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  1. what a wonderfull holiday treat for the community! A REALY BIG thank you to all involved in creating this map & (released when it ready TM) x-cam tools....the amount of hours you guys must have spent working on these amazing things, we arma players realy are blessed. now go spend some well earned & much needed holiday time with your familys...(as if you need telling :D)cheers all...happy holidays p.s the amount amount of time it took me to post this due to correcting my alcohol indused spelling mistakes! :p
  2. good job. very nice having the BAF wheeled vehicles in a3,i've always loved the good old land rovers. really appreciate your time and effort working on these thank you very much! BTW Would love to see the ACR SF land rover ported into A3,any chance you might look at porting those?so many nice details on that vehicle!:cool: has Bi granted permission to port the ACR content?
  3. another nice chirstmas treat great job all who worked to make possible, have just purchase IF44 to try this,shame steam is crawling d/l speed wise atm! 5 hrs and counting! Not all steam fault if i'm fair my rural wireless connection is dragged down to its kness during the holidays. ahh well good thing there is plenty of alcohol to get me occupied while it d/l's, so far tonight it's been triple whiskeys..vodka...rum..brandy...with a harty turkey curry thrown in for good messure....yep i'm battered:p happy holidays all!
  4. biggibs

    Kradnostrov Map for ArmA 3

    might want to check this thread about terrain creation for the make arma not war contest As there has been no clarification one way or the other by BI as to wether terrain will be included or not in the contest http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?170460-Rules-Clarification-Please!-Are-quot-Terrains-quot-excluded-from-the-contest
  5. biggibs

    Tonal Island for Arma 3

    Icebreaker Q. Does this mean you are going to be making both duala & tonal for a3 as i did see an annocement post in addon mods discussion section saying you where going to be making an updated version of duala,if I recall tonal helped inspire you to make duala. So are you just making tonal now instead of duala? Ahh after posting this I see someones asked the same question in the duala thread!
  6. biggibs

    Tonal Island for Arma 3

    wow nice! Couldn't think of a better man for the job,congrats! Brings back memories of the first time I fired up BAS with Tonal my jaw dropped at the intro scene,wanted to play but sat there just enjoying the intro such a beautiful island and done with such detail at the time Look forward to visiting tonal in a3 when it's done!
  7. biggibs

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    Got a patrol ops 3.0 nato ported to chenarus if your intrested...its only in folder form at the moment (would take a few seconds to pbo it) if your intrested Seems to be working ok. i'm sure some of the markers might be placed in slightly better locations but so far as I have tested its all working ok atm.
  8. hardly lol and no cant get every area at that res! friend in satnav/gps,tracking company that's all im saying
  9. Great suggestions so far Just like to suggest terrain around north Zimbabwe. after looking around the northern part...near the A12 road that heads north to the town of Centenary (nice airfield there btw) and look south of the large lake to the right of that town...beautiful looking and a nice mix of flatter terrain and hills and mountains,there is a good mix of arid and lusher green parts too! http://goo.gl/maps/u1kYy Not sure if a3's current vegitation and houses would totaly fit with that terrain!
  10. biggibs

    PhysX3_x86.dll Crash

    same here! 4 PhysX.dll crashes in 4 hrs of playing since updating from stable v1.00 to v1.02 (Fridays patch),was fine before yesterdays patch! went and d/l the latest PhysX software from nvid site and installed...same issue,still getting crashes!
  11. just thought i'd post a quick update. Just played v0.73e coop for 1hr 30mins+ with a friend with arid weather settings,no crashes. realy enjoyed that,nice to be able to enjoy with a m8 or 2! good job kibot...looking forward to future updates!
  12. thanks for the quick fix kibot. will d/l 0.73e and report back later!
  13. yep same here was using arid weather as my preferred setting due to heavy fog on other weather settings on previous versions of the mission Used to crash as you got close to ai normaly could play for more than 5 mins at most before a crash Just tried with mediterianian weather and seems fine so far,had good 20 mins of play inside the first zone,ai engaging at range again now even got shot at by apc too! :)...will do so some further testing later!. all this was with v 0.7c btw
  14. that's great news Kibot thank you! realy enjoying this altis is the perfect terrain for generating plenty of zones. had a great time earlier on version 0.6,took a side mission 15km away from hq...had to pass a few enemy zones to get there got fired at by enemy while passing along the edge of one of the enemy zones and damaged my hunter trying to avoid the fire so ended up having to travel the last 5km on foot,sneaking through enemy lines. had a few encounters with infantry on the way!....was great fun! #pos bug I have a played a few times including a coop game v0.7 with a friend earlier this evening and we encountered a few enemy vehicles patrolling the zones but they never seem to engage us! we even stood up in the open and fired at them with our rifles from a few 100m's away just to try and get them to return fire but not once have the vehicles opened fire! Wondering if they are being spawned with just a driver in maybe? no gunner or commander! how about adding revive version for coop?