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    Warning to all life mod players out there!

    Got to chime in here, been years since i've been here. This crap has always happened. Its the nature of the beast when it comes to roleplaying communities. Best thing to do is get a job, find a girl and forget about the annoying shit. FYI Even before Crime City in OFP, it was called Cops & Robbers or C&R by the absolute original creator MavereX. Literally each succession is just another addition of mods. C&R+weapon addon=CrimeCity and so on. It just keeps going in circles. And if anyone see's WackyIraqi let him know AnimalMother,SpetzNatz and Atticus are waiting to bust those tunes back on in the ol shitbox and go rob the bank.
  2. azdood

    [REQUEST] Detailed Topic - ON/OFF Objective

    I understand the frustration that GranolaBar has as well. Right now I have to resort to a copy and paste from a .txt when I make objectives or intel or briefing sections. Gets kinda tiring having to make the same thing over and over again. Other issue i'm getting as well. We really need a way to turn off an objective. Been testing what Moricky said for the past couple of days and so far in Zeus the toggle of side specific(WEST,EAST,RES,CIV) overrides all the objectives, or all the Briefing. Still trying to test our item specific to side specific like documents or intel, but right now we are getting some weird things. Placing a document in game and setting side to West and Civ, but EAST that join later can see it? Back to Granola's issue. It is even more frustrating when you have a typo or need to update a section of the briefing that you added with the Zeus module ingame. And it adds the same thing. So you now have 2 Briefings. One with typos and One with fixes. And like I said, Side Specific appears bugged but difficult to reproduce. If I set the typo Briefing to NO SIDE SPECIFIC(So I unHighlight W,E,R,C) It still appears for them all. Tried selecting that Briefing from dropdown in Zeus Briefing Editor Module, and deleting all the text in the Typo brief, But it stays. Tried setting to No side specific but it stays. Anyone able to troubleshoot these on their end and get same results or is it just a select few of us? FYI running on DediServer Correctly placed Zeus Modes and settings for mission.
  3. azdood

    Adding thermals?

    "Using BIS_fnc_setCuratorVisionModes funcion. Example which will enable normal, NVG and TI vision: [myCuratorLogic,[-1,-2,0]] call BIS_fnc_setCuratorVisionModes; See function header in the functions viewer for more details about available vision modes. " -Moricky Located information from A3 Feedback tracker LINK Wish there was more information. Someone could add it to the biki would be nice.
  4. azdood

    Manipulate preplaced objects?

    Worked like a charm MBCB. And thx for everyone else input.
  5. azdood

    CAS Planes

    Alternate workaround have the Zeus be a Civ. 2 ways. 1. Create civ in editor. Make that ciz your GM. Or 2. Make script to change side for the GM. Ex. [GM_1] joinSilent createGroup civilian May be a bit amature the way i did it but if anyone has an improved way go ahead and fix them.
  6. azdood

    AI Difficulty

    We started implementing a system where the dedi server has the addon files of CBA + ASR Skills(Not set as a mod, so vanilla users can still play) And anyone who wants to jump in GameMaster and have varying levels of AI skill we have them install CBA + ASR Skills into their addons.(Make sure to remove like you would mods to play elsewhere) As long as our ASR AI Skills Config in ArmA3\userconfig\ is the same for the server and GM we havnt had any problems. AI Act intelligent, and we can dumb them down. No 1mile MG headshot snipers here. Thanks to Killbox and rest of community. Check out here. Similar BIS Thread with answers
  7. check that your IP on your server(not game) hasn't changed. Took me a few hours to finally figure out it somehow reverted to an older IP we used.
  8. ^^ Is there an echo in here? ^^ [sOLVED] Originally reportingIP="arma3pc.master.gamespy.com"; IGNORE>>steamport=8766; IGNORE>>steamqueryport=27016; Changed to //reportingIP="arma3pc.master.gamespy.com"; IGNORE>>steamport=8766; IGNORE>>steamqueryport=27016; If anyone else can confirm that reportingIP to gamespy is the issue that would be great. Not changing any more settings on my end seeing as I finally got it working. Also moved that line above the motd[]=. Probly not a factor though. FYI USEFUL LINK Go down to section on PORT FORWARDING (ArmA3) (Firewalls) since i have several other servers running I assigned different ports for each and used an empty one for A3 Goodluck [uPDATE] Also found out the server default IP switched back to the old IP. Fixed that and same issue popped up, AGAIN. Then I used steamport=2303; //steamport=8766; So i commented out the previous steamport, and It works? I dont know anything about this stuff but im just gonna walk away from it and say its magic and wizardry and have fun Cause logic is out the window.
  9. Similar issue. Spending hours now changing .cfg ports and firewall ports trying to find it. If anyone has a clue let us know. Filters are not an issue here.
  10. Thank google. Link to setup server Direct link to tutorial./
  11. Lemme save you a lot of time... Dont bother with server.armaprofile or any armaprofile... Link Takes a bit to setup but trust me its exactly what you want. And it works. (Except if you spawn units using curator)
  12. azdood

