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    UKF Release: Jackal MWMIK

    Well done brilliant addon! Just a big cool looking buggy! Love the suspension and the HMG one, turn up the volume and do some very long range fire support. The adjustable site for the GMG is very handy aswell, easy to shoot accuratly over greater distances! [uK] Fkn Mega! [/uK]
  2. -HUNTER-

    Airport Objects

    Just some brainstorming... Bus, power cables, antenna's, radar dish, various little trolleys, yellow airport vehicles (few landies), fire department, customs, bagage handling, airport security (no access to flight areas), nice scenery in front of arrival/departure area, car park, good roads leaving from and to airport, various dirt roads all over the field, birdwatch, general safety watch, power units for main field and comms, approach lighting, runway and taxiway lighting, refueling area (trucks), hard to think what I had on my "airport" in ofp... haha I dont mean you should make all the above, but maybee you get ideas from reading the above! Proper airport addons make airports in game come to life a bit, makes things much more realistic = interesting.
  3. Those look very nice! I take it your doing both doors opened also right? Have you thought of doing the same shape but with camo nets? cool!
  4. Im also loving the lynx. Ive got 5 hours flying on it. (with breaks yes) but Ive not crashed it yet! Â If you cant fly that aircraft you might aswell not fly at all. Â Â Brilliantly done, im still not sure which one I like the best the AH9 is nice too. Being able to do the logistics behind the assault is quite fun aswell. Not adressed to RKSL but in general we need bigger trucks. Â Â If you think of what a medium size combat force would need in supplies. And then given the fact Ive added some boxes for "other" stuff like food and medicine etc. My 2 warehouse storage facility has grown to 5 warehouses now. The amount of 2.5T trucks needed to move that is incredible... Â Now going to figure out how to move all the stuff. Â Thanks for the brilliant addons RKSL! Now only I need a new computer, one that does work properly. Â
  5. Thank you very much guys!!! Brilliant work! Ive only checked the Lynx out yet but thats just fantastic work! Going to check the other stuff out after the christmas family celebrations.... Merry Christmas and a very good 2009 for RKSL team!!!
  6. -HUNTER-

    Color CrossHairs

    Thats great, something so small! Still a nice little addon!
  7. Your keeping this up to christmas! Â Â Â Â Haha I knew there were allot of project ongoing, but woow thats allot! Will we also get to see videos... Â Â Â ?? There are still some aircraft I cant wait to see in the next days... Â Â Hawk and the king of the sea. Â
  8. -HUNTER-

    Hemp Plant

    Now where did I leave my combine harvester... But eh... My plants are a bit bigger then that... Lovely little addon, great for drug missions, and also for afghanistan missions. In ofp I had made a small fun mission. Kill the drugsdealer, and I put those ofp weed plants in the garden, allot of them, and placed a campfire right in the middle. With the white smoke and all...
  9. Oh that ME is very nice! "Achtung Spitfeuer!"
  10. -HUNTER-

    Project RACS

    Ooh Ive never ever seen a picture of that vehicle! The m113 with the large turret mount. Looks strange but sweet at the same time if you look at that photo it looks cool.
  11. -HUNTER-

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    That ossetie georgia picture is Fkn awesome, please do the other one with the hinds flying past and away. Sorry to say but the "theme" of ossetie is perfect for simulation in arma. Yes I know people are dying, thats not the point here.
  12. -HUNTER-

    Avgani Iraq

    In my convoy of three humvees only the first drove at the right speed and without ANY troubles right thrue the city. Then we got blown up...
  13. -HUNTER-

    Avgani Iraq

    There are many more things, like car wrecks, sign posts, and allsorts of stuff. Perhaps some places like the 2 lane road with evidence of a prior IED attack... Perhaps also some more locations for IED trigger men, and some houses just seperate houses on all sides of the FOB. Going to be a Fing great map on which "we" are going to have ALLOT of awesome missions, and Ive heard some clans are even going to have whole campaigns on this map!
  14. -HUNTER-

    Avgani Iraq

    Ohh, yes that makes me remember thinking about something that came to mind the other day doing a mission on that map. How about adding a larger, better word perhaps is thicker "green zone"... And maybee add some easter eggs inside of this green zone. And I know its based on Iraq, but it looks allot like Avganistan.
  15. -HUNTER-

