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  1. However, the 290X runs hotter than the core of the sun, sounds like a vacuum cleaner and sucks up power like a washing machine with a full load. All that for an extra 0.1 fps! Yup, time to sell my Titan. :p
  2. Arrowhead

    ArmA III is a good game!

    As a long time supporter and player of the Arma/OFP series, I just want to give BIS a few kind words of encouragement in here. Arma 3 is amazing and is the most detailed/ambitious game in the series yet. It's shaping up to be the Arma game I have always dreamed of. For those that are new here and/or don't understand how BIS operates, do not fret! Just because we are out of beta does not mean they aren't going to improve and add many things to Arma 3 yet for free. Arma 2 was refined and updated beyond our wildest expectations post release for years. The same with Arma 1(I fondly remember the CTI update)! Now, ever since the surprise hit that is DayZ, BIS have finally got some serious income to take Arma 3 to heights we haven't even dreamed of in the past. The quality of work is really showing now and I have no doubt that BIS will work on making Arma 3 even better and more ambitious than what it is now in the months and years ahead. Again, thank you BIS for this wonderful series/journey. Keep up the great work that you do!
  3. I've been grinning ear to ear for the past 3 days since I bought this Titan. Not only is the computer fast and Arma 3 runs very nicely on Ultra, but with my custom fan profile it also runs very cool (max 64 degrees under 100% load, Arma 3 doesn't even sweat with Vsync on).
  4. I'm just trying out the gunship showcase and after I completed some objectives, I decided to land and take a walk around and admire the scenery. lol. However, there is no option to get out of the chopper and the binded keys for 'get out' and 'eject' have no effect either. Is this by design or is something not right?
  5. Arrowhead

    Weird Texture bug on the Buzzard

    God dammit, I just upgraded my rig by buying another two sticks of ram. This texture error was the first thing I saw when I loaded up arma after the upgrade. I thought for sure the Ram was bad and was about ready to take them out and return them. Very frustrating at the time. LOL Thank god it's just an update bug! Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit Intel i7 2600K @ 3.4ghz Corsair H60 Hydro Cooler EVGA GeForce GTX Titan Superclocked 6GB 16GB DDR3-1600 ASUS P8P67 Deluxe Motherboard Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1000w Antec Nine Hundred Two Gaming Enclosure
  6. Please don't turn off the grass. I absolutely hated servers that turned off grass in the original Arma. This is 2013. Grass shouldn't be an optional tradeoff on modern rigs running DX11. Besides, grass is an important part of the game. Provides extra cover.
  7. Yes, I too have changed my mind and would like the deluxe option instead! Make it possible and just take my money!
  8. Arrowhead

    STEAM troubleshooting

    I put my old harddrive in this computer and compied all of the arma files to my new Steam directory. I then instructed Steam to install/download Arma 2/OA, but the download process went very quickly as expected as Steam realized most of the needed files were already there. I verified the cache many times and it reports that one file failed and will be redownloaded. But only a 1.4kb download is made at that point and reverifying the cache again yields another fail and another 1.4kb download. Other than all of this, Arma 2/OA seems to run fine and the version is reported as being 1.59 in-game. I just can't install the beta patch for some reason. EDIT: Oh and another interesting thing. If Steam is running when I try to apply the beta patch, I get a different error saying "wrong cd-key".
  9. Arrowhead

    STEAM troubleshooting

    I can't install the beta patch on my Steam version. It says it needs 1.58 and I have 1.57. I run the game, and it clearly says I have 1.59... :confused: I verified the cache, and it says 1 file failed and will be downloaded. But it never does, and verifying the cache always fails. Ugh... P.S. I recently migrated my Arma 2 and OA files from my old rig to this new one. Don't want to have to redownload everything again.
  10. Arrowhead

    New recoil, please make it go away

    If you're getting bum rushed by multiple enemies and the only way out is to go Rambo, then you've done something wrong and deserve to get fragged.
  11. Arrowhead

    ArmA2:Oa Patch 1.54 released!

    I've got the "pulsating stutter bug" back with 1.54. It was in the release version of OA, but went away in the betas. It doesn't occur immediately, but usually after going into a multiplayer game. Then after that, I get constant stuttering no matter whether I'm in a MP server or single player. Even the menu backgrounds have the pulsating stutter after I disconnect or stop playing. I have to restart the game for it to go away, but it comes back quite quickly. I have the Steam version btw. I don't know if it's related to Steam or fade or whatever, but none of the beta builds did this and were as smooth as silk. The settings I choose make no difference with this problem. It's weird. Q6600 @2.4 ATI 5770 1GB 4 GB DDR2 RAM 1033 FSB Win XP 32
  12. Arrowhead

    New beta 71900 is up!(OA)

    The beta patch for OA is great. I can still play on all the servers with it, and most of the microstutters are gone even after prolonged play. I can really enjoy OA now.
  13. I don't mind seeing people play Domination, but the vast majority, come on. Arma 2 multiplayer has so much more potential. Try other missions too, maybe even dare I say, smaller less laggy missions!
  14. Arrowhead


    Aww, I was hoping we could aim these suckers somewhere atleast.
  15. Domination is just laggy and stale. People need a chance to try other things. CTI and other PvP missions I find to be much more rewarding. Oh, and I don't mind being dominated if it's PvP! ;)