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  1. Yeah their is audio issue's with this game sadly, how ever i got positional audio to work with arma 2/3 by using my AMD HDMI output to my A/V setup which allows me to tell if the tank or helli is behind or in front of me.. A friend all so got it to work with his card and if people are interested in getting positional audio i could ask him what sound card he's using.. Their is a realtek HD hack that allows this with most games but fails to work with Arma 3 sadly.
  2. AsRock+SD

    powerful graphic cards issue

    I believe your card is overheating try the fan fix for your card. http://forums.techpowerup.com/showthr....fan+fix
  3. AsRock+SD

    Kind of disappointed with a 4870x2

    Umm Quad funny as the game don't even support even 2 core's never mind 4. You will find it be more to do with having 2 video cards. It's the dam game and maybe some fixes to arma engine and ATI drivers then you would get better results. But heard that there might not be any more patches . Pretty sad though with a card like that you should be able get quite more performance better than a 2900XT. try low v high, v high, low, low, normal, low\normal, normal or higher, high. Still kinda sad though as this card blazes though other games like paper. Yeah that hot it burns the paper on the way past :P. I hope they have sorted Arma 2 out. I yeah i noticed fraps slows some games down too. See ya in game soon ross.
  4. AsRock+SD


    Hi Mr Burns, I just sent you a private PM about this and have support of one site to get this as more of a standard benchmark. I am all so trying to get a owner of a Great benchmark \ review site to add this to there benchmarks so any help would be good. He is in testing at this time to see if it's good enough to be added to the list of other benchmarks. IF excepted we SHOULD be looking at benchmarks of arma around the release date of the 4870 x2 which is due in about 3 weeks. IF not and his 4870 x2 is delayed it would end up being a few weeks later.. More explained in PM.
  5. I get that flickering with 1.11 and 1.12
  6. Found a temp fix for my issue. By editing the Boot.ini file and adding this switch /burnmemory=number So here's a example ( your's could well be different and i made a copy of the original so i can boot with 8GB). <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> [boot loader] timeout=30 default=multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS [operating systems] multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS="Windows XP Professional x64 Edition" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS="Windows XP Professional x64 Edition /burnmemory= Boots 4GB" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect /burnmemory=4096
  7. Was hoping that i be able to use 8GB but game only works in window mode. When i try full screen all the menu boxes are shaded boxes background is all messed up too.. Asus Maximus Formula \ E8400 Wolfdale 4.0GHz \ Patriot 1066 8GB \ HIS HD2900XT @850\945 \ 3xWDKS250GIG 16 MB Raid 5\ WD160gig 8MB \ Liteon163 DVD \ GCE-8400B (8MB) \ Samsung DVDRW \ Samsung 204B TFT \ PC Power & Cooling 750 Quad crossfire Edition \ XP Pro X64 Edition \ TT Armor
  8. AsRock+SD

    1.09 beta patch troubleshooting thread.

    Very annoying this is.. Only tryed it with SB Live! 24bit maybe it don't do it to none SB cards ?.
  9. AsRock+SD

    Fog bug again!!!!

    I'm just waiting for the fog fix lol... they can remove all other parts of the patch for what i care. So 1.09 fog and do the other changes as 1.10 patch
  10. AsRock+SD

    Arma Rebooting PC on startup

    Uninstall all video drivers for ATI and nVidia cards and reinstall the drivers to the card you use now. Overheating could be the issue try using things like Speedfan \ ATI Tool Beta4 to keep a eye on temps.
  11. AsRock+SD

    Blinking Screen Problem

    Maybe consider the 3870 as they can normally be found a fair bit cheaper.
  12. AsRock+SD

    Flickering textures

    Have it here too lol... got used to it over the last year of playing it though. Had it with my 7900 and my my 2900
  13. AsRock+SD

    Weird error on startup

    Yeah, i had this early on having the game as i was making sure that it detected it correctly. So this happens when you only delete one of the files and not both.
  14. AsRock+SD

    "Cannot create system memory" The Return

    You get this if DXT is disabled in ATI CCC.
  15. AsRock+SD

    TrackIR Pros & Cons???

    CharveL why bother lol. Well i noticed a difference from TIR3 V too TIR4 as the tracking is much better more forgivable than TIR3 was. This was due to the extra viewing angle. And when you loose tracking is due to being to close to the unit.which i have found away around by not having the TIR4 on the monitor. All though bigger monitor less this becomes a issue as you don't need to look closer to things that are displayed on your Monitor..
  16. AsRock+SD

    TrackIR Pros & Cons???

