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  1. excellent job guys, very much appreciated addon.
  2. 22gs2rgj

    BSF STUDIOS proudly presents

    awesome looking forward to using these!!!
  3. 22gs2rgj


    thanx alot man!
  4. 22gs2rgj


    for lightwave=construct-reduce,but it does screw up the wireframe(as in lines not symetric) although shape stays the same but the uv map should still be ok.
  5. 22gs2rgj


    thanks for your help guys
  6. 22gs2rgj


    hi does anybody now of a way to reduce the amount of poly's in a model, like is there a reverse subdivision or something.i've made a bergen and i've got too many vertices and thought i would ask before i started the whole thing again. i have modo,c4d and 3dsmax. help much appreciated
  7. 22gs2rgj

    Welcome Back Placebo!

    welcome back!!!
  8. 22gs2rgj

    O2 its here!!!!

    can't remember idf old o2 could but this version lets you import .obj files which is good for me cos i always had to import into 3ds before o2
  9. visitor 3 is now available so get them islands a building!!! http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=67071
  10. 22gs2rgj

    Thank You BIS for the TOOLS!

    they've made my day!!!!
  11. atlast its here personal edition!! http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=67066
  12. 22gs2rgj

    British Royal Marines

    try using crazybump 3.1 creates alot better normal maps than the nvidia plug-in also can see 3d view of normal. http://www.crazybump.com/
  13. 22gs2rgj

    Modding Tools information...

    awesome news!! lets just hope its true
  14. 22gs2rgj

    SAP_Everon v1.0

    great work man i 'm loving this!!
  15. you will need to use a hex editor(i use cygnus hex editor),then you look through the file until you find the .paa section. when you re-name it has to be exact same size as the original, in other words exact same amount of characters.