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    GITS Evolution (new main thread)

    I would like to play this (these) missions. But I only have Operation Arrowhead. Reading some it says that some works with OA....Anyone have tips of exactly which files/parts will work with just OA? I'm moreso interested in playing sometimes offline play. Does it work like that? Does someone know what files I need? Is there a one file download for it all so I can weed thru it?
  2. Wow guys nice mod ! I just came back to play some, unfortunately I only bought OA...wasn't sure how much I would play. Appears less than I expected
  3. BraTTy

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    Just bought OA and am back to play for a bit. I come back to this ! Looks real good guys I'm too late for playtest
  4. BraTTy

    WWII Pacific addons

    The last addon I recall was this awesome: This forum link for Addon Grumman J2F Duck I gathered some links.... WWII Pilot Pack WWIIEC Corsair Pack KI-43 Hayabusa Pacific War Mod Beta addons Pacific '45 Mod - Wake and Midway Island Higgens Landing Craft,Jap Army,USMC Parkers Pacific Marines WWIIEC Pacific Division Gavins WWII Infantry These links duplicate some of what ProfTournesol posted
  5. I've actually played Arma on worse, patches ago too when Arma wasnt optimized like it is now. I have heard of this pause before but never experienced it. From your pic I can see your running Vista and several background programs.In particular Norton360 and such. I dont believe you can close Norton360 while you play and it may be really taking a hit on your performace.(I dont recommend Norton360 for a virus program) Hard to say what settings you have, their is surely some things you could do with your Vista to speed things up a bit. Defrag hdd,turn off indexing,change power settings to HomePC rather than laptop while you play, etc... If I spot a help chart I will post it.Others maybe have better tips
  6. BraTTy

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    Lol , goes to show you how much I play my 360, dont have Farcry2 either Only own about 8 games asides all the demos and free stuff. The mapmaking/sharing sounds great Just make a mission and host the game, OFP/Arma already sends you the mission on demand
  7. BraTTy

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    If Arma2 is ported to Xbox360 it would be the best game on it. I don't prefer shooters on 360 because I own a PC.I am not the only one that prefers it that way either. My son (8yrs old) dont even bother.he loves Arma,BF2 C&C but dont bother playing on 360 because he has a PC and its awkward to play on 360.We waste money buying those games. Arma series because of the vehicles I think would play OK on 360.The 3d shooter part would just be awkward to me. Would be losing a major profits by not having it on 360 (money sponge ,lol) It would be awesome if PC and console were released at same time. I also been fiddling with XNA programming and I dont see offhand how users could make missions and put them on their 360.You would have to be part of the XNA Creators Club and release them as addons and then it would most likely cost the end user some money to get them.Unless they were free addons. Altho I highly doubt that I would play it much (you never know tho,get some awesome mp games going) I would definately buy 360 version too ,even tho I have 5 PC's And to also note that 360 games do get patches just like PC for those of you saying all console games are ready to play and perfect they arent
  8. BraTTy

    Negative mouse acceleration in ArmA

    Mine doesnt and has never done that.It takes alot to "whip" my character around Maybe try disable acceleration in windows mouse properties?
  9. My shortcut was placed just in the Arma directory. Says: "Launch Arma Beta Patch 1.15" And is your game installed to: C:\Program files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA ?
  10. BraTTy

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.14

    Thats what happened last beta using the wrong shortcut
  11. BraTTy

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.14

    Ah thats silly. Thanks , working now ! lol
  12. BraTTy

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    Just hit enter and you wont have a password for default admin account and that screen wont show next time as long as you only have one account
  13. BraTTy

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.14

    Wow a new patch ! Just need a 1.15 feedback thread now weird I dl the patch (from IC Arma Tournament host) and the file inside had no extension.I had to rename it zip and open it again to see the exe wont install for me ...says I have ver 1.12 and ver 1.14 is needed.I fire up my Armed Assault and it is in fact 1.14
  14. BraTTy

    Operating System,C++,Hardware languages, etc...

    Picking up a book is fine , but you can get some real hands-on experience right now with "free" MS Visual Express Editions. Easier to learn while going through some coding examples,not to mention the help files and msdn is full of information. http://www.microsoft.com/express/download/default.aspx
  15. Hella work you did there.Congrats to your and your team. I havent tried anything yet I am so busy busy. I see some complain about quality, I would like to point out how I released my crubby little Pacific Demo for OFP with unfinished stuff and it was a blast to play.Looked like crap. Then I got some help and I spent four months straight on the Corsair F4U and it took all my spare time but we ended up with a decent WW2 Fighter plane in the end. People dont realize how much time you can spend on ONE quality addon that takes all your time to research,authenticate and bugfix > It can surely take all your time. I didnt bother finishing my Helldiver which was my initial project that I actually wanted (I prefer the med bombers,so much fun and can pick up passenger/tailgunner) Well because of OFP engine limitations I wasted a great effort and much time to try to overcome and didnt bother with more med bombers with tailgunners. Congrats on your mod, community loves WW2 (unfortunately not as much enthusiasm for Pacific like me) I was just PM'd XxEnigmAxX saying how I forgot about the HS123 that would fit perfectly with your mod your welcome to. http://ofp.gamepark.cz/_hosted/bratty/hs123.html You should "take a break" I know how it is edit: for some giggles here is the initial Corsairs: [/url] and then done:
  16. BraTTy

