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  1. I can't say how happy I am to actually see you back it's still a shock. I dearly miss the old Avgani terrain and though I am excited that BIS's new expansion terrain might just be something actually new and exciting, I still miss a high quality Iraq/Middle east type terrain. Now thanks to you others will have the necessary assets to make them terrains on top of the very nice looking Al-Kut map you are working on I believe. A very much appreciated thank you!
  2. soldier2390

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    This is a very nicely put together mod, with great quality as well and one of the only few addon's I do use. I could not be any happier to have my beloved Air Force in-game. Also seeing Pavehawks this time around is definitely the cherry on top, they certainly were/still are my favorite rotary wing aircraft. And though this is only my opinion, I wish BI would have put most of this in-game from the get go. specially since, again just my opinion but as history has proven that in "many cases" no ground forces could indefinitely hold a position without air support, at least in the more modern era. And though that statement can easily be argued and thought I know my history.. maybe I am just being bias on this one ;) either way, BI did not feel it was important enough to add, but you guys did and for that I thank you!
  3. soldier2390

    EricJ Release thread

    The MANG re-skins are really cool to see! I used to drive by the real ones almost everyday. This will make the wipeout more fun for me, thank you.
  4. soldier2390

    Up Armored HMMWV Modification

    Very glad you are doing these too, I had nearly the same idea and had a good bit done but I suck at the Animations/model.cfg and such so thankfully now I can scrap that. Very pleased to see I am not the only one wanting back our beloved HMMWV's, but with your high class models and textures. Great work on the MTVR's btw :)
  5. soldier2390

    Boeing/SOAR MH-47E ArmA III

    Great to see this finally released! And thanks to you and everyone for their hard work ;)
  6. soldier2390

    Ivory Aircraft

    @Dezkit, sorry to hear that bud. Don't know if it will help any but I had got permissions from IRIS for the F-15E a while back but honestly don't have the time to completely finish it. If you get permissions from IRIS (Though I think you already said you had already got permissions) I would be happy to give you whatever I have of my F-15. Its not much but it at least fly's in game and you wont have to start exactly from scratch again. So if your interested feel free to PM me.
  7. Now this is a nice surprise! Can't wait to fly that thing again, thanks for your on going work on this.
  8. Thanks M1lkm8n, I have it loading in game and with textures but it crashes when I switch to another unit. But no need cluttering this thread about that. Dave,
  9. Hello Community, I have followed all the new Arma3 Tools Tutorials, and yet still running into many errors! Here is what I did, after many errors I Uninstalled the Tools. Used CCleaner to try to remove all the stuff the Tool's Uninstall process doesn't remove, including those registry things that give me errors still. Then, I Installed the Tools again and followed what it says in every Tutorial.. to open the Addon Builder and Oxygen2 from steam first, and to set it up using the Options Tab's in Addon Builder/O2 as stated in the Tutorials! After that I Installed only the BI Drive(P:\) from the latest ArmA2 Tools. Then did what all the Tutorials say and replaced the Bin/Core folders and to be safe I took all the files minus the Addons folder and stuff in other folders from the A3 root directory and copied it into P:\drive. Here is the Errors I get: - No entry 'Config.bin.CfgBuldozer'. - Also it creates a new folder in my Documents folder when I try to load Buldozer called "Arma 3-Other Profiles". I believe it creates a folder inside called saved/steam/meta(which is all empty). Dave,
  10. Ok thank you, I think I might have screwed up in the stages before the import process because I thought I remembered no layers folder being created until I ran buldozer from V3. That or from being up all night messing with it I just forgot about that, as I have had some of my other smaller terrains I did for practice working and even a few working in arma 3 up until the new tools were released. But with these new tools now I can't get nothing working right. None the less I will try again tonight and let you know. But one more question, I can not for the life of me figure out how to use pal2pace or image2paa except for dragging an image into it one at a time. How do I run it on a whole folder like you said? P.s could someone upload the latest tools needed to run the newest arma3p tool, specifically the ones called deRap? Whenever I try to download that and other tools from mikero on dev heaven's I get a pop up saying a virus or something was found and no matter what I do or click on it won't finish the download. Also it will not let me log onto that site, when I tried the screen won't load so I have no way to ask for help about it on that website. Dave,
  11. I am a bit confused, what do I run myself on the layers folder? The new image2paa tool? Plus unless I am missing something about terrain making, I don't have no "Layers" folder at least not until I import sat/mask then I need to then run buldozer because that's how visitor3/buldozer creates the layers folder with all the segments of the sat/mask images. And ok so I use the A3 root directory as the P: Drive it's self? And then create a new folder in root as well and name it what ever you want? Then in side that unpack a a3.pbo and that's all? Dave,
  12. @Abs Yes, because I still need help with the "No entry 'config.bin.cfgbuldozer'." when using visitor3! p.s. I checked and have no buldozer.cfg file no where! So I created one in my standard "Documents" folder where my profile/arma3.cfg file is and it still don't work. Is there a way to tell bulldozer to load my bulldozer.cfg file? Like a command line in the V3 options menu where you tell it to load the "Path to realtime viewer working dir"? Also I have been confused by what and where I tell V3 to load, in the "Real time viewer settings"! For example do I use my P: drive's "bulldozer.exe" (or copy "arma3.exe" and use that instead of "bulldozer.exe" in the P: drive?), or do I use my Arma3's root directory's "arma3.exe"? Edit: I watched/read so many tutorials... and only became more confused. Can someone post a picture of what their Vistior3's "System Preferences" menu and their P: drive folder looks like? Because when I work on my Afghan Map and finish Importing my layers.cfg/sat/mask_Ico.png and then try to connect to bulldozer to create the "Layers" folder I get this error still "No entry 'Config.bin.Cfgbuldozer'.", and it don't create the Layers folder and just loads the map without any textures. Dave,
  13. soldier2390

