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  1. spetznaz14

    ArmA 2 vs OFP 2

    Although I feel Arma was a real let down (for me anyway) and looking at the number of servers I dont think I'm alone I will still be getting Arma 2 for sure, but initial impressions of OFP2 I feel it looks better than Arma 2, also codemasters have a lot of funding behind them, I think BIS made a real mess with getting publishers for Arma and they really need the backing of a big name but it doesnt look likely.. I'll try both but OFP2 looks more likely and I'm sure they'll make a proper MP interface not a scrappy one like in Arma.
  2. spetznaz14

    Will these specs run ArmA well?

    You will get no display without gfx card.
  3. spetznaz14

    Strange Freezing

    I had this same problem but 1.11 patch finally seems to have fixed it, interesting as I almost have exactly same spec as you except I dont have x-fi card. I am a bit nervous about changing any of the settings now.
  4. spetznaz14

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.11

    Finally no more crashing on my 8800 card.
  5. spetznaz14

    March 6th Update on Patch Status

    Your all fanboys!!! lol Anyway he's right I checked the other day and the servers are mostly empty or only a few players on, how long can a game survive without players?, I stopped playing BF2 for 2 years came back (I know that was a mistake..) but there was still shed loads of full servers. Arma is a dead duck unfortunatley, finally I can play it without crashing but there is little future in the game, very sad really.
  6. spetznaz14

    ArmA Grahpics Going Bonkers

    8800 + Arma = disaster area. Works fine on X1950XTX but just gave me constant problems with both an 8800gts and a gtx.
  7. spetznaz14

    ArmA freezing after a few minutes

    Erm I leave my case open and the components are significantly cooler than with a closed case, it doesn't matter how much air flow you produce you are still enclosing a lot of heat in a small area. To the OP: Arma is a very unstable peice of software and I would beware of people telling you your problems are heat related.
  8. spetznaz14

    Interview with Ondrej Spanel ( Suma )

    Arma 2 is going to have some low sales figures I believe, I bought Arma because I loved OFP. I dont love Arma as it wont even run stable on my pc, I love patches if they fix things but with Arma they seem to fix a few things but there are still other issues that have not been addressed. The fanboys will always make excuses for it but in the end when they are on page 1 of 1 on the server list and they find only a handful of servers with people on they might realise what a mess this game has been.
  9. spetznaz14

    Looking for Nvidia working driver with arma

    Does not matter what driver I use (I have tried at least 6! I still get crashes. It did so on my old GTS 320mb and now on GTX 768mb. I've changed the ram, updated the bios (mobo) installed new chipset drivers, re-installed Arma, re-installed dx9.. ffs I give up with this game. Oh and yes I've tried -maxmem -vm108 etc.. My system: C2D 2.4ghz Asus P5b deluxe BFG 8800GTX OC 768mb 2gb OCZ 1066mhz 2 x 320gb SATA hd Corsair 520w psu I'm interested to know if anyone has a P5b and 8800 and gets crashes or not..
  10. spetznaz14

    Suggestion-list for the final arma patch

    lol they've been trying to fix that from the start and are still no nearer now than then.
  11. spetznaz14

    Hardware and settings for ArmA

    Arma has had vram problems with the 8800 series from the start, some people seem to be ok some dont, unfortunatley for me I get problems. Basically Arma was designed for direct x 9 cards like the 7900 series or x1900 ATI series. I've wasted a lot of time and money trying to get this game working to no avail. Either I buy yet another video card or quit trying to play Arma, I think I am edging towards the later.
  12. spetznaz14

    Hardware and settings for ArmA

    I have 8800gtx and it crashes.
  13. spetznaz14

    Suggestion-list for the final arma patch

    Its very unstable for me and other 8800 users please stop trying to shout down people who have genuine problems getting this game to work. I can run other games perfectly well on my PC its only Arma that gives me serious problems. Looking at how few servers are full out there I think this game is doomed anyway. For me Arma has been a big waste of time and money.
  14. spetznaz14

    1.09 beta patch troubleshooting thread.

    Well I've given up trying to get this game working, no matter what driver or settings I use the game will crash after about 1 hour of gameplay, I swear its something to do with vram but no one seems to have any answers. It even crashes on everything low 500m view distance.. I know its not the card as it did the same on my old gts as it does on this gtx. If anyone else is getting this sort of crash where after about 1 hour it blank screens and/or ctd (usually requiring reboot! please post your specs.
  15. spetznaz14

    ArmA arrived today! :D

    King-six is right - welcome to the most problematic unstable game of all time. You should be ok if you have an older PC but beware if you have anything recent.