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  1. (st6)predator


    100% agree !!! Regards (ST6)Predator
  2. (st6)predator


    Follow this Link : http://bwmod.de/index.php/inhalt/download , press the "Downloadbutton" and you will download the Mod ! Regards (ST6)Predator
  3. (st6)predator

    =ATM= Altimeter

    Not Bad !! Not Bad !!
  4. (st6)predator


    Wow ! Not bad ! Not bad ! Good Work ! Keep it up. Regards (ST6)Predator
  5. (st6)predator

    Ivory Aircraft

    Looking forward to this ! Thanks ! Regards (ST6)Predator
  6. (st6)predator

    The Army Combat Uniform Mod

    At First i want to Thank you for this great Uniforms ! You do a good Job. At second i must ask you where the Hell i find the Uniforms ? I have searched them in the Editor without Success ! What must I do to to use these wonderful Uniforms ? Best Regards (ST6)Predator
  7. (st6)predator

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    Very good News ! Thx Alduric Regards (ST6)Predator
  8. (st6)predator

    Arma 3 Kart DLC

    My first thought when I saw the Video was : "What the hell makes Jean Claude van Damme in Arma 3" ?
  9. The F18 is in the same Faction like the vanila Aircraft ! For what you want replace it ?
  10. He ?.....What does he said ?
  11. At first : Opel isn´t a german Car. At second Itallians have Ferrari thats right. But they need a german Driver to win the F1 Championship. Ok there is one Thing italians can to bether than Germans : Look at This : http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-ejew1u2Zrfg/T_zEEVZ-ZTI/AAAAAAAAEpk/PCu6ssTF7wI/s1600/Funny+Mario+Balotelli+photoshop+euro+2012+(14).jpg That is the only Thing that itallians can do bether than Germans Regands (ST6)Predator
  12. @KJU Sorry but for me that is no Argument Finally you can download the BW - Mod on their own Page. Replace the Germans with Italians is not suitable. Dont get me wrong. But italians can not simply replace Germans . Regards (ST6)Predator
  13. Kju, please answer me one Question ! Why you dont replace the Germans with the Units from BW-Mod ? Regards (ST6)Predator
  14. (st6)predator


    Wolf13898 has left the Project. I am now looking for one or two Persons with Knowledge of config writing and reskinning to continue the project with me. If you are interest , simply send me a PM. Regards (ST6)Predator
  15. (st6)predator

    Meatys reskins + sources

    Great work @ "Meatshield", but I miss the "Kuma -Tank". Did you Forget "It" or is that intentional ? Regards (ST6)Predator