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  1. Are you sure both server and all connected clients use Ace mod? Does the server have addon signature check? Yes, tried on dedicated server with ACE enabled on both sides. Nobody was able to drag his temmate looked like kind of bug to me. No problems with dead AI instead. Checked more than few times with the same result. You were only able to initiate the script but after that it stopped working and the body was simply dropped on the ground.
  2. Body Dragging doesn't work in multiplayer. It only works with AI units not players.
  3. Great mod but one thing I would like to highlight. Group icons at the bottom are rather poor readable due to they size and quite often partially hidden behind report lines. I belive its only a matter of proper alignment.
  4. sugar_wolf

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.12

    Loads of problems comparing to old versions especially most stable 1.08: - annoing stutters lowering overall FPS to one half I had on 1.08 especially noticeable during low flight bit better when I turn the paging file option off - strange colourful glitters on multiplayer menu or during MP including score table and GUI - very poor performance during textures loading most noticeable in couple of first minutes of playing - some strange looking white flashes on textures probably something to do with HDR but Im not sure I didn't have any of these problems with the same rig on 1.08 My specs: AMD 2,6 GHz ABIT AN8 32X (15.08) ASUS 8800GT (174.74) 2GB RAM AC'97 (6285) tried also without any sound card running
  5. sugar_wolf

    Xam 1.4 released

    Yup, same to me downloaded from: ftp://ftp.2tout2rien.net/XAM1.4/XAM1.405ENa.exe and AVG says there's a trojan called SHeur.AVTG
  6. sugar_wolf

    Patch 1.05 impressions

    It was changed indeed. Now even on very high settings we have got much shorter grass than before which I must admit is pretty useful but looks a bit wird and unnatural. Also the range on which it's rendered was decreased at least twice. Talking about the shadows there must be some kind of bug which u can see in the pictures I have linked below. As u can see in the first one terrain details was set on very low and in the second one on very high. Level of shadows is set in both pictures on normal. So it seems that increasing terrain details gives us more cubic and bad looking shadows, isn't it? terrain details - very low; shadows - normal http://img145.imageshack.us/img145/1696/arma2007031713513874nc8.jpg terrain details - very high; shadows - normal http://img168.imageshack.us/img168/4777/arma2007031713530023sh1.jpg <span style='color:Red'>Hotlinks for images over 100kb removed</span>
  7. sugar_wolf

    Patch 1.05 impressions

    Sorry for that but the look of grass and shadows in 1.05 is rather pathetic assuming the fact that there's no visible improvement in the game's performance, they'd looked really nice before they were changed. So, Is there any chance they'll be brought back to what we had before 1.05 or at least a possibillity to adjust the level of complexity of grass in 1.06?
  8. sugar_wolf

    Blood, Sweat and Tears

    Yup, I've got the same problem. Trying to find this mission but without any results so could anybody help...?
  9. For me it sounds more like WarMod than FFUR but maybe I'm wrong
  10. sugar_wolf

    Crash to desktop

    With all respect next time you're gonna do something please take a while and thing about consequences one more time. During the installation of new patch v1.02 your installer crashed without the reason (looked like was freezed or something, anyway there was no response from it) and now I cannot instal neither v1.01 nor v1.02. What should I do now, reinstall the whole game again? Any brilliant ideas?
  11. Hi, I've got a wird problem with ArmA. After I patched czech version of the game to 1.01 when I try to run it I've got a message: "Error compiling pixel shader PSNormalMap ThroughLowEnd" Anyone can help? My rig is: AMD 2300 MHz 1,5 MB RAM gf 6800GT 128MB (93.71) . . . Looks like the problem has been solved. It was caused by replacing original bin with one of the modified language files. So back with Czech language again Â
  12. sugar_wolf

    Arma bugs

    It's not becouse of german version I'm sure. I've got exactly the same problem with czech edition but what's interesting it seems to appear only during the campaige. Rest of the single player missons look suprisingly normal... . Oh and I'm also the user of gf 6800 (128MB). So maybe that's the reason?
  13. sugar_wolf

    Armed Assault is GOLD !!!

    But according to info provided by Lem ( polish publisher) reasons of last delay 10->24 .11.06 was on Bis not Lem's side Was Lem BS'ing us ? Â Give us a source. I heard that LEM confirmed that delay was on his side not BIS
  14. sugar_wolf

    Czech and Slovak release

    Having read this I'd say the magic number is 10.11.2006 rather than 10.10.2006
  15. sugar_wolf

    ArmA Progress Updates

    According to Polish publisher LEM Armed Assault will be released between September and October this year Â