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  1. Well ... I just want to inform you what my specs are: OEM: Windows 7 Ultimate • CPU: AMD Phenom x4 965 4x 3,4 Ghz • + COOLER: Asus Silent Square EVO • Board: Asus M4A79T Deluxe (Designed for AM3) • Ram: OCZ 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz • Graphic: Gainward GeForce GTX260 Golden Sample (it's a hell of a overclocked 260 :D ) • HDD: A nice Western Digital Everything is packed into a Thermaltake ElementS with a Xilence 700w Gamer ATX. I was surprised, it runs 1280x1024px on very high (+ full range visibility )without any problems on a 64 vs 64 mp server. I spent not more than 1.000,- € for the whole system ... (I built it by myself) Probably I'll help someone not to get poor ;D Greez The OLD BeErZyMoTiC
  2. BeErZyMoTiC

    The Unsung Vietnam war MOD

    looks really interesting. i was active back in the ofp days but nowadays my pc interior is outaged ^^ aushilfe did a great job on planes and helicopters ... just my two cents.
  3. BeErZyMoTiC

    Binkowski's Weapon Pack

    I'd love to see a eoTech on top of that nice m4
  4. BeErZyMoTiC

    Suchoi Su-30 Mk[X]

    you know, i love u ... but ... god's damn sake, need to get a new pc ... i mentioned it before, the moutain version has a lack of detail so long, hf
  5. BeErZyMoTiC

    WIP: stuff you are working on!

    hmm ... how long was the timelimit? xD
  6. very nice all addons: terran infantry
  7. adding one more http://people.freenet.de/pfreekznet/des2.jpg waitin' for mekong ... although its older than this ... Image > 100kb - please watch image sizes - Fubar
  8. BeErZyMoTiC

    Am I missing out? Still running ver. 1.0

    wanna buy mine?
  9. rofl burnz ... don't miss her in action so ... some teaserz 4 u... waitin' is done for Arma, or? AddOns: and 4 u sackaaas we need moooooorreeee smiiiiileeeeeyyyzzzZZZZzzzzz .... and ArmA ... going crazy in waiting for it ... and don''t waste time in releasing the progs!!! gn8
  10. BeErZyMoTiC

    Codeblue ACU

    i just wondered why the usa used our desert camo ... they came in ... "OURS" ... and went out ... nothing else .. but i'm still confident with the "wüstenflecktarn" ... so no need to use ur digitalcamo ... wannabemachines
  11. BeErZyMoTiC

    Codeblue ACU

    its something with "rundschnitt" or? do i see right that the russians use multicam? so their equipment will work still in war? -> thought the usa will use it as nightwoodland camo ... thought wrong ... anyway ... nice soldiers ... interested in playing again with codeblue .. greez ... -> neffe2 ... oder doch 1 aushilfe? außerdem fehlt mir die lauraaa
  12. BeErZyMoTiC

    OFP photography - Questions & comments

    i like the tomatosauce on the american hawaii more thinking of making the best vietnam island around ... if it ll workz? (better than tonal) ps: nice track blackdog
  13. working on agent orange  just a joke ... doing it for the mekong mod addons: jfnamminimod
  14. observing from mt taliban using toxicsmoke for a rushattack