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  1. Rocco

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    new trailer released, again its not an ingame trailer and it basically looks like a scripted COD4 game: http://www.codemasters.de/flashpoint/index.php#/video/
  2. Just read that the gamestar.de preview was on medium quality and no AA/AF, that´s why it doesnt look that good. Just hope that you dont need a NASA PC to run it on very high in multiplayer/big encounters. PS: Placebo strikes again, well known for overusing his mighty mod powers...
  3. Rocco


    In multiplayer mode, the grass will be disabled anyway on most of the server, which is a shame, because it takes away tactical possibilites.
  4. +1 WARNING for PLAcebo from me for flambaiting, you called me stupid. oh and abusing one o YOUR publishers isnt flaiming...
  5. OK thx, do you run it with AA/AF? And which resolution? Those factors are quite important to determine if a game "runs smooth" or not. Backing it up with a FPS program like fraps would be nice, because some say 20 frames are smooth...
  6. well i disagree with the gamestar video, the quality in the videos inst really good, no AA/AF, low viewdistance and the videos arent in HD. Im a big fan of gamestar.de and i read their site every day, but these videos just suck imo. It looks like ARMA1 with additional vehicles.
  7. WHich PC did you use? Which ingame graphic settings? How many units were on the map?
  8. dont think that those are 360 screens, looks like the pc version. doubt that there is a playable 360 version yet, they didnt even announce a releasedate for the consoles.
  9. it got confirmed by a german review, that there will be "infinite land" on the edges of the map, really nice.
  10. Rocco

    where to buy german version online

    hmm i desperatly hope we can switch languages, i hate playing in german, even though i speak german.
  11. ah yea, its in balota and i forgot that we get carriers this time! :)
  12. hmm only one airport?
  13. I like the infinite land idea, hope it will be like that.
  14. pretty sure that we won't see such details in multiplayer games. Like in arma1 viewdistance will be limited by fog.