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  1. toadlife

    Ofpmark part deux (ofpmark v2.0)

    1645 on the same computer under Windows 10.
  2. toadlife

    Ofpmark part deux (ofpmark v2.0)

    Ok, it's been 13 years, so I figured I'd post an updated score. HP ProBook 6460b Intel Core i5-2520M CPU @ 2.50GHz 8192MB RAM Intel HD Graphics 3000 Wine on Ubuntu Linux 16.10 (Direc3D) Average OFPMARK: 1302 So apparently computers don't move data around the bus much faster these days. Maybe it'll score better under Windows.
  3. toadlife

    Real life photography/photo editing

    My son at about 6 months (with mom). (click to make bigger)
  4. toadlife

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    That picture is funny at first, but saddening when the novelty wears off. "One step forward, and two steps back."
  5. toadlife

    Us presidential election 2004

    Barring some *massive* counting error in Ohio, it's pretty obvious that Bush is going to win. I'm sure anyone who has taken statistics will agree. Sorry guys. It's four more years of 'dubya' for the world.
  6. toadlife

    War against terror

    Bankrupt America huh? Well, you have to give it to him for setting such lofty goals. So thaaaaat's why Russia economy fell apart! It all makes sense now! That darn "false economy trying to keep up with the U.S. in a massive arms race" theory never did make much sense to me.
  7. toadlife

    Coon huntng (Raccoon)

    Why don't all of you guys take your flaming to some other boards?
  8. toadlife

    Coon huntng (Raccoon)

  9. toadlife

    Coon huntng (Raccoon)

    Howabout a .22? I hear those work pretty well. Yeah, but the impact force of a .22 is huge compared to a .177 caliber pellet gun. A .22 rifle spits out a bullet at around 1600-2000 fps, and the bullet is much heavier than a pellet. With a .22 a body shot will rip into a coon, and the coon wont have a chance. A .22 is the next ebst thing to a pellet gun. If you insist on using a .22, I'd recommend removing the clip and only chambering one round - force yourself to make a good shot the first time.
  10. toadlife

    Coon huntng (Raccoon)

    As the owner of a Maine Coon mix (thats a cat), I can see the how the cuteness factor would be a turn off to killing them - BUT, for those who live in areas where Racoons live and know how annoying and destructive they can be.... I say - go for it, but don't do it the pussy way. Forget about the dogs for one thing, and don't be a wuss and bring a shotgun or .306 coon hunting. For coon hunting to be a true challege, you need to have the proper equpiment. Here's what to do - go down to your local K-Mart and buy the most powerfull crossman pelet gun they have. Powerline models will push a pellet at about 675 fps. That is just enough firepower to kill a raccon, and other small vermin. Now you'll have a real challenge. A body shot would most like just hurt the coon. The only way you'll be able to kill one is to get a clean headshot - and you'll only have one shot, as pellet guns take as long to load as a breach-loading muskets. I've never Killed a racoon myself, but have knocked down gophers and jackrabbits with a pellet gun. The sastifaction level will be much higher if you use a pellet gun - after all it will be one shot, one kill.
  11. toadlife

    An IQ Test

    Ummm, No. http://www.koko.org/
  12. toadlife

    Enthusiasts Eye Assault Rifles as Ban Nears End

    40 reasons to support gun control
  13. toadlife

    An IQ Test

    Yep...I believe Koko the Gorrilla scored 85 on an IQ test written in American Sign Langauge.
  14. toadlife

    Goodbye F-14

    The F-14 has allways been my favorite U.S. military plane. It's amazing to me that a plane that was first flown in 1970 can (with a compentent pilot of course) still hold it's own against just about any plane on the planet. Here is a page with some good info on the F-14... http://www.aerospaceweb.org/question/planes/q0119.shtml
  15. toadlife

    Can someone recomend a...

    Are you sure? I've flown with other people on the internet with X-Plane version 5.xx, and the current version of X-Plane is 7.61. Anyhow, I would concur that if you want a *real* flight simulator, X-Plane is the way to go. With MS Flight Simulator the flight characteristics are programed into each induvidual plane, with with X-Plane the game just takes the dimensions, and weight of the plane and actually simulates how it would fly. http://x-plane.com/about.html