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  1. volkov956

    AI Tank gunner won't fire main gun

    I had this problem as well CTRL F to change weapon then CTRL LMB to tell them to fire. but I myself still cant get them to target anyone like (tab or etc) unless I right click on an enemy so get ambushed by multiple vehicles and cant just hit tab to target closest target..maybe I missing something in flashpoint-arma-arma 2 I just quickly hit tab controls state its still tab in arma 3 but sure doesn't function that way just cancels a target if I manually selected one
  2. Yea I can no longer play any of the games that require Battleeye on one of my systems it uses a Oddbal Hardware ID so it require Unsigned Drivers for the Nvidia Drivers. so more aless this system now can't play anything with battle eye. Thanks hell I was just gonna play it on a Lan too guess thats out of the question
  3. volkov956

    low FPS on high end PC

    Game has bad core utilization like arma 2 dunno what there is to discuss I did have hope it would use more then 3 cores properlly tho :/ have 6 core I7 systems and just watch 3 in use kinda sad Once AI core gets full lag commences just like arma 2 doesnt matter what settings u play with anymore in MP fps just drops like a rock... AI needs 2 cores utilization support but I dont think we will see it arma 2 never did so why would arma 3
  4. volkov956

    Arma 3 Crashing Like Crazy

    not all of us run background programs I just run the game and steam when i play it...true dat I never crashed before this current patch...
  5. volkov956

    Arma 3 Crashing Like Crazy

    I got a crash just now killed a few Mrap then bam steam said i got the Mrap Hunter Card (overlay disalbed was below game when it happened) and game went poof. This wouldnt be the first game I have used a Achievment or something hasnt killed the game
  6. volkov956

    Light issues now?

    I am getting as well doesnt happen at all in 3rd person from what I can see
  7. volkov956

    JUMP please!!

    I jumped all over the place when in the CDF but I must say I was not normal to what I seen I was very abnormal....jumping around with full FFO tho into a ditch at night broke my nose so there is jumping :) Jumping (lets call it valuting) in Arma series would be welcome if only it was tested heavily and tweaked current FPS jumping is just so wrong....
  8. Everon, Malden, Kolugev, Nogova, Sahrani, Chenaurus in no particular order...
  9. volkov956

    crCTI Kastenbier Edition

    wooha time to test
  10. volkov956

    CRcti Proman

    i will test it out again i tried 59 and ai would just stand around in what ever m in base and just patrol so aka 500 take and hold towns they would just randomly patrol 500m from the base I see 60 is out will test now
  11. volkov956

    Internet going down when Playing ARMA 2

    From most of this I would blame ur router lots of them have a max connections limit 500 or less and the arma server list the way it handles pings can overload this very fast go direct to modem if possible or update router firmware or setup a server dns/dhcp that controls ur router and ur router works as a switch (aka yes u can even have it still do wireless with encryption)
  12. volkov956

    Eject from Helicopters

    passengers from the helos I have tested dont get the option either they go down with the chopper on crashes unless I am missing something
  13. volkov956

    CRcti Proman

    u can still manually tell them to take towns but in earlier versions u could just tell them to take and hold towns generic command and they would take closest towns that are not captured from theyre location. Now u must tell AI or AI's which town to capture manually just might be the command is not listed accidently
  14. volkov956

    CRcti Proman

    Episode 58 When Human Player is in Command Ordering AI to take Towns no longer seems to work just thought I would inform anyone with the same issue also Addon Sync
  15. volkov956

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    Steam Exclusive means I just don't buy 8 Copies like I currently have for Arma 2 cant run 8 Computers off 1 steam account on a closed lan....
  16. volkov956

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    so those of us who run large lan networks for games aka I run with many copies of arma and arma 2 and ofp now I will have to have always online and individual steam accounts per machine... same reason others games that requires accounts I dont integrate in my closed lan network Example 6 copies of COD till they made it steam then 1 copy just for myself....currently own 8 copies of arma 2 + expansions sets
  17. Yea I already have Muliple Copies of Arma 2 and the expansions but having what 4-5 discs per system is kinda nutz too bad there wasn't a Blu Ray complete kit then just 1 disc per system would be nice :)
  18. Just wondering if there has been any word for this edition if there will be a Physical DVD-Box Edition Released at all or just the Digital Only Release thanks
  19. Remeber the Patch for OFP they even released years later :)
  20. volkov956

    Secure ID progress

    requiredSecureId=0 in server CFG causing my Server to just sit at Waiting for Host for all clients after a mission has been selected We run a closed lan so no access to outside world sometimes (newest and a few older of the betas that introduced secureid
  21. http://blogs.msdn.com/b/virtual_pc_guy/archive/2011/01/14/gaming-on-windows-virtual-pc.aspx So dont bother running a game in Virtual PC
  22. volkov956

    Please make available on Good Old Games

    GOG no activation nonsense I see why they want it from there ,BIS store has Activation DRM ....GOG = None just Verifictation of Serial for online Play hmmm GOG Doesn't just release old gmaes anymore they also release new games on they're system as well
  23. Been trying for years to make a map for Arma 2 but I find its tools really disapointing is there any other tool like 3dsmax that I can create the Map Data (aka the terrain then import it into visitor) I dont want to use 2D heighmaps I want to hand place and modify the terrain manually...I find bulldozer lacking in this functionality and to be very limited and slow. And for some reason the how tos for it are boggling me i dunno why tranlation errors or assuming u dont need to be informed certain things cause you should know I dunno. Or can someone redirect me to a proper Visitor How to that its lacking maybe?
  24. I purposedly kill another player off the bat the camo helps hiding from other players alot but yes the centralized server is what is causing most of the problems I have seen then need to be local but its a control issue with the Mod Creators :/
  25. Any hint of AI Allocation of more then 1 core to maybe 2 cores? just a thought noticed AI overall are the thing that always Limit my 8 3.16ghz Core and 4 3ghz Core Xeon Systems All other threads dont max out like the AI one does once there is 100's of AI running amock in the future I know pipe dream ...