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  1. something from takistan is causing takistan to crash and also maps that use takistan's objects (ex: dingor/lingor, probably zargabad too)
  2. w0w00t

    Ability To Vault Over Walls/Obstacles?

    protip: smookie is doing the animations for arma3, its possible. most of SMKs stuff is in arma3, the various stances, movement types, etc.
  3. hopefully US4CES or whatever crye precision comes out with because the other 2 patterns are disgusting
  4. CP has yet to release theirs, but I'm assuming it'll be something similar to multicam. But of the current ones revealed, I like US4CES the most.
  5. might be late BUT EVERYONES WROOONNNGG multicam is the temporary pattern in use in afghanistan because it works, but its not going to stay. the armys having a camouflage trial competition thing including companies like ADS working w/ guy cramer, crye precision, etc. the patterns chosen will be in service by 2015, and will include woodland, transitional (think multicam), and a desert pattern. there will also be an OCIE pattern for individual equipment like vests and rucksacks. http://www.adsinc.com/solutions/clothing-programs/camouflage-solutions/us4ces/ this is one of the 4 companies' patterns but yeah arma3 dudes clearly have multicam
  6. w0w00t

    Vehicle Quality

    Interiors like the BMPs or whatever it was, where you can actually USE the vision ports from the tanks interior are what we need. Not ridiculous detail, but something to look at instead of a single slit (done in a bad 2d overlay, and only one instead of many to the sides and stuff) And then there's vehicles that have interiors but the vision slits are bugged and aren't usable. Gunners/commanders should be able to use the interior of the turret instead of being stuck in the weapon sight 24/7, which is incredibly painful for people that gun alot.
  7. yes takistan life warfare domination etc all run fine and so does dayz until I get in a server and actually in game when it saids battleye initializes
  8. it happened after a dayz patch, and I thought it was dayz too but now it happens with ace and acre and etc on all servers running battleye.
  9. ive tried the beta patches to no effect and it also seems to only happen on battleye servers
  10. This has been a problem for the last few weeks now and recently has been hindering me in playing even more. I first noticed then when playing on dayz, where after a patch a couple weeks ago, I started to get a stuttering issue, which I've timed to exactly every 30 seconds or so. I made a troubleshooting thread in the dayz forums where rocket chalked it down to the debug menu, but it would appear that it is not the cause. Now, yesterday on playing on a server, I would get the same stuttering, exactly every 30 seconds, and also today on the pfng session. things to note: -I've tried reinstalling ArmA 2 and OA -I know it isn't something with dayz but something with arma2. -It isn't as much of a stutter as it is literally me pausing for a few seconds. People even see me lag out for abit until I get back in and have to catch up with whoever I'm with. -It does not happen on listen servers and dedicated servers without battleye -I think it is something with battleye -I've tried reinstalling battleye -It is not anything performance wise, my game runs perfectly fine and smooth but will just stop every 30 seconds. I'm getting really tired with this to put it bluntly and it's getting in the way of me playing ArmA2 how I would like to. what do. dayz thread: http://dayzmod.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=1041
  11. w0w00t

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    eagerly awaiting for this on cherno, sahrani and takistan needs normal units dough
  12. w0w00t

    75th Ranger Regiment

    some people call them rangers... i cal them bitches!!!
  13. w0w00t

    TGW M113 Woodland Config

    The US Army chose it because it "looked cool" and was pretty much a recruitment tool. When they did the testing, Desert Brush + Multicam were the best functioning.
  14. PHOCKS i love your skinners