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  1. But is this warm enough for you then? :) (I took this picture a few minutes ago)
  2. That's what it looked like yesterday here also, but this snow will probably be gone tomorrow because it will be like 10C and sun the next two days.
  3. All I can say is that you are one arrogant person. You can’t even handle a simple discussion in a civil manner.
  4. Im not talking about nvidia vs ati here. Nope. But I know that a minimum framerate number may not reflect the whole benchmark. It's not an average low it's the lowest possible drop in the test and you can’t draw any conclusion by just one single number. Why don't you do it? It's you who draw the conclusion what the minimum framerate is and how it have affected the benchmark without knowing anything about it. What irrelevant reasons?
  5. You did use this: And then you said that "the minimum fps is what counts". But this is only one number, the lowest framerate in the whole benchmark, you don’t know what effected it or how many other drops there are. So you can’t really judge the playability by that.
  6. techpowerup.com anandtech.com techreport.com hardocp.com I can’t see any "tpucdn.com" there, do you? And what do you trust more in Guru3d? They don’t even have a power consumption comparison with other cards in their review. Of course the minimum fps is important but one number may not reflect the whole benchmark or the playability at all. It could just be one drop in the beginning of the game or benchmark where stuff is loaded in to the memory and not when you actually are playing or whatever.You have to look at a diagram over the whole benchmark to see how the minimum fps actually matter.
  7. I’m no "fanATIc", I never said that 5870 was better than GTX480 performance wise. You just don’t seem to understand that you can’t just look at the minimum fps and draw a conclusion that the framerate will be much more stable in the whole benchmark. What is tpucdn.com? Never heard of it. No it's not the most important number. There is so much more to it than that.
  8. In Europe the GTX480 is quite close to the 5970 in price, just a bit more than 50€ difference. And at least here in Sweden you can find both in stock in some online shops. Yeah but not according to the reviews out there: But it's not that easy that you can just look at the minimum number. For example it could be a case where the 5870 have one drop to 20fps in the whole benchmark and the rest is above 30fps, then the GTX480 have 3 drops to 25fps. You see what I mean, you can’t judge the performance by just looking at the minimum fps number. It’s better to look at a diagram over the whole benchmark where you can see all the fps drops. Something like this is much more interesting than just a minimum number:
  9. No it's not. There's much more to it, a simple minimum fps number do not have to reflect the whole framerate in a game. A minimum fps figure could just be a short single drop in the whole benchmark and you can’t judge anything by that. Yes, GTX480 is faster than 5870 in most cases (not all) but at what cost? More than 50% less performance/watt and a much higher price, almost the same as a 5970 which also draws less power than a single GTX480.
  10. Bush

    Metro 2033

    STALKER: Clear Sky and Crysis doesn’t support DX11.
  11. Bush

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    Take a look at this screenshot:
  12. Bush

    Dragon Rising has been released

    I don’t know what you call "primetime" but it's sure not 6 or whatever in the morning when you looked that up. Anyway, there are about 1000 players and 650 servers online right now. And there are usually more than 1500 players online on the so called "primetimes". http://arma2.swec.se/server/list
  13. Bush

    Dragon Rising has been released

    Care to explain why there are about 970 players playing ArmA2 online at this very moment? On the weekends there are usually more than 1500 people playing online at the same time.
  14. Bush

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    No, but pretty much all the other stuff including Flarmapoint 2s list.
  15. Bush

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    The only silly thing in this thread is when people, like you, lists features that has been in even OFP since 2001 as new feature that DR has over ArmA2.