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  1. Average Joe

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    So now I think the dust has finally settled on this whole debacle, I would just like to say. It looks awfully like BF2 hm?
  2. Great Video BIS, alot of immersion and loving gritty visuals. I just hope they can add something very similiar to Sakuras advanced gunner animations as that would be great. Go on BIS, ask her Â
  3. Average Joe

    Animation suggestions thread

    SAKURAS advanced Gunner Animations, desperately needed for ArmA 2! They said it couldnt be done, she has proved them wrong;
  4. Average Joe

    Battlefield: 1943

    It looks AWESOME!111 [/sarcasm]
  5. Brought it and completed it with my brother in about 20minutes, still as great as it ever was but WTF! Its crazy, years ago I must have poured so much money into the game tapping away at the red and blue manouvering with a joystick. It seemed like a game that could take forever to beat. Now on Xlive, killed it in no time.
  6. I work for Mastertronic, I deal with almost every oldschool game day in and out
  7. Average Joe

    New Rambo Movie

    It made my eyes bleed in a nice way.
  8. Average Joe

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    And miss out on all these fantastic addons due? Must be mad! that said I did have a great time playing Elite Â
  9. Average Joe

    Google Thimbled

    The end of days is here...
  10. Average Joe

    Finding Some Online Games

    Hi All, Its been awhile since I ventured into these parts of the forum! I have a customer who wants to know where to go from the following screen OFP 1.46 Its been so long I have NO IDEA! OFPWatch shows no games anywhere so im abit flummoxed, anyone care to remember? Â
  11. Average Joe

    ArmA maps are TOO large for public servers

    Peter try PR mod for BF2, sounds perfect for you.
  12. Seems like everyone is fishing in the dark for bits of old news...hmmm.
  13. Old article Torni, saw it maybe a month or two back.
  14. Average Joe

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    More Kudos for you TC, clever clogs
  15. It was about a month ago  amh, i'm working just now and gametrailers is blocked, i saw it in another forum, sorry :P Happens Mang, Carrion.