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  1. BeachAV8R

    Hinds at Chernarus....

    I suspect you are correct Chortles - there is probably more bang for the buck by pursuing the combat side of helicopters via Arma 3 rather than the civilian side in Take On. And you are correct that nearly everything (and more actually) from that mission I wrote about could be done in Arma 3 - but does the TOH Hind work in Arma 3? I'll have to check into Chairborne's Hind..very interested in that! Helicopterenthusiast - Good to hear..can't wait to see what you guys come up with.. BeachAV8R
  2. Over at Mudspike we took a retro look at Take On Helicopters: Hinds and flew the fantastic sandbox mission by BTK & TeTeT. Check it out here: http://www.mudspike.com/hinds-at-chernarus-aar-editorial/ Please, please, please - Bohemia - bring back more Take On content! Build an Apache (or collaborate with Nodunit and Franze!)... BeachAV8R PS - I'm always on the lookout for good TOH / TOH-Hinds missions - fire me a PM if you have any!
  3. Has there been any official word on whether the fixed wing flight model is going to get a makeover? As others have said (repeatedly) - the fixed wing flight model, particularly in regards to the near complete lack of horizontal component of lift (ie: no turning when banked) is pretty ugly right now. Trust me - you don't need rudder to make a real airplane turn. Yes, it coordinates the turns and makes things feel and perform better, but banking an aircraft should cause an airplane to turn. So much of the fixed wing stuff looks great, sounds great..now if it would just start to feel great. The RotorLib is quite good..it would be great to see similar attention given to the fixed wing side. BeachAV8R
  4. Your Apache mod and the campaign were so good I decided to put the campaign AAR on our main page as we roll out our new website this week: http://wwwm.mudspike.com http://www.mudspike.com/ah-64d-tarnished-gold-campaign-aar/ I hope to see more great stuff from you guys... BeachAV8R
  5. Well, I still think the Apache for Arma 2 was one of the coolest add-ons ever for a sim period. And the campaign...I still rave about the campaign. I've been flying a lot of the helo DLC in Arma 3. Tonight, me and a friend spend two hours just playing around with the UAV terminals and taking control of different platforms to drop bombs while each of us lased for the other. It is my dream to see the Apache functional in Arma 3 because it was so much fun to fly. Of course - the awesome campaign "Tarnished Gold" was a huge part of how great an impression it left. Just brilliant all around. I understand if roadblocks prevent you from getting it into Arma 3 in as good a shape (or better) than what we had in Arma 2. But man, I'll be disappointed.. <g> That's what happens when you put out something so loved by so many. Best of luck with it... Fortunately I still have Arma 2 to play with..and it still looks pretty darn good! BeachAV8R
  6. BeachAV8R

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    That is correct..! - LINK! BeachAV8R ---------- Post added at 13:25 ---------- Previous post was at 13:23 ---------- Oh - dumb me, the first time I played through it was stock, the second time through I had installed the Red Hammer Studios release - that must have put in the additional units! For some reason that didn't even register on me that those units where in there...but now that you pointed it out! <g> http://makearmanotwar.com/entry/DT5ghVA5GT#.VGYCtcmtezY BeachAV8R ---------- Post added at 13:27 ---------- Previous post was at 13:25 ---------- Haha..no pockets = no grenades. Well, on my second run through, I was doing a sale of some equipment and was shuffling gear around to an inventory box and inadvertently put my backpack in there - and I sold it and I never could find another one in my travels. Yeah, I had the body storage and the slings/harness, but I never could find a backpack like the one I started with.. LOL..
  7. BeachAV8R

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Thanks - glad you enjoyed it (again).. <g>. The only mods I have installed are CBA and something called Bad Wolf Industries which I can't even remember what it does (?). No other mods. I did open your mission in the PBO unpacker and add a line to the configuration to allow for the use of Splendid Camera so I could take the photos. I like to believe I died so many times because I was distracted taking pictures and not playing..lol..that's what I keep telling myself anyway. Regarding the Mad Stomper - yeah, that just happened to happen that way and I took the opportunity to take advantage of it. <g> Great mission again..one of the few where I couldn't wait to get back to play to try to sort out everything and get to the end. Nice job. EDIT - Oh..Bad Wolf Industries was a AT-6B add-on that is just a unit add-on I guess.. <g> BeachAV8R ---------- Post added at 03:14 ---------- Previous post was at 03:07 ---------- :D All I could think of when you said slow charge:
  8. BeachAV8R

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Alrighty..I put together another AAR - this time I managed to complete the mission - it was just as much fun, no actually more fun, the second time through because everything worked properly (auctions, hideout, etc..): Pilgrimage Redux BeachAV8R
  9. BeachAV8R

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Yeah..I already started a new Pilgrimage - and it is going along fine. I got smart and turned off Steam and am just playing in offline mode to make sure my game doesn't update.. <G> This second run through is going good - but the enemy seem much more aggressive and all around. I don't know if I spawned in close to a stronghold or what..but I was getting my *** handed to me regularly. It's been awesome though.. I'll post up another AAR when I finish! Love this stuff.. BeachAV8R
  10. Thanks guys..it is a really, really cool mod. I'm looking forward to giving it a whirl in A3 whenever you feel that you have most of the bugs worked out. I really hope to fly this bird more in A3. Again, my compliments to not just you guys that cobbled together the awesome 3D and avionics, but the mission designers. Really nicely done. BeachAV8R
  11. BeachAV8R

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Dude - this mission is so much fun. Unfortunately the helo DLC update ruined my savegame..but I wrote this AAR about my experience with your great mission: Pilgrimage BeachAV8R
  12. AAR from Mission 10 - Amber Sword..the campaign finale..(spoilers within!).. Thank you Nodunit & Franze (& company) for an incredible add-on.. If you read my comments at the end of that last AAR you'll see I'm a huge fan of your work. You guys are awesome..! Chris "BeachAV8R" Frishmuth
  13. AAR from Mission 09 - Emerald Forge (Spoilers within!) Damn Franze & Co...you guys really know how to make a guy sweat! BeachAV8R
  14. AAR from Mission 08 - Hallowed Ground (Spoilers within!) Really nice job guys - that mission had some nice use of Arma stuff that really made it unique.. I love the continuity of the story too.. Fantabulous.. BeachAV8R
  15. AAR from Mission 07 - Hollow Anvil (Spoilers within!) Another awesome mission Franze and company..! Really nice pacing and unique circumstances.. Bravo.. BeachAV8R