    I landed on a fence and broke my chopper

    You've got to be kidding me right... If I land on a landmine the helicopter gets blown up, could we please have 40mm underside armour and preferably springs underneath so we bounce off the mine without detonating it... Im sorry... edit 4 hours later Im still LMFAO....
  16. -HUNTER-

    Project RACS

    Is the turret mount of the m113 able to take the backblast of a 105mm cannon? I like the recoilless rifle one but dont really like the others, yes the ones with normal turret and the machine gun, and grenade launcher perhaps, but not the cannon one... As for the TOW launcher one, why not use the proper m113 or well actually the YPR PRAT tow launcher unit, will be much more realistic looking! How about mortar version?
  17. -HUNTER-

    Best Addon Island.

    Exactly! Avgani: Because its got a perfect look and feel! Schmallfelden: Because its flat! Uhao: Makes me want to book a holiday!
  18. -HUNTER-

    Best Addon Island.

    Exactly! Avgani: Because its got a perfect look and feel! Schmallfelden: Because its flat! Uhao: Makes me want to book a holiday!
  19. -HUNTER-

    Avgani Iraq

    That FOB is indeed very good! The minaret should be on high ground so the loudspeaker will get to everybody, perhaps and Its just an idea, how about a minaret that has been blown to shit? Take the top half off, and make it like a ruin, place that next to the mosque and its sorted. I think the FOB is much better then the bluezone, however that idea wasnt bad at all. Also I agree with what has been said about moving the hotel a bit. Im missing the massive grid of telephone and power wires though... Great map, best so far!
  20. Thats a shit hot camo for a F-16...
  21. -HUNTER-

    ArmA Addon request thread

    The UXOs arent bodies and stuff, just weapons laying there. I must say having a LGB laying somewhere as IED isnt real, but the 105mm shell will do... You can also setpos them under the ground! I find these are great, use a trigger as tripwire, or detonate them via radio trigger, various ways, because they only need setdammage 1 to go off, you can even shoot them, which makes disarming fun because you can place a satchel next to them, stand back and discover there were three more shells burried underneath the one sticking out a bit... Good enough for me, and it doenst allways blow the new humvees to s... either. Only problem I find is MP and setpos...
  22. No no, thats way too much work your right for sure. Just wondered how close the helicopters match eachother. Just one of the 5 things you mentioned is too much allready. Keep it up, all three off you!
  23. -HUNTER-

    ArmA Addon request thread

    There is allready 2 IED addons, and 1 UXO addon... Search! I would like to request something like a M109 with the real arty sytem added!! Dont know how CoC are doing, if they are still making addons for arma, but the arty stuff they made for OFP would be the dogs B. for arma!
  24. Yeah, ive also seen something in that belgium series... Forgot the name, it was about the belgian SAR squadron which uses 5 seakings. Also seen it in there, but the winchman didnt control the bird he gave directions to the pilot. i.e. doors open, winch has control (but he still gave directions to the pilot), winch is out, winching down, 1 left, 1 forward, winch at 10 meter, 2 forward, 1 right, winch at 3,2,1, winch down, swimmer in the basket, winching up, etc etc etc But it is cool, got a clear answer, it was just something that came to mind with SAR Seakings... But how different is the Sikorsky S61 the "american" seaking, to the ones you guys are making? Are there many differences, ive been searching before I asked about marine 1, but couldnt find good answer... I think its the same but different building licenses...?
  25. Any chance on seeing the US presidential helicopter? I know its a S61 build by Sikorsky, and isnt exactly the same, but then again im not sure how similiar they are or arent... Probally the internals are different? The exterior are allmost the same... Perhaps the skin on the most fitting model? If time allows... edit Oh and in my very unclear post on the last page, with tweaked for SAR. I ment something I heard or read somewhere, not sure if its bollocks though... That the seaking has some sort of "auto hover" system we have in arma. Not that it will hover itself without input, but you can move the aircraft sideways for instance with the coolie hat on the joystick. Sideways like 1 meter and little adjustments... Again and Ive tried to find where I read or heard that but cannot find anything so its probally tv bollocks level 1... And yeah, the normal input we have in arma with autohover will be good enough.