    You mentioned this feature being included in the next version. I have similar suggestion. Someone might have already asked this at some point, but... On the topic of suggestions, would it also be possible to have shortcuts to adjust the center point manually? Often I'd want the view to be tilted a little bit downwards, or be just a bit higher or further back than where the game sets the center point to be. I can do this now by doing the exact opposite of what I'd want and then press the center key, but this makes the centering procedure a bit too complicated... Maybe there could be a "center here" button, so I could move my head where I'd want the default view to be, press that key, and that position would become the new center position? Also, I'd like an option to have the LEDs (or the whole device?) to automatically turn off when there are no active applications using it. Currently I have to manually start the TrackIR software every time I want to play a TIR game (and sometimes I forget to do it, and I have to restart the game), simply because if the device is on all the time it gets really, really hot when sitting on top of my 22" CRT screen that puts out around 130W of additional heat onto it. Maybe it isn't a problem, but I'd rather not risk it getting broken even if it would be replaced by warranty. How about this Kegetys. not tested it but hopfully works for you or give you some idea. start "first.exe" second.exe taskkill /F /IM "first.exe" EDIT: BTW TIR support is the best you will ever find. Yes there exspenive and only issue i have is the warenty is only 1 year and think it should be more like 3 years.
  17. AsRock+SD

    For 7800 \ 7900

    Here's some thing to try for those with 7800's and 7900's 7950's. The heatsink disign is really badly made. I found with both of these that they block up with loads of dust over a 6 month time. The dust is normaly located right next to the fan on the fins. The fins close to the fan are VERY prone on picking up dust. I've helped a few people with this problem now. And if it is this whots making problems for you you will more likly see many flashing triagles on screen. Expect around 10c - 25c temp drop.
  18. AsRock+SD

    For 7800 \ 7900

    Well it's ram modules on some that overheats too as a lot do not have a heatsink on them. For the ram modules around 74c they will start to go bad GPU is not to far from it too.
  19. AsRock+SD

    64 Bit operating system

    Yes it surely does. What i have to do is to put the game on XP computability and by pass DEP then it work with no problems at all.. Noticed no difference from 32bit and 64bit game play..
  20. AsRock+SD

    ATI 7.10 Problems

    Getting a little annoyed about this. Anyone found a way to fix it with 7.9 \ 7.10 drivers ?.
  21. AsRock+SD

    Improve Mouse Resolution

    I don't have the problem with my Razer Diamondback if on full speed or not how ever i do use the on the fly sensitivity to get it how i need it for each game i play.
  22. AsRock+SD

    Sprocket Troubleshooting thread.

    Hey Putte, I am sorry for your problem... In order to rectify this problem please do the following… 1) Uninstall your game 2) Delete your games folder in “Program Files†(if it’s still there) 3) Go to “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents†and delete the following: a) Softwrap (folder) b) Global.sw2 (file) 4) Now REINSTALL your Game 5) Run the game and activate it using your License Holder Name and Purchase Reference Contact me if you lost any of your information or your game's install file! Ando Sprocketidea Support done all that 3times,,first time it worked for about a day,,then softwrap error again,,second time i couldnt even start the game cause the activation wouldnt let me activate it,,,when i email support,all they do is to give me the things that are on the faq page,,so i decided to try 1 last time,,i deleted all the thing you said,,activated the game,,managed to play for a few hours shutdown the game,and when trying next time softwrapfile error1,you know i cant keep on reinstalling the game everytime i want to play,what is being done about this problem,sure must be killing the sales on this game I was getting this problem and what they said resolved it i just did not need to reinstall. You might want to try scanning your hard drive for corruption as thats whot made my go bad.
  23. AsRock+SD

    chATI Catalyst 7.9 WHQL

    Im getting same problem with 2900XT. me too
  24. AsRock+SD

    Illegal 10 digit id error while Legal PLEASE HELP

    hehe you asked this on the Armaholic forums. here's a reply 10 Digits = Illegal as far as i know we ban all with 10+ digits. However if he brought it he needs to get on to those who sold it to him. And request a new ID. http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=1453
  25. AsRock+SD

    Fog bug again!!!!

    Yes i get it too with my 2900 on ANY mission it seems. Really annoying when trying to use a 107. Don't seem as bad as the 8800's though.