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  1. -Variable-

    WGL 5.12

    same here, let me know. Beetle Bailey, We play serious coops during wednesdays (and sundays too) at 21:00 CET. Would you be interested in joining? Additional info in the links down there on my profile. Zulu, Iv'e downloaded the file but it gives an error message. says the files are corrupted when trying to extract.
  2. -Variable-

    CiA co-op night

    funny, I can see the mission on the server in filezilla but not in the game itself. no caps or anything. I don't get it.
  3. -Variable-

    Built in Revives in ArmA 2!?

    If thisa is the case then- great. I would then have no objection to it. However, I'm pretty sure that this won't happen. at least some of the missions design will certainly be affected by teamswitch and revive scripts as long as they will be available. Let's hope they won't...
  4. -Variable-

    Built in Revives in ArmA 2!?

    That's not what we have argued. ANY mission with revive or teamswitch will lack the atmosphere and the realism this game pretend to have. So it's not just a feature that might be used badly, it's a feature that if will be implemented, will ruin the SP campagin.
  5. -Variable-

    Built in Revives in ArmA 2!?

    whisper, you are still refusing to see our point although it was explained carefully, with many explanations. we are just arguing that a mission that was designed using revives and /or teamswitch can't be the as realistic and immersive as it would without. As long as it is just an option in MP it's just fine, but it will probably badly affect the SP campaign.
  6. -Variable-

    Built in Revives in ArmA 2!?

    All of them. The last mission in ArmA campaign, for example, just sucked, mainly because of the built in expectation to hecticaly switch between the mission characters. I think I agree with you, but what would the morphine and the timed bandages do?
  7. -Variable-

    The Cause Campaign

    There is a good recoil correction addon just to fix this problem and many others. Can't remember its name though.
  8. -Variable-

    CiA co-op night

    Ophir told me that he would come tonight. I'm still at work so I will get only very late.
  9. Apart from all the other features mentioned in this thread I would like to signify one important addition that lacks from OFP and ArmA: Suppressive Fire! AI should fear of death, take cover if fired upon, should know how to calculate best cover if fired upon from several angles and so on. In another aspect- AI should know how to utilize suppresive fire and use it to their advantage. Suppresive fire accuracy should be very low.
  10. -Variable-

    Built in Revives in ArmA 2!?

    Is there a point in having a main character if you can switch to a different soldier (leaving the main character to die)? I think you will agree that this will be plain bad story design.
  11. -Variable-

    Built in Revives in ArmA 2!?

    Let me explain how Teamswitch was, actually, forced down all of our throats. A question- what is the name of the character/s you play in ArmA? can't remember, right? that's because there was no specific character to play as. And why was that? because the ability to switch between characters ingame was made possible. That rendered the whole campaign lifeless and faceless. There was no Gastaowskis, Troskas or Armstrongs to sympathize with (for those of you who didn't play OFP- the above were main characters in Operation Flashpoint campaigns)! Teamswitch/Revive=No Simpathy=No Immersion=No Game Atmosphere=Bad Campaign
  12. -Variable-

    Built in Revives in ArmA 2!?

    Call me old fashioned, but I think that YES, Revives and Team Switching have killed the game, and are part of the reason why ArmA campaign was plain bad. When I play a war simulation I want to feel like I'm there, living and breathing the atmosphere, scared to die, want to complete the mission with my limited abilities as a human being. I also want to sympathize with my character that I'm playing. I can't feel immersed when I know I can switch to a different character or revive myself. So please, no team switching and no revives, even if it is after a while or after treated by a team mate (magician?). I have no objection to being knocked out from a non-lethal explosion and being dragged to safe cover and regaining conciseness. Any other thing will turn the game to a stupid arcade game.
  13. -Variable-

    Suppression effect

    edit: sorry for the double post, browser problems.
  14. -Variable-

    Suppression effect

    Most definitely. if suppressive fire is to be implemented in the game it will become much more realistic since only then we could use real infantry tactics.
  15. -Variable-

    CiA co-op night

    Tony, nice bangs. We have completed the whole 5 episodes of Karjala 2005 campaign! Good job everyone. It was great...