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  1. I was looking to buy the Czech Republic DLC but its only dl for steam, and i dont have the steam version of Arma 2: Combined Operations. If i dl the Czech Republic DLC would i still be able to use it? Thank you.
  2. Nice update top work. Is there to be differnt color schemes to chose from? Im only able to chose the class of the SU-33D and its always black schem, there is no color schem to chose next to the class. Iv put this in the int line to see if it would work _plane setobjecttexture [0,"\THEPBO\texture2.paa"] and it does not change it.
  3. 1in1class

    Cant install patch 1.62

    Iv try to move my folder around and put it here and there but still not able to get it installed. Im playing the game just fine, yet when i try to update to 1.62 it says ArmA OA is not installed on computer and BAF data file not found. If anybody els has any suggestions it would be nice. As its looking like i will have to reinstall everything.
  4. 1in1class

    Cant install patch 1.62

    I have 1.60 installed but i just dont know why its saying that ArmA OA is not installed on my computer. Iv even tryed different dl links to see if that was the issue but still same thing.
  5. Iv try to update to 1.62 but it says ArmA OA is not on computer/BAF is not on computer. I have the game installed on my number 2 drive not my main hard drive, could this be the issue and if so how do i go about fixing this? Really would not like to reinstall all of ArmA OA/BAF and ArmA 2.
  6. 1in1class

    ARMA 2 Patching FAQ

    Iv just try to update to 1.62 patch but it says ArmA OA/BAF is not on computer. Iv got the game installed on my number 2 drive not my main one, is that the problem? Or is there anyway around this issue? Sorry wrong topic in wrong place.
  7. Top work, pics are looking good cant wait for the final.
  8. Thats good news about the fix for the crash and game freezing cant wait for the update, pics are tops. Keeps the goods going.
  9. 1in1class

    WarFX : Blastcore

    Had to do an system reinstall and lost my older Blastcore file. Any way of getting the last version? Would be tops;) Edit: I see that its warfx particles that i was looking for and found, but does anybody got a like for the fire spinning fix? Iv found one link but its dead.
  10. Yha i got BAF full, i do have a soundmod but iv tryed it with out the mod as that would be the first on the list. Hmm.. ill try a reinstall of the patch and see is someting on that end missed. Ill get back with some more info. Edit: Ah, iv got it working. Had an sound mod file in an different folder that i must of misplaced. Sorry about that should of checked more of the folders. Thanks for the help though guys.
  11. Just now getting back into ArmA and iv dl the New 1.60 patch and it updated BAF to 1.03 and now my AH wildcat chopper has no sound to it:butbut: Gun sounds are just fine but the no sound for the blades nor start up.
  12. 1in1class

    Binkowski's WIP thread

    Nice looking units, keeps the goods up Binkowski.
  13. 1in1class

    F/A-18 Super Hornet

    Pilot looking nice there Meatball0311. Since you have try to get in touch with PKW pilots and got no answer maybe try FDF team. There is some nice pilots out there and im sure you could cut that time in half if you could get them pilots from PKW or FDF. Your getting better and better at this, keeps the goods going.
  14. 1in1class

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Here is some on AH-1Z http://www.videosurf.com/video/bell-ah-1z-viper-1295644021 Some noise from being at sea but you can get an good ear of the chopper.