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  1. <>Crippler<>

    Binarizing an addon???

    Had a bit of trouble with this myself, but I think I've sorted it now so I'll explain what I do. You've got the main C:\binarize folder, containing some files and folders like the bin.bat, binarize.exe. In this, you've got your addon folder (C:\binarize\palmgrove), containing all your stuff from your addon. Thats the simple enough bit. Now go to MS-DOS prompt (can do it from windows, no need to restart the PC in DOS mode thankfully), browse to your binarize folder, so it should look like this- F:\binarize> (with the blinking cursor) Now type binarize palmgrove palmgrovep3d You should get a load of crap appear as the program works away, but now you should have a folder in your binarize directory called "palmgrovep3d" which should contain the new (binarised) p3d files. Make sure you've got a copy of the original un-binarised p3d files somewhere, then paste the new (binarised) p3d files from the "palmgrovep3d" folder into your "palmgrove" folder, overwriting the old files. Should do the trick Crippler
  2. <>Crippler<>


    You could try advertising in the OFPEC Recruitment Page here
  3. <>Crippler<>

    What is the communities opinion on....

    I'd say go for it- if anyone takes the stance that it is 'theft', then it could be argued from the postion of the 'reasonable steps' as in "have you taken reasonable steps to find/contact the owner?". I'd say that trying to contact the maker for 2/3 months is reasonable, and if the owner does see that they've been re-released and objects, you can always officially withdraw them from download if worse came to worse. So I'd say for you to release
  4. <>Crippler<>

    cant get my rpg to work right

    In your CfgWeapons, you say - ammo="cstm_rpg"; but I think it should be ammo="cstm_rocket"; -so you're using the classname of the ammo Also I dont think you need the 'magazine' value in the cfgweapons either.
  5. <>Crippler<>

    Model disappeared

    How about you select-all then change the scale- make it really huge- with a bit of luck you might get a bit of it onscreen which you could then grab hold of and pull into the right place, then gradually keep bringing the scale back down to normal?
  6. <>Crippler<>

    flash brightness?

    Not sure if this is right, but have you tried messing round with the flashSize value in the CfgWeapons section? e.g flashSize=3.0;
  7. <>Crippler<>

    Cfgtexturetomaterial only for mods?

    As far as I know, the effect wont go as far as to create a true mirror-like reflection unfortunately. For example here I've turned the specular levels really high (a bit too high infact) -as far as I can tell, a really high shine level will get sharper, but it tends to expose all the separate polygons on the model
  8. <>Crippler<>

    M16 Config.cpp

    I've found Brsseb's tutorial site HERE to be extremely useful when I started out with addons -theres a lot of tutorials on there -I think theres one about making a weapon which contains a zip file with all the necessary bits- textures, model, config.cpp. You should be able to use this one and tailor it to your needs
  9. <>Crippler<>

    Hunt the intruder - out-flank him

    Problem sorted note to anyone else who cant seem to see the effects:- you must be running with hardware T&L on! cheers fotmunch
  10. <>Crippler<>

    Hunt the intruder - out-flank him

    Great work as always footmunch However, I'm not sure if I'm having complete success with the reflection effects on the F86 for example, initially I couldnt notice any reflections type effects at all, so I messed with the config and changed all the numbers to higher values, with no visible difference any ideas on whats going wrong?
  11. <>Crippler<>

    Tales of War: CH-34 Public Beta Release

    Very nice a well made addon
  12. <>Crippler<>

    Wooo new addon!

    Nice bass Pathy- though I'm more of a B.C Rich man myself -Maybe some 'Darkness' style arcs of electricity out of the top lol
  13. <>Crippler<>

    Hunt the intruder - out-flank him

    Only tried the Hunter and the A6 so far and they're great I love the cockpits on both and especially like the Hunter's handling Great job
  14. <>Crippler<>

    Anti-mine rollers????

    looking awesome guys
  15. <>Crippler<>

    Lost brothers c130 pack

    Looks good Miles about time a desert Herc came out