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  1. Thank you for answering, but changing model.cfg that way brought no effort. Maybe error is in Memory LOD... EDIT Finally i got it, after some changes all things work like i wanted
  2. Hi all! I am experimenting with O2 and trying to get animations (trigger,bolt) to work ingame. Magazine and trigger animations work fine. But bolt dont work. I put 2 points in memory LOD and named them "bolt_axis_begin" and "bolt_axis_end". I have a model part named "bolt" in 1.0 and View Pilot LOD. :confused: What i am doing wrong? Here is my model.cfg
  3. Atropin

    UV Editor

    unwrap seems not to work in UV Editor i really don`t know why... i pressed it and nothing happens... it works only in o2 but i dont know how to get unwrapped things back....
  4. Atropin

    Russian Federation Units V.1

    Maybe somebody can model this woolhat for you
  5. Atropin

    UV Editor

    Select some Parts which you want to texture and let them selected... Start UV Editor go to Edit-->Selection to UV or Press TAB... Now you can drag your Parts...
  6. Atropin

    Tutorial for Visitor3 ?

    Maybe you try it with wrong size?
  7. Atropin

    New UV

    tutorial is gone.. can someone upload it again?
  8. Atropin

    Tutorial for Visitor3 ?

    @Chip360 use Wilbur for convert ter to txt and rename txt to xyz
  9. Atropin

    Tutorial for Visitor3 ?

    Sorry, my English is so bad You should take config.cpp from BI Sample Island than u must REPLACE all "SampleMap" entries with "NameOfYourIsland" entries. this both: description = "Sample Rahmadi Map"; worldName=\ca\SampleMap\SampleMap.wrp; with description = "Name of Your Island"; worldName=\NameOfYourPBO\NameOfYourWRP.wrp; (or wrp directory which you use) and this one class SampleMapIntro1 { directory = "ca\SampleMap\data\scenes\intro.SampleMap"; }; with class NameOfYourIslandIntro1 { directory = "WHATEVER"; }; Try this out... Important is that you really Change all SampleMap entries with your Islands Names. I use the same Name for PBO,WRP & Island but u can use different names too. You mean HPP? It`s not the config... Here u can enter some Names which will be Displayed at the Map in Game. thats all.
  10. Atropin

    Satellite & Layer Masks

    i know! it`s because you use vista No, joking. You must convert your png textures to paa format with TexView2 or Photoshop(Plugin) or using Pac2pal.exe from Visitor 2 and change rvmat & layer.cfg texture format entry. In later Version this will be made automatically by Visitor. I know it sucks I recommend to read "Tutorial for Visitor 3?" Thread.
  11. Atropin

    Tutorial for Visitor3 ?

    let the runway entry with coordinates in sample config.cpp or when u use another config than copy ils part from sample. you can change them later when you make your own airport. it must be an airport entry (ils) inside the config in Arma i think if you delete this entry you got this error (you can ignore it) if you delete the coordinates inside the entry you will get other error (ignorable too)
  12. Atropin

    Weapon p3d and o2 PE

    u can`t open BIS p3ds from the game because they are binarized... try to download and open sample models. HERE
  13. Atropin

    Visitor 3!

    thank u
  14. Atropin

    Visitor 3!

    Seems to be only my Problem... Can`t download from BIS Sites , other downloads are working fine...
  15. Atropin

    Visitor 3!

    can`t download samplemap... download hangs up... any other mirrors?