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  1. Nice planned features you have compiled there!
  2. I did not know Planck except for the great work he has done. Rest in peace.
  3. schaefsky

    PCGH benchmark GTX480 / GTX470

    What all reviews I have read so far neglect (for a good reason, since it does not matter for real world gaming as of now): Nvidia's new GPUs could really rock with new engines with voxel technology I think. Add PhysX to it, and I am dreaming of a whole new destructible environment game world :eek: Though I doubt we will see a breakthrough in that regard until AMD has something similar to offer, since I don't think anyone would develop a AAA game which runs fine on one vendor only. Maybe next next-gen consoles could give a kick start, PS4 anyone? As said, just dreaming here.
  4. schaefsky

    Operation Arrowhead: open beta

    Thanks Myke, I would have totally missed that vital info!
  5. schaefsky

    Project Reality Development

    Welcome to Arma! I once played with the very nice Charlie Foxtrott community (PvP battles for zones), but it was a little too time consuming for me to stay with it. So I am really looking forward to what might bring more structured PvP to public servers. I hope the PR team could explain the intended game mode a little more since I never played PR before. Are these features a hint at what we can expect?
  6. Great guys, downloading! Also thanks to gol-clan for mirror. Hope there is no bad mood in the team because we forum people pushed for a release.
  7. I vote for release without gamemode and add the mission later. :)
  8. This is such a cool idea! :cool:
  9. In defense of quicksilver67 he meant to make a joke about "not remembering anything" before the person in question developed a mental illness. So in my very personal opinion being sensitive about someone who doesn't show sensitivity himself is not asked for. That said, discussions like that would be more appropriate to the offtopic section or personal messages. Oh and last but not least: F14! Yaiyha! I generally love anything that flies, but that bird always gives me goosebumps.
  10. Now that I'm sober again: you might get more answers if you would describe the task at hand with a little more detail.
  11. schaefsky

    Dragon Rising has been released

    German mag Gamestar did a retest of Arma 1.05 and gave it a 76% (1.0 66%). "OFP" DR still got 78% (for example, they got the same graphics score, nice....). I think 76% for Arma2 is somewhat right for the general gamer, but in comparison 78% for DR? I read (online) game magazines for which games come out, not for how good they are for a reason (and I payed to learn that lesson.) That said, a more stable release of Operation Arrowhead might do some good to BI... Back in my OFP (the real one) days, I used a piece of cardboard and my swiss army knife as weight to press down "w", so I could a roll a cigarette and smoke. Ahh, good old times, actually nice.
  12. Serving up my customers a hustler of the diction Crushing my afflictions, I’m sick in the mind Depends on who you ask And I can do anything depending on the task :)
  13. schaefsky

    the FEW

    Hi there, nice collection CSJ! Note: all of the below was made for the Spitfire, if you like it but don't know how to adapt it, give me heads-up, can change the rest, too. Here is my take on the WEP: private ["_i", "_plane", "_fuel"]; _plane = _this; if (speed _plane <550) then { (driver _plane) say "wep"; _i = 0; while {alive _plane and _i <= 25} do { if (speed _plane < 650) then { _X = velocity _plane select 0; _Y = velocity _plane select 1; _Z = velocity _plane select 2; _plane setvelocity[(_X * 1.01), (_Y * 1.01), (_Z *1.01)]; }; _fuel = (fuel vehicle _plane) - 0.002; _plane setfuel _fuel; _i = _i + 1; sleep 0.2; }; }; put in "csj_spitfire\scripts\wep.sqf" change config.cpp to: class UserActions { class WEP { displayName = WEP; position = "zamerny"; onlyforplayer = 1; radius = 2; condition = "(isengineon this)and (speed this > 70)"; statement = "this [b]execVM[/b] ""\CSJ_Spitfire\scripts\[b]wep.sqf[/b]"";"; }; }; My take on the multi-barrel script, because the version included did not quite work for me (almost every bullet coming from the left): ;// SDP EH script for ZSU Shilka with fully working cannons 2009-06-10 /*-altered by CSJ, schaefsky-*/ _u = _this select 0; _ammo = _u ammo (_this select 1); _b = nearestObject [_u, _this select 4]; _bv = velocity _b; _rand = floor(random(3)); if (_ammo mod 4 > 2 and _ammo mod 4 <= 4) then { _npos = _u modeltoworld [2.1 + _rand, 8, -0.2]; _b setpos _npos; } else { _npos = _u modeltoworld [-2.1 - _rand, 8, -0.2]; _b setpos _npos; }; _b setvelocity _bv; rest as before. "csj_spitfire\scripts\SDP_HHmkIIa_mg.sqf" Cut some parts because you don't have a moveable turret on the plane. The random part is there so fake the 8 barrels, for "real" 8 barrel displacement I had to reduce reload time of the MGs to around 0.05 (5 times less rpm). If you can't simulate it, fake it :D The "8" in "_npos = _u modeltoworld [2.1 + _rand, 8, -0.2];" is there because otherwise it wouldn't work well in dives. Might as well be my not so fast PC. Last but not least, an error in "csj_spitfire\scripts\vapour.sqs" (and all the other planes as well, I think): Two occurances of ? !(isengineOn _vehicle):Exit should be changed to ? !(isengineOn _plane):Exit I advice you to run your Arma2 with -showScriptErrors added to the command-line, to easier spot errors like this. Again, any questions, or too lazy to implement yourself ;) , ask or drop me a PM with your email, I would send you a modified version. Keep it going!
  14. schaefsky

    Arma 2 Grey screen when exit game

    Just noticed this too, seems to happen when I exit editor and then game quickly (without much delay before hitting exit). Running XP 32bit, Arma2 1.05 german, NVIDIA 9800GT 1.82.50. Trying to open taskmanager via Ctrl+Shift+Esc and then killing arma2.exe works sometimes, often not (does not respond to any keyboard inputs then). Quite anoying when you are debugging scripts and have to exit-restart Arma2 for every change you make *hint hint reloading scripts (or pbos) from inside Arma2 would be really nice*
  15. schaefsky

    Music Recommendations

    Hehe, just could not resist. Reading a bit through the thread I don't think it is many peoples taste :rolleyes: My album of the last year at the moment (still have to catch up to music): Atmosphere - When life gives you lemons you paint that shit golden (Great track: Puppets - if someone actually wants to buy the album, get the "limited" edition, it is really nice) They also released a free to download album a while ago, get it here from their labels site: Strictly Leakage Some Albums and a song I like in parenthesis: P.O.S - Never better (Let it rattle - some great songs, some I don't like at all) Sage Francis - A healthy distrust (Sea lion) Problemaddicts - The first step (Hurting) Cunninlynguists - A piece of strange (Since when) Blue Scholars - Bayani (North by Northwest) Common Market - Common Market (G'dang diggy) And some random music videos: Packfm - Plucking Daisies Brother Ali - Take me home Blackstar - Definition Oh yeah, I used to listen to more "thread compatible" music some years ago, what comes to my head right now is: Desaparecidos Favez Aereogramme hmm, can't really remember more now. If anyone knows something similar I would really like to read about it.