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  1. AfrographX

    Campania de Malvinas MOD

    Good times!
  2. AfrographX

    WIP - New BIS-Forum widget.

    Where can I get that arma2 video from the second channel?
  3. AfrographX

    What PedagneMOD's doing ?

    Who the fcuk is agrofax?
  4. AfrographX

    Videos & Screenshots

    A recently released teaser for an upcoming CM:SF module: BTW, the Marines module is going to be released this or next week.
  5. AfrographX

    RAF Chinook HC.2

    Yes, you got my permission. Looking forward to the working cargo script.
  6. AfrographX

    Flashpoint Germany

    Sry, that one was sacrificed for a personal shift of priorities.
  7. AfrographX

    Flashpoint Germany

    Sounds good, keep it going!
  8. AfrographX

    RAF Chinook

    Good work Nick! Nice to see my stuff flying in ArmA! For a quick armament-fix someone could add two m134 miniguns (like the one on the uh60), one to the right door and one to the left window. And perhaps if there's a model around, a M60d for the ramp.
  9. AfrographX

    Spanish Army mod pack 3

    Really glad to see some of my stuff finally flying in Armed Assault. Especially happy about the Chinook.
  10. AfrographX

    Spanish army mod pack 2

    "Interesting" helicopter models you have there!
  11. AfrographX

    International Politics Thread

    I like my right to have property. I probably am a materialist and I'm happy that the majority of the free world think the same. If you don't like it spokeperson go to the moon, North Korea or some other place where you can live your naive dreams of the perfect socialist society.
  12. AfrographX

    International Politics Thread

    What country do you live in or better what century? There isn't much left of the traditional working class in western societies.
  13. AfrographX

    International Politics Thread

    The aspect you're mentioing is the cost of political participation. The US is a country with a complex political and economic situation, where many different interest groups have to be considered. In addition the media, as arena to express and gather support for your political agenda, requires a high level of entry costs. Those are the conditions of a Democracy in a capitalistic system. In Cuba too, there are costs connected to political participation. Any Cuban who wants to push through some agenda, still has to put a lot of effort/time into organising support for his idea and fighting for its implementation. The cost are of course not as high as in the US because the preconditions are different. Probably the main difference is, that in the US interest groups, such as economic actors, have more importance in the political process. This however is legitimate in a capitalistic system because those actors represent important/valuable interests of the whole system.
  14. AfrographX

    game engine concerns

    i second that