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  1. (st6)predator

    GLT Mod for ArmA 3 - Release Thread

    Good Job as allwas ! @ Legislator Downloading now ! Regards (ST6)Predator
  2. (st6)predator

    UK Special Forces Arma3Alpha

    That is what we all Know by our self ! And Massi knows it too ! Dont Forget this is "Alpha-Version" ! There are no other Weapons integrated in the Game yet. He made the best of the limited opportunities. Regards (ST6)Predator
  3. (st6)predator

    NATO Special Operations Command [BETA]

    Oh....Sorry ! Ive overread This ! Thx for fast Answer !
  4. (st6)predator

    NATO Special Operations Command [BETA]

    Hi I cant find the Units in the Editor. Whre are they ? Thx for Help ! (ST6)Predator
  5. (st6)predator

    British 'Bulldog' APC

    Yes ! Your assessment of my my personal is 100 % correct ! It seem s like you know me really ! I'm impressed ! But now in serious times. I think you dont have understood what I want . Maybe you should improve your knowledge of the English language or get a better Translator. Of Course you're right. I thought just because the "BaF-Group" is needed either way, why not add the Addon to the same Group. That was just a simple Question. No more, no less. @cleggy I did not want to be rude. I just thought that question would be answert quickly and easily. So I was a little disappointed because I did not get any response. Regards (ST6)Predator
  6. (st6)predator

    British 'Bulldog' APC

    Could I even get an Answer please ? Thank You ! Regards (ST6)Predator
  7. (st6)predator

    British 'Bulldog' APC

    @cleggy If we already need the "BAF-Addon", why you dont put the "British' Bulldog 'APC' " in the "BAF Group" ????? I would like to see the "British' Bulldog 'APC' " rather in the "BAF Group" The British Armed Forces should be completed by those (great) Add-Ons. Best Regards (ST6)Predator
  8. (st6)predator

    Ikar's F-14 Tomcat v1.6

    This is exactly what I've always wanted for the F-14. I've even been tried to make it by my self but it never work. Finally, the correct fraction. Finally Countermeasures. I love you !! (He he, but only platonic :p:p) Now, the F-15 should be adjusted. (The correct faction and Countermeasures) Then everything would be perfect. Best Regards (ST6)Predator
  9. (st6)predator

    Will you buy ARMAIII?

    What a stupid Question !!! I'm lost for words !!! Regards (ST6)Predator
  10. (st6)predator

    Arma3 - content pack chace Bi-sudio - army packs

    Australians in Europe (Greece) is like Brown Bears in the Arctic !:D:D I think it is better for you to stay home and hunt kangaroos. Or join the U.S. Army or UK Forces (In the game) But seriously now : The scenario sees no ADF! Europe and NATO will have to "make it" without ADF Sorry Brother !!!!!!!!! Regards (ST6)Predator
  11. (st6)predator

    Isla Duala

    Its my schedule tonight too !!!:D:D:D Regards (ST6)Predator
  12. (st6)predator

    Who are the Allies ?

    I think the Army of Idiots will be included and you will be the Supreme Commander. Most Idiots on this Forum would agree with me.:D:D
  13. (st6)predator

    Who are the Allies ?

    We all asked ourselve : "Who will be the future Enemies in Arma 3" ? But there is a second Question : "Who are the Allies" ? There was talk of NATO, but which Countries represent NATO in Arma 3 ? We know there is the USA and perhaps the Israelis (IDF). Who else is fighting Side by Side with the USA ? What do you think? Regards (ST6)Predator
  14. (st6)predator

    Who are the Allies ?

    I hope that Germany once again plays a Role. This Time Germany should be complete. I'm talk about : Air Force, Army, Navy and Special Forces (KSK) Regards (ST6)Predator
  15. (st6)predator

    Isla Duala

    Looks Good ! Keep it up ! Regards (ST6)Predator
  16. (st6)predator

    Who are the Allies ?

    Yes ! Thats what we know. But which Armies we will see, beside the U.S. Army ? Regards (ST6)Predator
  17. (st6)predator

    Who are this Time the Enemies ?

    What Faction ore Factions are probably in ArmA 3 the Enemy ? Could it really be this Time the Chinese? This Picture makes several Assumptions possible : http://www.armaholic.com/datas/users/arma3_screenshot_09_4.png What do you think ? Regards (ST6)Predator
  18. (st6)predator

    JSDF MOD 1.0 released

    On Picture i see an "AWACS". I cant find it in the Editor. Can Anybody help me ? Regards (ST6)Predator Edit : All clear ! I simply overlooked the "AWACS".
  19. (st6)predator

    Who are this Time the Enemies ?

    Hmmm...Yes ! Iran, Libyen, a Coalition of Eastern States ? Again the Russians ? Just the usual Suspects ! The Axis of evil ? Who knows? I'm definitely very excited ! Regards (ST6)Predator
  20. (st6)predator

    Project RACS

    Hmm..... Ive reached the downloadlimit at Megaupload. Half of the Mod I have not yet. Are there other links? Regards (ST6)Predator
  21. (st6)predator

    Brand new MP COOP mission for Arma 3?

    Please do not stone me now, but I think a Multiplayer Gamemode like in Battlefield 2 would be not bad. Previously i always have fun with this Gamemode ! Regards (ST6)Predator
  22. (st6)predator

    ArmA 2 island compatibility?

    The ArmA-Community has good "Modders". I think this will be feasible. By the Way: Sharani, Poto and Rhamadi I would also like to see in ArmA 3 too.:D:D:D Regards (ST6)Predator
  23. (st6)predator

    daveygary's Rangers

    Yes !! I thought the "Same" too !! But before that I was shocked by the announcement of Arma 3. Because I did not expect it. Then I thought: "The "Ranger" look familiar to me" Regards (ST6)Predator
  24. (st6)predator

    daveygary's Rangers

    Any News of this Mod ? Regards (ST6)Predator
  25. (st6)predator

    Project Reality - WIP Discussion

    Yes ! I understand This ! But, if PR attaches primarily to the Gameplay, why will "new" Units be relaised ? The gameplay can be realized also with the existing Units. What is the Reason? Regards (ST6)Predator