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  1. What size RAM does your computer have? I have had trouble before trying to install o2 tools with 8Gb RAM in and after removing it works fine :)
  2. wildo

    Arma install issue

    Bugger forgot to mention that lol it's vista sp 1
  3. wildo

    Arma install issue

    I wouldnt have posted something if I knew I didnt have enough space :rolleyes: I have 242Gb free space, so thats more than enough :p
  4. wildo

    Arma install issue

    Seriously, no one has an idea even after 27 views? :butbut: Ive used the forum search but nothings come up >.>
  5. Arma gives me a "Not enough space to install" error when trying to reinstall it, ive had a fresh install of windows and got all my drivers up to date, everythign else works fine, Arma has worked before on this pc perfectly well, but its now throwing a shit fit :-|
  6. wildo

    Fww2 - finland at war 1939-1945

    I change my email all too often :P Your the only mod that still has one of my models I think :D And its really good to see this mod still going, everythings improved and it looks top class! Edit: Id love to take up that spot in the mod :) ill try and get o2 working tonight and ill PM you my new msn/email :)
  7. wildo

    Fww2 - finland at war 1939-1945

    Right im back on this one now as I sorted out my password :p Von Rundstedt I just saw your PM about using the T-20 lol and you obviously have my fullest permission to use it how you wish providing its just for FWW2 ^^,
  8. Hey all! With ArmA all I get is a black screen and... well nothing, Ive seen about ArmA not liking a 4Gb of RAM (Or more) What do I do to sort it out? or has it been fixed now? My specs: Q6600 @ 2.4ghz 8Gb DDR2 RAM 2x 8800GTX in SLi Also another thing, when I installed ArmA I got a message that I didnt have enough space? I have over 200Gb still free?
  9. wildo

    Abrams and other modern armor vs RPG

    I know what makes a bullet fly straight, and why it doesnt tumble, i also know that the bullet from a simple ak47 wont tumble...even if you fire it on full auto. the "mechanism" that makes the bullet fly "straight" is very very simple, do you know what it is? and if you do know...please explain to the rest of us why it wouldnt work on the "bullet-throwing" Â miniguns, chainguns and such... oh...and tanks also use the same "mechanism" for their rounds. so does artillery cannons. if you dont know what makes a bullet fly straight, just ask me and ill educate you. edit:..i cant resist, but to give you a hint. "this is my gun, and this is my *****" Now I have little to no knowledge at all of ballistics, but ill take a wild guess at it Is it something to do with boreing? The the barrel of the gun having the little "things" (Urm... hard to explain... well from me atleast! But am I right or wrong? Wildo
  10. wildo

    Need Modders

    Thus you need to stop insulting people back, it is also illegal to pay people to make models for OFP. Learn to make stuff yourself before asking others to do it! Wildo
  11. wildo

    Halo Wars

    No, the very first idea was an RTS, after that bungie made it an FPS and microsoft bought it after that (ive got a cd with a small movie from halo back when microsoft had just bought bungie) Halo WAS originally an RTS, if you have/had the Halo 2 Limited Edition and watched the making of DVD it would explain all Wildo
  12. wildo


    Its not the human imagination though, all the models are imported directly from Halo itself, I think we should atleast have the couresy to ask if its ok to do the mod Wildo
  13. wildo

    Invasion 1944 Info Thread

    I don't know exactly how old they are, but they hadn't been made public yet. And if the mod already looked that good back when we had been in development for 8 months (if it really was 8 months ago), try to imagine what it is like right now after 16 months of development The videos are 8 months old, Phase 1 is even older, it just shows that not really much visually has progressed from what I can see, even if the vaults of the team forum are knee deep in such like Wildo
  14. wildo


    Thought id rear my ugly head in this thread finally Im doing the sharp/smooth faces aswell at the moment, I shalnt add the injury selections to the models as ive never really used them at all But hopefully ill send Zombie a full test model by the evening tomorrow, Zombie, can you give me a test config so I can bash about and see if the selections are correct? Wildo
  15. wildo

    Invasion 1944 Info Thread

    Its just a shame that those 3 videos are so old Coming up to 8 months now is it? SFG did them when I was in the mod Wildo