    MRAP Maxxpro-Light armoed Vehicle

    That was very nice of namman to do that. I can't promise nothing as I still can not get any of my configs/model.cfg's to work in Arma3, though I think it's actually the Addon builder not using the model.cfg's. But either way if I do get free time I will post whatever I get done on here for anyone interested till someone more experienced gets it done better. Btw Foxhound, did namman also do another MRAP, A Caiman or may be it was a version of an RG? And if so could we get the same permissions to port that as well?
  14. soldier2390

    Arma 3 SeaLife Project

    I believe I read somewhere that Sealife has/is leaving this community so I doubt this will be released. Which is a damn shame, this had potential and was something my self and others have been looking forward to. Dave,
  15. soldier2390

    ArmA 2 C-130J and MV-22 Redux

    That looks outstanding sakura, brings back memories specially the first picture. Dave,
  16. soldier2390

    ArmA 2 C-130J and MV-22 Redux

    @Sakura_Chan This looks very nice, I was trying to port the C-130J myself so I can make the Maryland ANG Herc's stationed by my house and others I have seen while I was in the AF(loved seeing the Green Camo ones). One question though bud, did you mean when you release your versions you are releasing them as open source as well? No problem if not I wouldn't blame you with all the work you put into these but, would sure save me this painful porting process. Plus I can not update existing textures like you just did...good job BTW. Dave,
  17. Just tried all the things suggested and no gain except the "a3\data_f\halfa.paa" error fixed. Also I noticed when trying to open Oxygen2 from steam, through the "Launch oxygen 2" option and trying to load one of the BI Arma 3 sample models(or any model for that matter) I get this error: "External Viewer: Attach failed. No viewer found." as well as still get a "Arma 3-Other Profiles" folder created in my documents folder where my normal Arma 3 profile folder is. @Gnat, I feel you on that bud I wish someone who has got all this done without errors could create a short and simple video tutorial from the beginning to end. Shame your not that one, as your Tutorial's for using O2 back in Arma 2 was great and easy to understand and still watch them regularly these days. Dave,
  18. Nothing has worked for me so far and I even did as raspu86 first suggested to do with no results . And yeah, I as well still have that "Halfa.paa" error. Dave,
  19. Not really a MP player but this might change that. This looks very good Dr_Eyeball! By the way have you figured a way to make that Trailer actually articulated? I would like to finally get my M931a1 Tractor-Trailer finished, but the articulated trailer is the main reason I have not released/worked on it for awhile. And I would love to at some point use tractor-trailers with your Tactical Battlefield mod, to add to the important logistics side of things in which your mod utilizes very nicely. Dave,
  20. He has worked on these things, back in Arma1 he actually made remarkable progress on my M931a1 Tractor-Trailer Addon! He had showed me a video and posted it in my old thread, showing it working pretty much perfect with only minor issues that I am sure could be fixed in Arma3. But from what I remember he had lost all of them updated files in a computer crash and gave up. And all I have left to this day is an old version of that model, with the early...non-working/broke versions of said scripts! But I am still working on it and is still my main goal, however I am no professional and still even after all them years(and now with a daughter) I have not learned much more in 3D Modeling and Scripting so the model and trailer and scripts are not accurate, but none the less I have ported it to Arma3, but I am still having much problems. If anyone is interested in my Tractor-Trailer and its current-broken scripts to try and may be fix it, then PM me. Dave,
  21. soldier2390

    WIP - Submersible - Batiscaf

    Very nice in deed! Love all the neat things everyone is creating for Arma 3. Dave,
  22. soldier2390

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I would definitely love to see any high quality M4 models, beats the MX Rifles we have stock right now because BIS is not adding any M4/M-16s for Arma 3 form what I know. And a 50cal Beowulf maybe? p.s. I miss my old issued M4 with ACOG, and all the goofy stuff I jerry-rigged to it, like my duck taped mag light because I was too cheap to spend money on proper parts lol...wouldn't mind seeing that in game ;) Dave,
  23. I will keep that in mind, thanks to the both of you guys. And as I said I would here is a picture of the M931a1 in its current state: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=183916875 Dave,
  24. Hello, community Sorry if the title is not descriptive enough, I was not sure how to explain this. My problem is I am using the Arma1 5ton (M939) model as the base for my M931 Tractor-Trailer variant that i have been working on for years. However it dont quite fit in with the Arma3 vehicles as its not as highly detailed. First, to make this simple how would I for example take the wheels of the truck and make them more rounded/detailed so they dont look like Octagons with textures? I would like to make them more detailed and have some kind of definition and shape to them? Secondly, could I do that with out deforming/messing up the models current Textures/UV-Maps? Also when I was searching for the answers to these questions before I posted here I found out about "Extrude"(?) I think its called, however I read that doing that will distort your textures and you would have to re-UVmap the model! Dave,
  25. Nice thanks man, you have been a great help! I will try to study up on blender for now as thats all i can afford lol, and well definitly look into using that for UV mapping. I know you said you use modo but would you happen to know if say I imported my p3d into blender if it would work with the already exsisting arma1 textures already assigned to my p3d? Also what is modo? Is that expensive like 3DS? P.s. I could upload a picture of what i have so far of the Tractor-Trailers as they are now for shit n giggles, plus if you would look over the trucks you and others here may be able to pick out other issues(none cosmetic)which would help me finially get this out to everyone, tired of u staring at it/worrking on it for the past 5yrs! I was going to start athe new thread for these trucks but atm decided I would like to fix some major issues and hopefully get the trailer to be Articulated and working as a proper tractor trailer should be. But anyone who knows what they are doing is welcome to get the whole addon from me to view it and help me fix stuff. Just PM me! Dave,