    ZEUS Experts, question for you

    Link Will help you with the basic understandings and should provide a guideline along the way. Next understand some limitations with a mission already made and script issues you'll run into. 1.Anything created by the mission won't be controllable by Zeus. (Unless you sync it which this will help with that. Link ) 2.If you get that far you'll find some objects still won't sync and that is because you'll need to modify the functions and scripts within the BECTI.pbo (This might help you there Link a.Took me forever to find this little tidbit Link b.And this will help even more Link And Link 3.I left off around createUnit and createVehicle syncing and am that far. 4.Also AI spawned by Zeus may be a bit OP, which is why many are preferring the PvP side of it. I've got a working version that lets the GM do anything it wants on our 88th Blue Devils Dedicated Server. Jump on and take a copy but realize its not endorsed by anyone and i probly broke a few things. But it works for what we want so far.(Sorry for ad, trying not to be like that guy advertising in everyones Zeus threads about his mission and his server and his community and how great it sounds) Also like many in the community I only started learning about Zeus for the past two days and got this far. I'm hoping theres some that can go further. Enjoy!
  13. Aaaaaaaalright :yay: Gonna be up on the 88th Blue Devils Dedicated server. Were up sometimes lol :cool: But will be on alot more with this baby out
  14. azdood

    Discussion on mission filename format

    Approved and already been fixing some missions as well for the 88th Blue Devils Funshack Server. Hope all ye new mission makers get the memo.
  15. Been working on a mission and I am specifically looking for the classname of the hangars located at the airport in Stratis. Hoping to connect 2 hangars to make a large indoor arena. From what I could tell in the editor it is just Tent Hangar but I wasn't sure if that would work in my mission.sqm. While I was at it, I couldn't find a class name for the buildings located on Stratis. And I already looked through http://browser.six-projects.net/ So I am curious if that can be found anywhere. If that isn't out or possible then my next move would be to insert the 'WarfareBAirport' Hangar from A2 directly into the mission file so people won't have to download addons or make a mod for it. Looked all through the forums and couldn't find a solution...:butbut: Any other possibilities or bits of info that may help would do good. If you have any questions just lemme know. Thanks for the help in advance!
  16. Answered: Land_TentHangar_V1_F and issues with underscores, can close thread
  17. azdood

    MCC Sandbox - The Mod

    very excited to have this working in A3. It'll be the next biggest mission played since Karrillions RTS :nostalgia: 88th Blue Devils have our server up and would be happy to test out the Alpha's for ya
  18. Well ive got a heavy weight laptop for gaming and so far ive been playin new games out (Crysis, CoD4, World in Conflict) with no problem what so ever. I was even able to play them at high settings and run fairly smooth. ArmA on the other hand.... I love this game! I love the community! But I hate Devs who choose not to keep up with the community... Maybe i've just missed something. but so far I cant find a solution to my problem... I run one of my 8700's and the game runs somewhat ok... but two things happen 1. Game crash after 30-90 min of gameplay 2. Random texture/shadow appearances (Sometimes a texture appears weird, or a shadow looks like a giant box) Its hard just to run one of my graphic cards with the other games, so I tried ArmA with SLi on... I get the flashing disco thing goin on. Most people have mentioned it before. Flashing, pulsing white screen. Within moments my game crashes... My Specs XPS M1730 (Im Lovin It! Intel Core2Duo CPU 2.8ghz 4gb RAM Vista 32bit (So far only prob is ArmA) 2x 512mb NVidia Geforce 8700M GT SLi I have all the latest hotfixes and drivers for SLi, Vista and GCs So far ive been able to get my other games to run perfect, ive been messing with my NVidia settings to see if they might help me out. But so far no luck... If anyone else has any success stories, or suggestions or questions for me please reply... I hope to fix this as I wanna actually enjoy this game... With good graphics... **Hell if I knew there was gonna be so many problems with this game, I would of just asked to buy one of Bohemia's Testing PC's**
  19. azdood

    Still no SLi Support 4 ArmA?