    new graphics card on old pc

    If you had a 6800ultra...the 6800 may be a tad faster. http://www.tomshardware.com/charts....72.html The HD3850 would have been the fastest AGP card and they arent that expensive
  17. BraTTy

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    Ya comparing the ORB website for 3dmark06 all the top performers are PC's with 4870's.Comparative speaking my Ati 3870 clocks about 5000 while I see 15000+ for the 4870's...I'd like one too
  18. BraTTy

    O2 blue print problem

    The image in power of 2? 256x256,256x512,512x512,512x1024 etc... Normally its not,I make a new blank image larger than I need and paste the blueprint there. ex: your blueprint is for example 250x499 you would make a new blank image of 256x512 and paste the blueprint there.That way your not stretching or shrinking your blueprint
  19. BraTTy

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    You said you updated your video drivers but I would try older drivers. 7900gs has no need for newer drivers really
  20. BraTTy

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    ch123 did a great job of answering all your questions as always.He is very helpfull The reason you may have heard that its better to buy 4 1gig sticks is because of safety reasons.If you got a bad stick you would still have 3 working rather than a larger one dead.Also applies for future.If one failed it would only be one gig. Nowadays most memory has lifetime warranty and such a precaution is no longer needed. Also the possiblility that 4 chips could possibly have more bandwidth,using the 4 banks rather than 2. Thinking in other ways 2 larger chips could also be faster (shorter route,less path to travel) One would not know without some serious testing I would recommend the 2 larger chips because of upgrading and value.(1 gig chips have low value in my house ATM because I have so many ! lol) My motherboard and bios is capable of 16gig.I made the mistake of buying 4 1gig chips thinking I would be all set with that.Now I want more but my slots are full.I should have only bought 2 2gig chips then I would have 2 slots still free.Now for me to upgrade I would be removing 2 gigs to gain the 4 gig.(of course my wife has 2 slots free but in the end for me to go to 8 gigs (4 2gig sticks) I have 2 1gig sticks not usable) Or 4gig sticks would be nice...Id like 4 of them!
  21. BraTTy

    Cant get my download back.

    I bought my first Arma from digital download.I printed the email and burned the files to dvd. I also changed email providers and lost the printed email and contacted morphicon with this problem and they switched my email and resent info "within same day!" Now i also wrote the cdkey on my burnt dvd so wont have that problem again. To install a new hd...just google it http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=install+hd&aq=f&oq= http://www.pcmech.com/article/installing-a-hard-drive-step-by-step/
  22. BraTTy

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    I don't really suspect the cpu support problem.Since your problem I have read several reviews with users using your mb and 9850 cpu.However some claim the 125watts is too much for the mb. I suspected your hd earlier when you said it was making noises.Depends on the noises and clunking in never good. A hot hdd will reboot your computer , as a testimony I have a security pc that runs 24/7 and originally the way I had the hdd's positioned it would get hot and reboot.Since I seperated the 2 hdd's and removed one of the case faceplates (the ones where you would install a cd drive) it lets heat out better and no longer reboots. The hdd's still get pretty warm (records 24/7). As a rule of thumb if its uncomfortable to hold your hand on it..its too hot.
  23. BraTTy

    love the game, but performance has been bad

    You didn't state which 6800 you have...SE,GT or XT I played the game with my PIV 3.0, 1gig ddr, 7600GS 512m video fine for a while. And according to Tom's Hardware a 6800GT averages better fps than a 7600gs http://www.tomshardware.com/charts....72.html Playing on my X2 6400+,4 gig ddr2,XP64,3870 512m video I still get blurry textures at times Its not a bug its a feature,lol
  24. BraTTy

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    Actually the last line for those two cpu's says N/A which according to their hyphens I see its 4000mhz bus...thats why I was asking if it displays proper cpu at bootup.Programs like cpuz within windows may recognize proper cpu anyways Don't fear may support in later bios revision That is a pretty nice motherboard, I am using Gigabyte also and supports 16gb ram like yours
  25. BraTTy

    ArmA and CPU power

    I remember in OFP with the OFPmark benchmark.Users with lesser video cards were getting better scores than others with nicer cards just because of stronger cpu. I would assume Arma is along the same lines that its more cpu demanding than most games. Celeron has a small cache and must struggle for sure.