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  1. Still in beta? wot?? Game is not in beta.
  2. Yes, the exe is located in the game's directory. Hmmm, the applications says that you must close it before starting the game... (still, leaving it opened did not help)
  3. Thanks a lot. Hmm, the game is still not recognizing the pad, although x360ce recognizes it OK. I must be doing something wrong, but I don't have time for further testing. I will try in the weekend!
  4. Thanks a lot, that would be great! I didn't know the game was not compatible with typical USB gamepads. It's kind of weird, since the pad works perfectly in Arma 1 & 2.
  5. Hi, I have a Logitech Rumblepad 2 USB, but the game seems to not detect it. In options, the "prefer joypad" option is fixed to "no" and cannot be changed. The units do not repond to my actions with the gamepad. Does anyone else have this issue?
  6. someboy

    1.05 released.

    After the release of this patch, any news on the possibility of adding multiplayer?
  7. someboy

    So what happens now?

    No devs posting here does not mean that there is no progress being achieved. Devs have many times said that they are working hard to fix the issues. The last beta path was released less than 3 weeks ago........ Really, I think some of you guys are too impatient. Things do not get fixed in a couple days nor in a couple weeks. Give a proper time lapse before judging others.
  8. someboy

    Beta 3 Now?

    They probably found some more problems. No need for worries. It's always the same in software development. If it's not ready today, it will be ready tomorrow (apply recursively as many times as needed)
  9. someboy

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I have the feeling that BI stuff themselves have deeper knowledge about their own engine than you. Plus adding a key for performing an action is not related to modifying the engine so some specific data is stored and handled somewhere else, together with the external data and configuration changes required. The key is how much time it would require to make that modification. If it takes 300 hours (including testing) then there will be tons of things more valuable to do.
  10. someboy

    Operation E3

    I like it. There is no realistic solution to this, so why not this one (and leave the flashing/obscuring screen for representing "pain")?
  11. someboy

    ArmA 3 & AMD FX

    A 10% improvement is definitely important, if true: http://www.techpowerup.com/158534/New-Windows-7-Bulldozer-Patches-Available..html
  12. someboy

    ArmA 3 & AMD FX

    No, you cannot select the cores. That's an operating system responsibility. You can however distribute the algorithms code in different threads in lesser or greater degree.
  13. someboy

    ArmA 3 & AMD FX

    Hopefully Arma3 will have a solid multithread implementation which can squeeze the power of those bulldoers.