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  1. some update. :) Republic of Korea Army Infantry Pack v1.1 http://www.filefront.com/17917500/@LCWF_ROKArmy1.1.zip ========== v1.1 Changes ========== - [Fixed] Weapons Icon img - [Fixed] Shadow LOD - [Added] New soldier models - [Added] 5 Flags - [Added] K-1A Customs (had flashlight or lasersight), K7 SD SMG
  2. DOWNLOAD LCWF Infantry, Weapons Beta 1.0 enjoy it. @ArmedAnarkie You can see the SF units in this addon. :)
  3. Thanks I hope so someone make it. And my country in pre-war situation now. î:(
  4. Thank you. That uniform's only for PKO and some Special forces. Not for 58 Million soldiers, unfortunately. ROK Army still has not chosen to new camouflage for Regular army. developing a ROKA's new combat uniform almost like ACU. I have a good news for you all. Infantry and weapon pack was nearly complete. I will upload infantry and weapon pack of beta as soon as possible. And I've retextured BIS UH-1H.
  5. Well... I don't have plan of making addon for the DPRK Army. I think someone will make the DPRK army soon. and a new stuff for ROK-ARMY. - K-1 MBT -
  6. small update.. :a: sorry for low-res textures and rvmats.
  7. Thank you! and I'm sorry about that. :p three kind of different korean voices will be contained. Then a plan.
  8. ok, i see. I played VME PLA MOD at yesterday. so, they got a great model and face textures. I'm very impressive to that team. I think I need more study harder about ArmA2 :)
  9. Yes, I made korean face. but, I have a new problem. default face model's too 'Western' so, my face skin's not look like a korean. I'm very worrying for how to solve models problem :(
  10. Thank you! I'll do my best. :bounce3:
  11. ROK ARMY 12th Division's Infantry(Old gears) - Still Working on it. :)
  12. Long time no see guys. I retired from the military service as of last July 30. :bounce3: I served in ROK ARMY - 5th Logistics Support Command HQ (S.Korea's length of obligatory military service to 22 months) but.. I'll be back to school on next year. so, I guess i don't have much time for LCWF mod. :butbut: At least I will complete the basic things.
  13. zerg63

    LCWF Mod For ArmA

    not dead. i still working on it, but very slowly. i'm very busy for univ study now, sorry for late update.