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  1. ual002

    Soviet AF Pack

    OMG Pook, That Helix and Havok are must haves. I cant wait. Holy crap.
  2. Popping in to say this looks great, and am looking forward to an F-16 release. Firewills is a classic sure but I want something to go along with your fantastic service modules. Than and an F-15 of course. Is there any issues with CUP? Are there any configs to replace the cup aircraft with these?
  3. ual002

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    Larsiano... its a AMD Opteron 175 2,2GHz dual core, 3 gigs DDR memory (mebbe 333mhz?) all the hard drives are 7200 RPM, OS is Windows Home Server (based on Windows 2003 Server) However the gameplay is smooth other than the stuck AI.
  4. ual002

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    JoeHunk, I'm thinking the stuck AI is likely a CBA conflict, what do you think? And do you think any of the ACE guys would help you iron out the stuck AI issues. I can post on their developer ticket system but your the man making it.. You know much more about your baby than I do. LMK
  5. ual002

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    I know this seems a bit trite what with all the ACE toys to add, but could you add the green camo nets for both sides as a strategic build option. Maybe some of the other sandbag bunkers as well. And the Country flags. I'm a bit of a milsimmer... sorry to muck up your thread. (edit) I'm thinking the starting OP4 loadout should be simple the AK-74 black stock so you work up to AK-107 through upgrades BTW I'm still getting the stuck AI bug. Any word on that? I remember long ago playing with adding addon stuff to warfare. That wasn't super difficult but I'm sure the AI stuff isn't fun. I play on a friends home dedicated server through the net with a max of 4-5 people at any given time. That AI stuff is starting to loose my peoples interest. Ive spoken to them and they all agree, unless we fill our server, the AI issue is a gamekiller. Otherwise great work and keep it up. Running Latest version of ACE at time of post and using .067 1.2
  6. I deleted the userconfig folder and let six updater repopulate it. Fixed the *.hpp errors at game start for me.
  7. Beta patch solved ace turret indicator issue.
  8. Thanks Xeno. ** Confirmed my steam is 1.52.71612**** But isnt manually patching steam a bad idea, beta or otherwise? Id rather not do beta anyway. 2 more things. 1. Ive tried to create a login at dev-hev for bug reporting and its not working for me. Same username if u can fix. changed pass several times, and the login it puts in the pass reset email is the one im using. 2. Think this may be spectator script related. If i make a coo-op and host and play on my box and a buddy connects, If i save and come back later and reassign my buddy to the same slot, on game start he goes from bird to insect in spectator and cant get in the AI slot. Oh and the magicbox crashed for him all the time. Changing gear in briefing never works for him either but i think that a vanilla issue. Seem to remember that back with Flashpoint. Heh, Gawd I'm old.
  9. i havent done my homework on rpts yet otherwise i woulda done that. guess i should stop mission building then. :(
  10. Turret indicators are not working for me. I got steam Arma2 and OA, running CO. Of course 6 updater sees it as standalone. But i made custom profile. Ive got Ace, Acex, Acex_sm, CBA, BW, BW Ace, Ace_pla, Namalsk, Pathera and Isla duala. Any thoughts? -showscript erros is deffinatly throwing an error about scripting, something about 'weaponsturret' command is new to 1.52 i believe, but I have 1.52 What gives?
  11. ual002

    playable unit trigger

    Can this be made to work in MP. I cant seem to find a way to do that
  12. ual002

    Protect & Serve

    I'm assuming whoever made this addon lives near or in Dallas, Im right outside dallas. I'm also interested in modding. Contact me at Ross@unitedairsoft.com