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  1. gotta agree with this. or at least take one of the 3 and use that as a base, tweaking it to make the other 2 for slight variation.
  2. in gl4_global.sqf youve also set: // GL4 Enemy A.I. Array Debug: // GL4 Enemy A.I. Map Marker Debug: GL4_Global set [51, False]; ??
  3. sandzibar

    Modern Warfare 2

    Well, apparently SAS peeps are made from the same stuff as Terminators. Still SP is an entertaining little jaunt through the gaming equivalent of processed cheese. MP horrifies me. Is this really how things have evolved? Even Counterstrike had more tactical depth than this pokemon inspired campy killstreak spam abomination.. kinda addictive though :( lvl42 now
  4. sandzibar

    JTD Fire And Smoke

    Noticed that in warfare maps having the main HQ bunker burn down breaks the game somewhat, as the AI still tries to cap it / deliver supplys, even though there is nothing there. Is there a way to exclude this specific building from being a burnable object? Other than that, really liking it. Well done.
  5. sandzibar

    Helicopter AI changes missiles...

    Still needs fixing. Beta hasnt addressed this issue. least not in the mi24s. Causes AI rage.
  6. What does "Event ID 108 - The driver nv4_disp for the display device \Device\Video0 got stuck in an infinite loop." mean with regards to the source of my problems? as thats written to XPs event log at the exact time of each lockup. Ill look through the thread you suggested. Thanks.
  7. Well -winxp doesnt help.. if anything its making the game crash faster for me (though thats merely speculation on my part without enough attempts for decent statistical proof). Checked XPs Computer Managment > Event Viewer and at the time of the crashes there are always 2 entries. Both refer to the source of the event as 'nv'. Details on First: Details on Second: Fairly sure thats Gfx related. But if arma 2 works ok without SLI... and ALL other games work just fine with SLI.. then doesnt this reaffrim my initial suspicions that its an "arma 2 + SLI = FGHFGfghfghf" issue? rage.
  8. Also crashing lots still.. though ive had this issue from the very start. Constant hardlocks of the machine. Generally form 10 to 30mins of play. Only when in SLI mode. 2 x 9800GT cards on a EVGA NForce 790i ultra mobo. 2gig corsair mem. Latest 190.38 drivers. Game is unplayable in its current state, and i dont see why I should be force to not use SLI when all other games work fine with it. What other information can i supply to try and get this issue fixed. The crashes are complete system locks so nothing is written to the arma2 rpt files that i can see. Is there some other log within XP i can check? or some application i can run in the background to try and record exactly what the issue is?
  9. 2x9800 cards in SLI (with all drivers up to date) still makes me crash every 10-15mins. Sounds issues are gone now i think. No crackling at all from what I could hear. Looking good so far. If only i could play for longer than quarter of an hour :/
  10. sandzibar

    1.03 Performance

    does defrag stop the constant crashes when running in SLI ? awesome if so
  11. sandzibar

    Sound broken by 1.03?

    been having issues with the sound since it came out.. first i tried using my CL x-li card. which had intense cracking and sound distortion... and playing MP would either crash the sound to silence.. or distort it so much id hav to mute everything. recently bought a Asus xonar D1 as i had thought it may be a Creative issue (after reading about card issues on several web forums). Same issues. And when the sound system is being stressed the 5.1 channels will also swap around, or go silent. Coupled with the usual high pitched screeching and cracking. its damn annoying.. and ive not been able to force myself to play since 1.02 in the hope 1.03 would fix the sound engine issues.. and make it more stable / better performing. judging from other peoples post im not sure i even want to try 1.03 :( edit: thought occurs.. its worse when im MP for me.. SP can be crackle free for a lot of the time. Its mainly in MP. So could the inbuilt Voice over Net / or external programs like TS/Vent be aggreivating it?
  12. sandzibar

    Who the F*** put number2 in charge ?

    but yeah had this happen a fair bit also.. seems to occur mainly when i start issuing orders from within a vehicle, and with the rest of the unit not in said vehicle. couldnt isolate an exact cause however..
  13. I'm too close for missiles.. switching to guns oh wait.
  14. oh really? ill have to try this. thanks.
  15. sandzibar

    Terrible Online FPS

    there is definitely a higher resource usage in MP than SP. my framerate and soundcard starts crapping out in MP play, yet both are fine in the most stressful of SP missions. its not internet latency.. cos lag wise its fine. theres is something else at work here..