    Well guys I found a solution for me. This might also help you... Im currently using nHancer now. But lemme give you some more info So far the profiles in the nvidia settings are a little messed up, they sometimes dont do what you have set, or they just do whatever they want to. Also, some of the settings are not adjustable... I dunno if this is the same for most people, but since I am a Vista user, this might just be for a us Vistas.... Anyways, to counter this problem i recently downloaded nHancer. Which allows you to create/customize/copy/ profiles and much more for your nVidia... http://www.nhancer.com/ What I found to be a solution was the fact that my profile for HL2 worked fine... I could run HL2 and Steam Apps(TF2, CS:S) perfectly, with SLi and my graphics card performing top notch FPS and graphics... So I duplicated my profile for HL2, and redirected my target file, to arma.exe (This was all completed through nHancer) So the results when running ArmA? I was able to run my game for 6 straight hours, no FPS drop, and no weird texture problems... I was able to Alt-Tab, and play several missions without any CTDing. Well... Ill let you guys decide your own fate, but if your having problems with SLi, I would suggest getting some program to edit your NVidia profiles...
  20. azdood

    Still no SLi Support 4 ArmA?

    compatibility != support I'm also seen that some lucky bastard out there has crossfire working with ArmA. Â Some people are just lucky, I guess. I guess so. If you guys would, could you put ur system specs, might help out some people seeing how your the rare breed of ArmA. Possibly some info on your settings in game? So far ive got my settings up at high, and im only using one graphics card. somehow everything balanced out and appears to be working. after about an hour the game will randomly crash though... These were my last 5 lines of arma.rpt Client: Object 10:0 (type AIStatsMPRowUpdate) not found. Client: Object 15:0 (type AIStatsMPRowUpdate) not found. Client: Object 9:0 (type AIStatsMPRowUpdate) not found. Client: Object 14:0 (type AIStatsMPRowUpdate) not found. Client: Object 4:0 (type AIStatsMPRowUpdate) not found. Not sure what it means. hopefully someone can fill me in, since 80% of my logfile is showing that
  21. azdood

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    I don't see why you would hate it. Â It's basically flashpoint with better graphics. correction. ArmA is an OFP Mod... FFUR looked better at times lol. AND had less problems
  22. azdood

    Doolittle CTI

    Just to let you doolittle CTI fans know. We are hosting a game night this friday at 6pm Mountain Standard Time on the 88th Blue Devils Server. come join us. Or check out my main thread about the game night on our 88th Forums We will start off with the newest of doolittle's CTI's. So come join the fun, along with others who also love playing this mission http://www.88th.proboards32.com/index.c....3260043
  23. azdood

    Sahraniville Thread: UPDATED 04/09/07

    You guys might want to add a better briefing and explain how to play. Kinda sux when we get 10 people on the mission and none of them know what to do. So it would be great if you added some notes or some info in the briefing so people can find out how to do everything and how Role Playing works.. Possibly add some guidelines for laws in the briefing as well. Im not saying make a list of laws saying dont go over 45 mph/kph. Â I would just put something saying, if you kill, rob, or sell drugs you might get in trouble. (Im not a great cop so if anyone else has some better ideas) by the way. where can we get the latest version? I just have 6.05B. and im not sure if this is the newest one. I sure hope not theres alota bugs lol
  24. azdood

    Sahrani Virus: A New Beginning (MP)

    lol man karr, its ur missions that got me energized to even play ArmA. Back when it was first released I was glad to see an addonless fun mission (when there were only 2 others) we (on the 88th server) have been playing ur mission (and some variants of zombie missions) for a while. it sure has made our server more popular. so, make the next chapter and make a mission that will blow our brains out (or in this case being eatin out) and many players will praise you for it
  25. azdood

    Doolittle CTI

    beta 10 is currently on our server.(88th Server) we pretty much play it all the time now so if anyone else wants to join come on. by the way we have =mod on so turn off ur mods if ya wanna join, and dont have any modded files as you will be kicked due to many cheaters using mods, and modded files to cheat. (So dont get mad at us, thank the @ssholes for ruining mods and addons)