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  1. Did you try defrag after applying patch?, thats the usual suspect for me. Look into using contig to defrag only the arma2 folder, works wonders.
  2. Can you still buy VBS1 and all the addons? If so has the cost dropped, i've always wanted to own it but the cost was prohibitive.
  3. xmongx

    Caring about the Player

    Yep....Agreed. Big no from me too. My own insignificance is one of the the things i hold dear, in arma2 its the driving force behind my mission design. I cannot think of another game (developer) that allows me that freedom. Fail post unfortunately.
  4. xmongx

    Do I have FADE?

    I'd be very surprised if you had FADE, considering its not in the game.
  5. xmongx

    Bin Laden Is Dead

    So far theyre not sure, but in the days/months/decade leading up to his death he donned a knit cap (unconfirmed), liked to watch himself on TV whilst rocking forwards and backwards and controray to popular belief could move his left arm.
  6. xmongx

    Gravity does not exist??!?!?!

    Holy memory loss batman! OT: Ive never really noticed anything too odd with the weapon ballistics.
  7. xmongx

    Lua instead of SQF/SQS

    Why bother? Bis have a proprietary scripting language. Why would they want to infect it with what some gobshite learnt a bit about at college last week?
  8. xmongx

    SP Mission: Vulcan

    Another vote for being concise.
  9. xmongx

    Music sheet : Organ work

    Cant you just do an interpretation?
  10. xmongx

    Gravity does not exist??!?!?!

    Doesnt ace give launchers arcs? Just last night in I44 i was using a shrek 30 as a mortar (to good effect). Arma2 has a good ballistics model.
  11. I will buy it. On an unrelated but related note. I44, stop releasing your stuff and get in touch with these guys. As i said, I will buy it.
  12. I have come to the conclusion that disabling AA is the only option for ARMA2. Its hard to do, even more so after recent patches as you lose atoc, but if you disable AA set render res to 133 or 150% and set PP to normal/high (if you can bear the blur) you can have arma2 looking nice with a more consistent frame rate. Feel free to put AF on high, the strain you lift off the GPU disabling AA will allow it.
  13. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814139046 Doubt you'd get the performance in that video and not sure about sound. Worth a pop for an experiment though, dont listen to these retards. I used to run arma2 fairly well in editor missions and mp using P4 3.0Ghz 1GB ram and a 7950GT
  14. xmongx

    ACRE Problem

    Haha yeah. That was the worst link ever, but i see you made your way in the end. My ego only grew 75% as much as it would normally have when ridiculing new forum members.
  15. Too true. Use contig if you dont want to defrag whole drive, every time i put something in the arma2 folder i run contig. Its easy to do: download contig http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897428 Place the exe in your arma2 folder, then right click on it choose send to > Desktop (create shortcut). Lets presume you have arma2 installed in the following directory C:\IMATOTALNOOBWHENITCOMESTOCOMPUTERSANDWOULDRATHERWASTEMYTIMEPOSTINGONFORUMSTHANMANUP_USESOMELOGIC_ANDSORTMYOWNPROBLEMSOUT\ArmA 2 You would right click on the new desktop shortcut and edit the target field so it reads C:\IMATOTALNOOBWHENITCOMESTOCOMPUTERSANDWOULDRATHERWASTEMYTIMEPOSTINGONFORUMSTHANMANUP_USESOMELOGIC_ANDSORTMYOWNPROBLEMSOUT\ArmA 2\Contig.exe" -s *.* Then double click it, make sure command prompt has administrative rights.