikki, I just liked the camo for the example.
  18. CanadianTerror

    Republic Of Leskap Armed Forces

    First impressions IMO, -the camo on the pants is too dark -Why would you bother to wear camo and then wear bright logos on your hats? -the vest...why not a camo vest instead of a desert vest if these are woodland units? -more model variety needed. At this stage, 2 soldier retexes seems a bit dull -These dont seem like armed forces but more pmc units my 2 cents
  19. CanadianTerror

    WIP: stuff you are working on!

    Fair enough. Just to clarify though...this comment just sounded like nonsense to me...what can I say. I never said anything about it being too harsh or professional studio quality or whatever else this turned into. Anyways, my bad for the offtopic.
  20. CanadianTerror

    WIP: stuff you are working on!

    Where did you read that exactly in my post? Im saying that "some" of you take people's wips a bit too serious when it comes to "newer artist" types. Perhaps its more of how you say it than what you are saying. Yes, the rivets are larger, you busted that one wide open.
  21. CanadianTerror

    WIP: stuff you are working on!

    That is just...wow. Even if they are, you know your knitpicking when....
  22. CanadianTerror

    Ask a moderator about the forum and the rules

    Well it was originally intended to be a comment and turned into a full blown request. That sig was awesome for your info. No appreciation for art. Â Of course there were no other incidents, im a perfect example of model forum behaviour. Â Anyways, thanks for the WL removal. Â
  23. CanadianTerror

    Ask a moderator about the forum and the rules

    The last time I asked this I was given a 24 hr PR due to some silly circumstances following my asking. I think ive done my time as the original WL was just for a pic of the iraqi info minister in the first place. I dont see the person who gave it to me around but would like to have this WL removed...and if possible, without the 24 hr PR this time. EDIT: My WL was from Feb. 02 2007. Time served? Ive learned my lesson and as well have turned over a new leaf from such terrible things as posting a pic that was under the 100kb rule but must have caught a mod on a bad day or something.
  24. CanadianTerror

    Chammy please hear my plea

    This has locked thread written all over it. It's not a good idea to ask for things and make new topics doing so. EDIT: Edited for niceness.