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  1. It would be great to have "real" weather patterns for the map. I mean that It would be possible to have rain at one location and sun at another and as the wind blows the weather would gradually change.
  2. CopyCon

    Graphics engine improvement

    True! Its far to often that game designer use models that arent fully optimized. Just look here: http://home.wnm.net/~bgriff/MW_BretF.html Look at the bottom of the page. This guy made the original models (to Morrowind) even better, with lower polycount :-)
  3. CopyCon

    Ai's shooting method

    I think the main problem is that the AI is always cool. It does not panic. It does not shoot as long as the aim isnt perfect.
  4. I agree. I use to play with 1800 at viewdistance, and I think that the enemy are far to accurate on long distances.
  5. CopyCon

    Player animations

    Good idéa, I'd like to see this as well as different body types that were mentioned in a thread a while ago.
  6. CopyCon

    Support for pedals

    Great idea, just to change the connection plug from the good old "Family Fun Fitness" to make it compatible with my computer.
  7. CopyCon

    Support for pedals

    It's my best idea for "analog" movement, and since people want more freedom in movement I think this is a good addition, I'd like seamless crouching aswell, but then you'd need 3 pedals.
  8. CopyCon

    Maps and mapreading

    I invented that expression...
  9. I'd like to see a good support for Pedals, where the pedal can be used to control all speeds sneak - walk - jog - run - rush IMHO, one of hte best ways to control movement.
  10. CopyCon

    Im hit! oh my god i've been hit!

    No. Too many movies for you. Ok, just wanted to know.
  11. CopyCon

    Im hit! oh my god i've been hit!

    The amount of times in OFP I have to hit an enemy twice in the chest to kill them are very, very, very small. You're probably hitting the arms. If you are standing still and get shot with a M16 at 10-15 meters in the chest, won't the power of the impact push you to the ground? Will you be able to accuratly return fire in 1-2 seconds?
  12. CopyCon


    I think both are important things that must be changed.
  13. CopyCon

    Sweden decides

    As Denoir said earlier, alot of swedish people are deluded to think that Sweden is an unicum, with the best wellfare and social security in the whole world, which in fact is not true. Our government party keeps telling the people how fantastic Sweden is all the time. And I think this is the main reason to the big NO in the referendum. I've spent alot of time in eastern europe, and I've seen the development on all fronts (which is very good), and in a few years Sweden is even farther from its utopian ideals.
  14. CopyCon

    Not using islands?

    If the maps are big enough to fit all the OFP 1 Islands with proper distances between in one map I'll be more than happy.
  15. CopyCon

    Swedish foreign minister attacked

    This is indeed a sad day. Here is a link with pictures from her political life. http://www.aftonbladet.se/vss....00.html Image no. 16 really makes me sad