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    They better have female soldiers...

    I wouldnt bet against someone creating a mod that repalces the underwear onky stte for characters with a nude model. ths is like mods you can get for Fallout 3/New Vegas that that replace female and/or male character models underwear models with naked bodies. Itd be funny to take all the clothes off a dead enemy!
  2. TomatoArden

    Civvies Civvies! Its all about the Civvies!

    This car looks interesting http://www.armaholic.com/datas/users/arma_3-5_16471.jpg looks like a honda style badge and the dash looks futuristic like the european civic
  3. TomatoArden

    Internet requirements

    shoot, just moved from the uk to Australia. there goes my arma 2 mp :(
  4. TomatoArden

    Take on Helicopters: Confirmed Features

    I'd suggest the inclusion of atleast one GyroCopter as well? Maybe with added rocket launcher/stinger and machine gun :P ala You Only Live Twice
  5. TomatoArden

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    1.The ability to holster/place on back all guns, including pistols and rifles. 2. The ability to lower pistols rather than having them permannetly raised. Always looked odd. 3. The ability to March in step. Sometimes you want to take the roleplay a little more serious. Also, itd look cool in missions. Make the Iranians goosestep as well!!! Seriously looking forward to ArmA 3, keep up the good work!
  6. Im Just Wondering if some of the other features like the helicopters will be available in Arma 3. NOt nescarily al of them, but some of the cooler ones, like the Civy Huey and Littlebirds for use by Greek Police as well!
  7. TomatoArden

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    That ould be nice. I love Jcove lite, but as I'm planning to move to Australia itd be great to fiddel with teh sussie gear and compare it to the great work modders have done with Arma 2!
  8. Im guessing you'll have more than just an ssd for media storage? Nice specs!
  9. TomatoArden

    From the creators of Birds of Prey: Apache Air Assault.

    How would an Apache detect an "RPG launch'. Surely an unguided rocket wouldn't set off any detectors in the Apache that would give you that. Sim this isn't. Looks great though
  10. Midlands? Is there any place referred to as the Midlands outside of the UK? Is the Midlands Coalition capital city Birmingham?
  11. TomatoArden

    Project: AK-C

    MMmm, this sort of custom weapon might fit perfectly for PMC units :), top notch
  12. TomatoArden

    Battle of Britain: Storm of War (il2 sequel)

    I forgot about this game completely. I thought it had died or something. Turns out Oleg is just making sure its chock block full of awesome. And from what ive read theres still something to be done, like the sound (I thought that video was a nice reminder of the old Il-2s with the funny aircraft engine noises). And a Korea War flight sim. Sounds great! I know the campaign is battle of Britain, but I hope they ad the Hawker Typhoon and Gloster Meteor, those aircraft are full of win. Id love to do a mission where we get to shit on some German trains using a rocket-phoon
  13. TomatoArden

    Anzac Mod Wip

    Have a nice trip! Watch out for the ladyboys as well!
  14. TomatoArden

    Project: AK-C

    If you want a real AK with rails and shit, wouldn't you try the new AK-200 series from Izhmash. Thyeve only showed it off this year, so its some time before general introduction, but surely that would fir nicely in the armaverse?
  15. TomatoArden


    I just remembered from the above picture what a trolleybus is! we don't have these so much in the uk. nice work above !
  16. TomatoArden

    AH-64 Pack

    Hey nice work, that stuff is way more detailed than anybody would normally expect..good work! can we have the map as well! :p
  17. TomatoArden


    Hey, have fun building your new pc. If it means getting the best textures then we can all wait!
  18. TomatoArden


    Niiice. Although that interior looks weird in its unfinished state. Could you do a version with mesh across the windows and a locked cage bit as a prison bus? mmmm
  19. TomatoArden

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    Heh, VBS2 wont be considered expensive by any any of the people its intended to be used by. The UK MOD have an enterprise licence that means they're allowed to have it installed on any of the computers on any computers on military bases. Imagine having a massive LAN with a load of people on an army base..makes you want to join the armed for forces just for that :D
  20. TomatoArden

    Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

    I'm wondering if there's a radio telescope anywhere on Lignor? You know they could use one! hint* mondkalb's telescope hint* :D
  21. Very mice. well someone should work in articulated trucks as well!
  22. What this could do with is an armed version that can drop grenades like the ones in the James Bond film "The World Is Not Enough". But these look great anyway, thanks!
  23. Have you finished writing the scripts that Myke needs for the f16?
  24. Noice video. PS Congrats to Zipper5 on becoming mod, when did that happen? EDIT: MM, this video seems to be more on the side of the contractors who have to go through these zones than the last video and highlights some of the streses these guys face an dthe negligence some of their bosses show. Nicely balanced with the bit mentioning how much they can get paid for the trouble though..